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Tiger Wallpaper

Tiger Wallpaper

Tiger Wall Murals

From tigers photographed out in the wild to cute illustrations, we have an abundance of stunning tiger wall murals for your room. Great for bedrooms and living spaces, capture this beautiful yet endangered animal in your home or workspace.

Our varied selection of tiger wallpapers would work well in both living rooms and bedrooms, as well as being a great focal point in zoo education rooms, safari or as a bold office wall statement. They can either be used as an accent wall or as all-round wallpaper for a much bolder and brave statement.

Our gorgeous tiger wallpaper murals are made to measure to fit your wall with installation being as simple as wallpaper.

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34 Tiger Wallpaper Designs

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Tiger Wallpaper

Peeking out behind the leaves of the dense, deep jungle, tigers are one of the most beautiful creatures to exist on Earth. Tiger wallpaper is becoming a huge trend in interior design as well as jungle-themed wallpaper, and so the pair together create a force to reckon with.

We sell lots of different tiger jungle wallpapers as well as tiger wall murals and black and white big cat wallpaper options. We even have tiger wallpaper options for nurseries and children’s bedrooms.

The animal’s stripes and orange fur contrast well with the lush green of the jungle leaves and trees. Therefore, these tiger wallpaper murals would work well with décor that is focused around other greens, creams or jungle themed accessories.

Big cat habitats and tiger haunts include India, Indonesia and various other parts of Asia. All of these areas receive great amounts of rainfall, meaning huge trees, plants and other greenery which the tiger will use to hide in when stalking prey.

We showcase the best parts of those habitats in our tiger wallpapers and if you order online with us, you will receive your chosen tiger wall mural in easy-to-apply panels, meaning straightforward application and an exact fit!

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