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Fernando Alonso at home with his wallsauce wall mural

Posted by Tony Fairhurst


Its not often one of the most famous sports stars in the world tweets about one of our products, and provides a link from his twitter account to wallsauce.com. But on Saturday 15th February, that’s exactly what happened. Two times World Champion Fernando Alonso tweeted a picture of himself in front of his Darren Heath wall mural

Looking good Fernando :-)


wallsauce.com continues to strive to be the very best in the Wall Mural market, offering the most iconic imagery to its customers, imagery you can’t find anywhere else. Darren Heath is regarded as the best Formula 1 photographer in the world, not just by us and other photographers, but by the Drivers too.  When Fernando Alonso decided to decorate his home and wanted a piece of iconic Formula 1 imagery on his wall, he came and chose from the Darren Heath collection available exclusively from wallsauce.com. 


Our Formula 1 wall murals are the best because we have the best photography, and use the best materials and the best technology you can find. Put all that together and you get a piece of wall art that you never get tired of looking at, and is a real talking point with friends and family.


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