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black and white tribal wallpaper in boho room

05/14/2021   POSTED BY

Tribal Home Decor Ideas [A Must-Read!]

Tribal home decor ideas have been strong in the world of interior design for many years, but now they are coming back stronger than ever! It is part of a response to our craving for the outdoors and our growing awareness of the environment. Now, we are more and more attracted to all things organic, rustic and grounding… And because tribal-inspired decor is heavily focused on wooden or natural woven materials, it is the perfect style to embrace if you are passionate about sustainability. Along with this, tribal decor can be full of colour, pattern and most importantly, texture!

In this article, we respectfully draw inspiration from tribal-inspired home ideas. From tribal wallpapers, beautifully crafted ornaments patterned rugs and more. Whether you want to embrace this style into your entire home or are looking for a few small tribal decor items, there are many ways to incorporate tribal home decor into your home.

Choose earthy colours

terracotta patterned wallpaper mural in minimalist bedroom

Mural in photo: Boho Mat

Create an organic feel in your tribal-inspired home decor rather than choosing bright, bold colours. We recommend warm terracotta and burnt orange tones paired with leather brown shades and earthy yellow shades. To bring even more of a natural feel into the room, add dark forest-green tones as well. To maintain a minimalist look, paint the walls in a light neutral shade but incorporate these warm and earthy tones into the space with tribal room accessories in the same shades. If you want to embrace even more of a minimal look, stick to monochrome tones paired with organic decor items made with jute, rattan, wicker and hemp.

Accessorise with tribal home decor

colourful batik dyed patterned cushions

If your home’s walls, flooring and main furniture items are neutral and simple, then you are ready to bring tribal home decor into the space. Because you already have a blank canvas, simply remove any items that do not blend well with this trend. For instance, remove any items that are too bright. Now you will be focusing on earthier tones. Floral prints, modern line art, metallic or plastic furniture all need to go!

Gradually build layers of tribal home accessories. Choose organically crafted rugs with Aztec inspired zig-zag patterns or handwoven ones made from jute or wool. These types of rugs are great uses of texture – a treat to touch and see. You can even choose cosy faux fur blankets or cushions to add more texture into the room. Choose oversized leafy-green indoor plants potted in seagrass woven baskets. When choosing soft furnished tribal decor, find colourful batik dyed items. Batik is a technique of using wax and dye to create beautifully printed cloth and the range of patterns available is extensive.

Find tribal decor collectables

woven baskets installed on wall

Image source: mamabearwooten.com via Pinterest

Because our world has been opened up to online shopping for many years, we no longer have to travel far and wide to collect authentic items that have a tribal feel to them. If you are fortunate to travel, choose items that have a good back story or you know something about their history. Always be mindful about how the item was made or how it was sourced.

Wooden carved items such as African tribal masks and sculptures will all add to the authenticity of your interior design. Hand-woven wicker baskets and plates infused with colour make fabulous tribal wall decor when artistically arranged onto a wall.

Be minimal with tribal home decor ideas

concrete effect wall mural in living room

Mural in photo: Industrial Art

When looking at tribal home decor ideas, it is always a good idea to be mindful. Never let a theme take over your interior design. After all, this is your home, not a cluttered mess!

The beauty of tribal-inspired decor is that it can blend so beautifully with other decor styles. One style that is a perfect match with tribal home inspiration is Scandi interior design. When paired together, you will create a space that is minimal and sleek but has an interesting edge to it. Whilst decorating with your tribal home accessories, remember the main Scandi rule of minimalism – keep it simple.

Create a focal point with a tribal wallpaper

blue, orange and terracotta tribal wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Ethnic Stripe

If you are feeling daring and want tribal wall decor, then choose an inspired tribal wallpaper. From patterns that are certainly bright and bold and others that are more rustic and organic, there are many culture-inspired wallpaper murals to really set off your tribal home decor.

Buying a tribal wallpaper as a starting point can be a great help when you want tribal-inspired interior design. Take inspiration from the colours and patterns in the design and use them to decorate the rest of the room. For instance, if you were to choose this stunning Ethnic Stripe wallpaper mural, bring out the terracotta, teal and brown tones. Choose natural wooden items, such as the dining set above, as well as terracotta vases and pots to host plant life. You could even embrace colour by choosing a teal toned rug, cushions or curtains!

monochrome tribal wallpaper in tribal home decor ideas styled room

Mural in photo: Ethnic Lines

If you were to choose a tribal wallpaper like this monochrome Ethnic Lines mural, be inspired by the wonderful patterns. By incorporating black and white patterned cushions and a rug, this room has successfully clashed two of a number of different patterns together so that they all work well in unison. But beware, when merging lots of monochrome patterns together like this, always break up repetitiveness. Incorporate different tones, textures and patterns such as fresh green plants and wicker or woven organic furniture as shown in this gorgeous room.

Please let us know if you have any questions about our tribal home decor ideas! 😊 We’d love to hear your advice on how you achieved this beautiful look.

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Tommy Slaff


Interested in basket wall decore and tribal ideas

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Thomas. Thank you for your comment! If you'd like to see more tribal wall décor, take a look at our tribal wallpaper collection - https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/tribal-wallpaper-murals

Amit Sirohi


Love Love Love the Tribal theme and the décor around it. Quite interesting to read your blog. I appreciate the nuances and nitty-grities you have shared with the fellow readers through various themes / ideas and pictures through your website. I think it's interesting to read and see through proper pictures the ideas in actual. The fuss free ideas and some easy-peasy tacks. Looking forward to see more of these nice snippets of home décor ideas for everyday life through various themes for more n more ideas. 

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Amit. Thank you for your comment. It's always great to know when our readers have enjoyed our blogs.

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