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Paisley Wallpaper

Paisley Wallpaper

Retro Pattern Wallpaper

Able to be traced back to 2,000 and more years ago, the paisley pattern is still just as popular as it has always been. Did you know that in Britain this fun and colourful pattern was represented in Celtic art but died out when the Romans conquered?

Paisley is one of those pattern designs that is utterly timeless. You will find paisley on a shirt’s fabric, on an armchair’s upholstery and now, as a wallpaper mural!

Take a look at our range of colourful and wacky paisley wall murals right here. From plum-purple and maroon deep tones to psychedelic bright pinks and greens, this paisley wallpaper collection is far from boring… Which one will you choose?

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31 Paisley Wallpaper Designs

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Paisley Wallpaper Mural

Wallsauce.com’s paisley wallpaper collection is as vast as it is beautiful. From dark, moody tones that would look great in an on-trend lounge to bright, cheerful shades ideal for a tween’s bedroom – there is so much scope when it comes to paisley wall murals.

We think that retro wallpapers like in this collection would look great in a vintage-inspired living room. Install one of these beautiful designs onto the wall behind your sofa and pick out your favourite colours in the design. For instance, if you choose a print with lime-green, dark purple and fuchsia pink shades in it, go wild and choose a retro green couch, a bright pink lamp and paint the rest of the walls in a shade of dark purple! By doing so, you would create the perfect retro living room! Or if you’re more of a minimalist, make sure your paisley mural is the main focus of the room. To do this, paint the rest of the rooms off-white and have white furniture throughout. By having a white room and a really colourful wall mural, you will always draw the eye to your gorgeous feature wall.

All our stunning retro wallpapers are available to be printed in your wall’s dimensions. Simply order your favourite design and tell us your wall’s measurements and choice of wallpaper material. We offer classic or premium paste the wall or textured peel and stick.

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