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blue and white watercolour painting of ice hockey player in teenage boys bedroom

27/04/2020   POSTED BY

Teen Bedroom Decor Ideas (That You Need to See)!

Getting your teenager's bedroom just right is a hard, yet crucial task. It's a difficult time for them and the need to be alone is definitely high on the list. They are starting to feel the urge for independence, but still aren’t experienced enough or have the means to be so!

We need to make sure their bedroom is the perfect sanctuary for them. It has to be a true reflection of their personality and a spot where they are surrounded by the things they love. You never know, time away from you (their parents) by having their own little haven might reduce those tense, clash-of-opinion moments!

To really get in your teenager’s good books, you need to read these teen bedroom décor ideas to create harmony in your home.

A photograph wall for all those fabulous selfies


Many of us are guilty of enjoying a little selfie moment, but when it comes to our teenagers, they really know how to do it right! They have millions of snaps of themselves and their friends so they may as well make the most of them by designing their own photo feature wall!

We love how this teenager has printed out their favourite snaps and arranged them like a frame around this mood-boosting quote!


The only problem with tacking up photos like this is that you risk having photos fall onto your head in the middle of the night! At an additional cost, our studio team can create a personalised wall mural photo gallery; uniquely designed with your teenager’s photos in mind. Or if you’d like to have a go at one yourself, use our upload your own tool to turn your photos into a wallpaper!

How do I decorate my teenager's bedroom for cheap? Lighting!

Lighting can play a great part in creating an atmosphere in any room. So what better place to start than your teenager's bedroom? Most teens go through a whirlwind of emotions and the need for either a calming or cheerful ambience is vital when it comes to teen bedroom décor.

lava map, trainers, moon and unicorn lamps

Image source: Redcandy.co.uk

As well as looking good, lighting doesn't need to break the bank to have a big impact - something everyone can appreciate!

You can’t help but smile at some of these fun lamps! Each uniquely designed light fits a different personality, making a great little feature in your teenager’s bedroom - their friends will be so jealous of their cool, out-of-the-ordinary lamp.

pom pom fairy lights

Image source: Redcandy.co.uk

Another classic choice is using fairy lights. The beauty of these is that you can get really creative in how you style them. Tied over a bed, such as this one, creates a beautiful canopy that gives a relaxing, almost enchanting feel to the room - perfect for bedtime.


Other options to think about are installing fairy lights in the corners of the ceiling, acting as a frame around the room. Strobe lighting is also a great teen bedroom décor choice. It looks fantastic styled in the same way as these fairy lights and also looks great installed underneath a bed. It creates a cool “club” ambience into the room - ideal for a teen who loves to party!

A teen wallpaper mural to showcase their personality and hobbies

Teenage-hood is a period when you’re still figuring out who you are– something many of us are still struggling with! During this journey of self-discovery, it’s important for teens to surround themselves with what they stand for. Don’t limit it to their choice of clothes or hairstyle, invest time in making their bedroom a space that really shows who they are. One of the easiest and most impactful ways of doing this is by choosing an epic bedroom wallpaper mural.

blue and white watercolour painting of hockey player in teen bedroom

Mural in photo - Watercolour Illustration Ice Hockey

We just love this sports wallpaper: it's definitely a cool mural for boys. That being said, not all teenagers love sports. Their interests vary hugely, but we assure you, we have a mural to fit every personality! Are they a punk rocker, a late-night gamer, future graffiti artist or do they simply love horses? Whatever it is they like; we’ve got you sorted.

Not only will their amazing teenager wallpaper show who they are, but it will make a fantastic backdrop for their TikTok videos and selfies. Maybe you could even install a mural for their birthday, whether for your son or daughter's bedroom!

tiger graffiti on wall behind bed in teenager trendy bedroom

Mural in photo - Tiger Art 

We recommend placing a cool mural, such as this teenager graffiti wallpaper, behind their bed to act as an extension of their headboard. Another option is to place it along the largest wall of the room to embrace as much of the design as possible. Try to stick to subtle pieces of furniture or décor that complement the colours of the mural. This will ensure the fantastic wallpaper design is always the star of the show.

What should a teenager put in their room? A desk!

Whether your teenager loves gaming or is always studying hard, they spend a lot of time sitting down! So, having a good desk area is crucial for either achieving those good grades or passing that difficult level on their game!

white desk, chair and bed in stylish teenage girl's bedroom

Image source: Furniturechoice.co.uk

It’s so important to have a comfortable desk area in your teen girl's bedroom, but it’s also ever-so-important that it looks good for when their friends come around to hang out. A white desk is always a winner: you know it’s there, but it doesn’t dominate the rest of the room. This will make your teenager’s bedroom more of a “bedroom” rather than a study zone. After all, at the end of the day. they need to unwind and get away from their endless list of homework.


When knowing where to place a desk, try to stick to a corner or section of the room which is as separate as possible from the sleeping area. This goes for both studying and gaming as your teenager needs a break from both! We love the gaming corner in this teenager’s bedroom. The added pop of colour from the strobe lighting really gives it that futuristic, sci-fi effect!

To create even more of a separation from the desk area to the bed, install a fabulous wall mural on the wall where the desk is to create a “room within a room” effect.

A comfy lounge area to chill out with friends

aqua blue room and seating with two girls led laughing together

Because a teenager’s bedroom is the only room in the home which is all theirs, it’s nice to give them the opportunity to feel as independent as possible within it. If you have space, simply adding a small settee, comfy chair or bean bag will make them feel more grown-up. It will be as though they have their own little open-plan apartment!


Having somewhere to lounge is a great spot for them to flick through their phone, snuggle up with a book or have somewhere to gossip with their friends. To save space, why not install a bunk bed and place seating underneath it? Not only will it declutter the room, but in effect, it will give their lounge area a ceiling which will create a lovely, cosy feel to the space.

Got any tips on how you decorated your own teenager’s bedroom? Or do you have just a few questions? Leave us a message below!

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