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04/18/2019   POSTED BY

5 Beautiful Bedroom Mural Ideas Inspired by Wallsauce Customers

There are a million and one places we can go for inspiration when it comes to bedroom décor. From interior magazines and blogs to our favourite influencers, remarkable design is everywhere you turn. But there’s nothing more exciting than seeing interior design and bedroom mural ideas from our customers. Taking concepts from glossy double-page spreads and putting them into real homes, our customers help to make even the most high-end trends feel attainable.

If you’re looking for achievable bedroom design from everyday people with everyday budgets, take a look at these fabulous photo submissions featuring Wallsauce wall murals. Our collection of bedroom wallpapers are made to order for any room size or wall dimension and are available as easy ‘paste the wall’ rolls or ‘peel and stick’ murals. They’re so easy to install, and our website even features a crop and position tool so you can choose which part of the image you want to print. This works particularly well if you only need a small wall covering, or you’re working with an awkward space in your bedroom.

For beautiful bedroom wallpaper ideas, take a look at these amazing customer creations that we can’t get enough of…

ocean sunset mural in bedroom

Monochrome and metal for a ‘rock star’ bedroom

This customer proves that dark colours don’t have to mean a dark room. A clever use of black and white creates a bold contrast, whilst still bouncing around enough natural light to have the room looking airy and spacious. A great way to work with a small space, with plenty of patterns to keep it interesting.

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Our Rock Star wall mural is the star of the show, and the addition of the different shades of grey and some soft gold just ties it all together nicely. The distressed metal effect finish of the feature wall helps to add texture, whilst all the clashing monochrome cushions give the eyes plenty to feast on. Who said black and white had to be predictable and boring?

For a teenager’s bedroom or a super cool spare room (who wouldn’t want to stay here?), slogan or graffiti style wall art doesn’t get any classier than this. This is a very grown-up take on rock ‘n’ roll interiors – and we love it!

Abstract wall mural to update a classic room

Wall murals are a quick and affordable way of reinventing your interiors without invasive refurbishment, and this striking floral wallpaper design by Carol Robinson does just the trick!

grey abstract floral mural in feminine bedroom

Our customer Cheri has transformed her bedroom into a unique and interesting space, whilst keeping in line with the soft and muted colour scheme. We love how this room combines the beauty of old and new, turning an awkward section of the wall into a stunning piece of modern art. The finished product? Something utterly elegant and classic with a contemporary twist.

If you love this bedroom wall mural idea, take a look at our abstract wallpaper collection. They’re such a fun way to add personality, edge and colour without having to do a full redesign.

Ocean wall mural for a calming, sensory bedroom

This amazing bedroom has been designed for a child with autism, and it’s perfect in every way. Not only in its beautiful aesthetics (which would please kids of all ages) but for its practicality – all of which has been carefully considered for its occupant.

ocean wall mural in boys bedroom with boat bed

Kids’ bedrooms can often be chaotic, but when it comes to designing for children with autism, extra thought needs to be given to colour, ambience and types of stimulation. Colours such as blue, soft green, pale pink and muted purple are considered to be safe for painting an autistic child’s room. Monochrome works well too, and loud primary colours should be limited as much as possible.

Beach wall murals and sunset wall murals are ideal in creating a calming, sensory environment. And the use of soft lighting is essential in improving mood and concentration.

Fun psychedelic bedroom with marble trend walls

If you want bedroom design ideas that are bang up to date, invest in this year’s chic marble trend. With marble wallpaper, you no longer need a millionaire’s budget to have wall-to-wall marble in your house. And it’s not just classic grey marble that’s grabbing our attention. Multi-coloured marble murals have become a big hit, and we love how psychedelic this bedroom by customer Dave Fellows looks!

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If you’re looking for an exciting way to inject some colour into a plain guest room, a rainbow wall design like this is ideal. It works well in a tight space, and matches seamlessly with white and grey interiors.

Another similar style to explore is watercolour wallpapers, which help to add a fun, abstract finish to any room in the home.

Nordic bedroom mural ideas from an interior designer

This bedroom redesign photo submitted by Quarters Interiors is faultless in colour and composition. We love the colour grey, but it can often be tricky to work with if there’s not much else going on. Too much of it can generate a cold, stark effect. So layering with textures and adding patterns for depth is key to creating a comfortable space for sleep and relaxation.

nordic style bedroom with grey circular wallpaper

If you’re worried about a Nordic bedroom looking barren and bleak, make the most of your wall space and choose some interesting patterns and prints. Circle wall murals are great for adding a bit of intrigue, and other geometric wallpapers can help to create a sense of complexity with your interiors.

The Scandinavian design trend remains a favourite for bedrooms, as it makes the perfect environment for rest and shutting off from a world full of distraction. Clean, minimalist décor is soothing for the soul, and will help you wind down. But don’t just stick with white. The use of grey wall murals can really make your room feel cosy when done in the right way.

If you would like to show us what you’ve created at home, tag us on Facebook or Twitter, or share your latest Wallsauce designs on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our blog! We love seeing our customers’ redecorating projects in action, so be sure to show us your photos!

Do you love these bedroom mural ideas as much as we do? Tell us about your favourite wall feature in the comments below.

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