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graffiti tiger wallpaper in boys bedroom

04/08/2017   POSTED BY

Graffiti Wallpaper For Your Teenager’s Bedroom

Graffiti wallpaper could be the answer to your teenage bedroom nightmares! We understand that choosing a theme to decorate their sanctuary can be tricky.

Teenage years can be pretty difficult as they begin to discover themselves and plan for the future ahead. Creating a safe haven for them to spend time in and relax in their own space is important when it comes to nurturing them.

Graffiti wallpapers are amongst the most popular choice for teenage bedrooms. From urban graffiti murals featuring stylistic lettering to ink splatters forming striking images, there’s a graffiti wallpaper for all teens! In this blog post, we’ll show you how to transform your teen’s dull bedroom into the coolest room in the house! 

Tags, Blockbusters and Throw-ups

graffiti on brick wallpaper mural in boys bedroom

Probably the most recognised styles of graffiti! Tags, blockbusters and throw-ups all contain bold lettering and vibrant colours. They’re perfect for pre-teen bedrooms that lack colour and character!

Non-Traditional Graffiti Wallpaper


Words aside, we have a great range of graffiti-style cubic-patterned wallpapers. These are without a doubt more grown-up than tags, blockbusters and throw-ups and will suit late teenage to bachelor bedrooms.

3D cubic wallpaper is available at Wallsauce.com in a variety of colours and designs. Check out this cube patterned wallpaper taken from our Twisted Pixels Illustration collection. It’s perfect for creating a feature wall and adding colour to the dullest of rooms!

‘Piece’ graffiti wall murals are also great for creating feature walls. The colours and design of this particular wallpaper make it suitable for both boy and girl bedrooms.


Nick Jackson for Wallsauce.com

Nick Jackson has one of the most recognised designer collections at Wallsauce.com. His wallpaper collection features a wide range of stunning photography that can be enjoyed in any room.

As part of his collection, Nick shares with us this stunning work of street art. This ‘Be What You Want to Be’ wallpaper mural is one of our most popular graffiti wallpapers. Not only is it great for teenage bedrooms, we’ve seen it look amazing in living rooms too!

rhino graffiti wallpaper in attic room

Black and White Graffiti Wallpaper

Graffiti isn’t always bold and brash! Choose this black and white graffiti wallpaper for a bedroom that already has tonnes of personality. It’s stylish and won’t become outdated.


With over 70 graffiti wallpapers to choose from, you’re sure to find something for your teenager’s bedroom. Which design would your teen like to see in their bedroom? Please let us know in the comments box below...

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