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old fashioned kitchen with dark blue units, walls and natural wooden accessories

02/20/2024   POSTED BY

Why You Should Embrace the Dark Kitchen Trend

The kitchen should be a place of light, where bright and airy colours are used. Right? Well, the latest interior trend is turning this golden rule on its head. Because these days, the darker and moodier the better.

Dark cabinets and worktops have made their way into the world of kitchen design, with black quickly becoming the ‘it’ colour everyone is loving. The overarching theme is drama. From black walls to black furniture and all-black accents, it’s simply everywhere – and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Firmly establishing their position in luxury properties, dark kitchens are definitely here to stay. Here are some of the reasons why we can’t get enough of the dark kitchen trend (plus tips on how you can pull it off in your home).

Dark walls are so hot right now

black panel effect mural in dark kitchen

Mural in photo: Luxury Off Black Panel

When it comes to choosing the perfect kitchen wall colour, we’re now turning our attentions to colours that have, in the past, been completely overlooked. Make way for moody blues, the darkest of navy hues, deep greys and gunmetal, as well as the blackest shades of ebony, onyx or coal.

No longer just an ‘accent’ colour, black is having a serious moment. And despite what we’ve been told about light vs. dark colours, black paints and wallpapers photograph extremely well. With a little help from mirrors, reflective surfaces and natural light play, it’s possible to turn darkness into something bright and upbeat.

To add a feeling of luxury, use texture to bring dark walls to life. Something like a wood panel effect wallpaper can be much easier to work with than one-dimensional colours.

It gives you that point of difference

black and natural wooden kitchen units

Image source: Realsimple.com via Pinterest

Yes, the dark kitchen trend is ‘in’. But it’s not the type of trend that’s ever going to be overdone. There’s something rather exclusive about it, and that’s probably because not everyone wants to move over to the dark side.

Interior design has always taught us to be drawn to light. Big windows, the use of mirrors in the home, getting the right colour temperature with light bulbs. All these things matter. So the idea of dark hues can be somewhat scary.

But experimenting with dark feature wallpapers can be an easy way to dip your toes into this trend, and it’s actually not as difficult to pull off as you may think!

….and it’s surprising homely

dark navy units in dark kitchen

Image source: Devolkitchens.co.uk via Pinterest

As well as being unique, this look is actually very liveable. Enigmatic hues like black, navy or even deep forest greens are luxurious and inviting. They create atmosphere in a room and can be used to design a space that has a rustic, homely charm.

There are some major plus points to the dark kitchen trend too. These are the reasons you should consider dark colours for your walls:

1. Dark colours blur the lines of where walls start and end, and can in some cases, make the space appear much larger.

2. There are less shadows on dark walls, giving your room a seamless and pristine style.

3. Period features really pop against dark walls (such as brick features, wood beams or fireplaces).

4. Dark walls are an excellent backdrop for artwork and other wall decor.

Serious luxury springs to mind when it comes to dark kitchens

black and white marble wallpaper in green dining room

Mural in photo: Marble - Charcoal

Black really is the colour of the elites. In colour psychology, it’s symbolic of power, sophistication and elegance. And of course, there’s an air of mystery to it. It’s the sort of colour that intrigues people and makes us want to know more.

But most prominently, black is a sign of pure luxury. This is something that we’ve seen with the application of decadent black marble, either as wall coverings or as surfaces for countertops.

If you want to really elevate your kitchen space, marble is a great material to covet. Real or faux, it brings an element of opulence to your home. For instance, this gorgeous Marble-Charcoal mural is a much more cost-effective way of embracing the marble craze and all its lavishness.

A dark kitchen doesn’t mean dim

dark kitchen island in white and black room

Image source: Herringbonekitchens.com via Pinterest

The dark kitchen trend doesn’t have to equate to a dingy kitchen where you can’t see what you’re cooking. Quite the opposite in fact.

Dark colours minimise shadows, creating a seamless feel. They can also make a room appear larger by making it harder to see where walls start and end. And with the right lighting design, you can create beautifully lit areas that look great in the day, or at night.

If you’re worried about your kitchen looking too gloomy, make the most of natural sunlight from windows and use carefully placed reflective features. Things such as metal cupboard handles and brass/gold lampshades work well. You can also adopt a monochrome colour scheme, giving you the power of both lightness and darkness.

Other colours are allowed to pop

dark cranes and birds wall mural in dark kitchen area

Mural in photo: Mandarin Ducks and Cranes

Another reason why we love black kitchen design is that it allows other colours to shine. While dark hues are the star of the show here, a shadowy colour palette can also act as the perfect backdrop for accents. Accents such as gold and brass faucets, chrome cupboard handles or other cool design features.

Plus, black is a great background colour for various patterns, meaning you can get experimental with wallpaper. From Japanese style murals to those moody florals that ooze gothic romance, there are so many different prints to explore.

To avoid overcrowding a small kitchen space with too many patterns, stick to feature walls and complement the rest of the room with coordinating paint.

The dark kitchen trend is Instagram gold

Dark Off Black Kitchen with Natural Wood Flooring

Image source: Stylebyemilyhenderson.com via Pinterest

Dark interiors are incredibly Instagrammable. Because black, navy or grey make excellent backdrops for other colours, you’ll be able to achieve some striking contrasts, giving you endless options for those charming decorative pieces.

If you’re trying to create a photogenic kitchen space, stick to a few key colours so that everything is well-coordinated. That way, even when your countertops are a little messy, your room will still look the part. Wood and natural materials team well with dark cabinetry, so embrace those organics to make your space really come to life.

What do you think about dark kitchen interiors? Do any of these kitchen design ideas inspire you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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