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Create Your Own Wallpaper

Give any room that bespoke feature wall by creating your own custom wallpaper. Simply upload your photo, artwork or even an image that you have found online and we will tell you here if the quality is high enough to print as wallpaper. Once you have uploaded your file and we are happy with its quality, you will be prompted to enter your dimensions and select your paper choice to complete your purchase.

Rest assured, before your wallpaper is printed, your order will be double-checked by a human for quality purposes.

If you have any special requests or questions, please get in touch.

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What can we print?

  • TIFF, JPEG and PNG files.
  • Files which are a minimum of 300dpi.
  • Image equivalent in pixels to the size of your wall, for example 3m will require at least 3000 pixels.
  • Images taken with a modern digital camera.
  • Smartphone images if the camera is set to the highest setting.
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Enter your dimensions below for a quick price or click continue to add dimensions, select materials and buy.

I acknowledge that I own the copyright to the image I have uploaded. If I do not own the copyright, I acknowledge that I have written permission from the copyright owner to use the image. I understand that 'Wallsauce.com' has the right to reject or refuse to print any images that do not follow copyright laws or for any other reason deemed inappropriate. I understand that Omega Sky Ltd (trading as wallsauce.com) accept no liability for infringement of copyright and in uploading this image it is understood that you are accepting all responsibility and legal liabilities for its use.


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(based on Classic Material)
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Made to Measure
Made to Measure
All murals are bespoke
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100% Quality Guarantee
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100% Secure Payments
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Rated 4.9 / 5.0 (4523 Customer Reviews)

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Customer Creations


Can I upload a photo taken on my phone?

By all means, upload your photo taken on your phone. However, the likelihood is that the quality will not be good enough to print as wallpaper. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to fix these images.

To take the best quality photos, we recommend using a DSLR camera.

What if I've found an image on another website?

First of all, you have to gain permission for us to print that image for you, or you can see if we already have access to it. If you upload the image onto our website and it says the quality is too low, or you want to see if we have it already, try uploading a screenshot here.

It says my image is of low quality. Can you fix it?

If the system states that your image isn’t high-quality, you will need to upload an alternative image. Unfortunately, there is no fix that we can do to make the image a better quality.

Can you edit my image?

Absolutely! There may be a small design fee for this service but our studio team can advise you beforehand. For more information on this service, please get in touch.

Can you add a logo to my image before its printed?

Of course! Depending on your requirements, there may be a small design fee for this service. Please email your image and logo with your details to info@wallsauce.com and we will advise you from here.

Can you create a photo montage?

Absolutely! There is a small design fee for this service but we will advise you of this depending on your requirements. Please contact us with as much detail as possible, along with the number of images you’d like to include in your montage.

What are the material options?

We currently have three standard wallpaper options. ‘Classic’ and ‘Premium’ are both paste-the-wall materials and we also have a 'Peel and Stick' wallpaper option. Further details can be found on our page on wallpaper materials.

If you are a health establishment, such as a dental surgery or hospital, you might want to consider our 'Premium' wallpaper option as it has anti-microbial properties. 

Can I get a sample of the mural before I order?

Yes! For a small fee, we can arrange for a panel sample to be sent to you on your choice of material. Should you go ahead and place an order afterwards, this fee will be refunded to you. Simply get in touch with your file and dimensions and we will arrange the panel for you to purchase.

Alternatively, if you’d like to get feel for the materials, we can post out small swatches for free. These are not available in your choice of image as we print large format only.

How long will shipping take?

This completely depends on your location. Wallsauce is proud to be able to ship at super-speed rates around the world. For accurate timescales, please check out our delivery information.

Can I return my wallpaper if I’m not happy?

All of our murals are covered by our 100% quality guarantee. In the unlikely event that your mural arrives defected or damaged, you have 14 days to return the mural to us for a replacement or refund.


from UK
5 stars5/5
Very pleased with mural

Very pleased, looks great, good quality, we had walk done within 2 hours, we had some tricky bits around radiator which slowed us down

Second time we used Wallsauce, ordering easy, high quality paper , easy to apply, great finish

Images shared

Customer Image
from UK
5 stars5/5
Quality product

Printed on thick paper so it was easy to hang, colour was bright and the image clear. Exactly like the picture on the website..I am very pleased with the effect it brings to my room.

Delivered on time, well packaged.

from USA
2 stars2/5
I can’t even hang my mural

I did not receive the adhesive with my original order. And the instructions for your murals specifically say not to use standard wallpaper adhesive. So I contacted customer service the next day to report my missing product. I received an email response offering me a refund for the adhesive. I had to explain that per your instructions I could only use your product and I still needed that adhesive in order to hang my mural so I requested that you send it to me via registered mail. Two days later, without any communication, I emailed again asking if you could send me a replacement adhesive. Then I received a response saying you would send me the adhesive through untracked mail and I would receive proof of postage once it was sent. Thirteen days later I had not received proof of postage nor my adhesive. I emailed again asking if it had been sent. Two days later I got a reply assuring me that it had been sent but that it was untracked mail and could take 10 days to arrive in the US. (I had already waited 13). Now, 7 days later, I still have not received any adhesive. So it is now 26 days since I received my mural and I still can’t hang it. The scheduled timeline for my project is completely blown. I can’t even speak to the quality or overall look of the product. I am extremely disappointed.

Hello Alina,<br/><br/>Thank you for taking the time to leave your review.<br/><br/>I’m very sorry to hear this. We’re normally known for our exceptional service and high-quality murals and we regret that we did meet our usual standard.<br/><br/>When placing an order, customers have the option to add paste or remove it, if they would like to use their own. We recommend using Solvite Paste the Wall paste as this has been tried and tested by ourselves and many of our satisfied customers. As soon as we were alerted to the issue we contacted you to offer a solution and our apology. As a goodwill gesture, we processed a refund for the cost of the paste and dispatched a replacement package to you.<br/><br/>I sincerely apologise your replacement paste is yet to arrive and should you wish to contact the team directly at info@wallsace.com, we will be happy to assist you further.<br/><br/>Kind regards,<br/>The Wallsauce Team.



from UK
5 stars5/5
Good quality product, easy to install, fast delivery

Good quality product, easy to install, fast delivery

from Italy
1 stars1/5
carta di pessima qualità. è stata tagliata oltre il necessario quindi si ve

carta di pessima qualità. è stata tagliata oltre il necessario quindi si vede del bianco in ogni foglio della carta.

Ciao Mario,<br/><br/>Grazie per aver dedicato del tempo a lasciare la tua recensione.<br/><br/>Mi dispiace molto sapere che hai riscontrato un problema di installazione con il tuo murale.<br/><br/>Sfortunatamente, non sono stato in grado di individuare alcuna comunicazione precedente con te in merito a questo, pertanto non sono stato in grado di aiutarti a risolvere il problema.<br/><br/>Si prega di notare che è fondamentale che le nostre guide per la preparazione e l'installazione delle pareti siano seguite attentamente e correttamente per assicurarvi di ottenere i massimi risultati.<br/><br/>Per quanto siamo in grado di accertare, non ci sono difetti noti nei materiali murali o nelle paste che forniamo. Utilizziamo lo stesso materiale di carta da parati che hai da oltre 5 anni e produciamo diverse centinaia di murales personalizzati ogni mese, utilizzando il materiale Premium. Qualsiasi difetto nei materiali ci diventerebbe immediatamente evidente attraverso la nostra base di clienti. La pasta "paste the wall" è uno dei marchi leader del Regno Unito e anche in questo caso qualsiasi problema ci sarebbe noto.<br/><br/>Normalmente, i problemi di giunzione derivano da una serie di fattori come una preparazione impropria della superficie della parete, un'applicazione incoerente dell'adesivo, condizioni ambientali estreme o talvolta una pressione eccessiva applicata alla carta che ne provoca un leggero allungamento, successivamente si ritira in corrispondenza delle giunture o una quantità insufficiente di pasta applicato in prossimità delle cuciture. La pasta fornita ha dato una copertura da 3 a 5 rotoli di carta da parati, che normalmente è buona per 15 metri quadrati o più (i rotoli di carta da parati standard sono circa 5 mq), quindi avrai sicuramente avuto una pasta adeguata per il tuo particolare murale di circa 10 mq.<br/><br/>Siamo un fornitore affidabile e rispettato di murales personalizzati di alta qualità e i clienti insoddisfatti non sono ciò per cui ci battiamo. Se desideri discuterne ulteriormente, non esitare a contattare il nostro team amichevole all'indirizzo info@wallsauce.com e saremo felici di aiutarti.<br/><br/>Cordiali saluti,<br/>Shannon.



from Eagleby Brisbane 4207
5 stars5/5
All in all excellent purchase

I asked a handyman where I live but he was unable so my daughter has done it and because of the wonderful directions she wouldn’t say it was easy but having no previous experience with this type of thing she is very pleased with the result and I am over the moon 🎈🎈🎈🦋🦋🦋🦩🦩🦩🦩

Yes I would recommend wallsauce to anyone 🦋🦋🦋🦋🎈🎈🎈I love the way everything was labelled 🦩🦩🦩🎈🎈🎈packaging was brilliant and delivery was very good🍉🍉🦉🦉🧸🧸 all the best

from UK
5 stars5/5

Mural is lovely have not put it up on the wall yet but know it will look fantastic

from Eagleby Brisbane 4207
5 stars5/5
All in all excellent purchase

Yes I would recommend wallsauce to anyone 🦋🦋🦋🦋🎈🎈🎈I love the way everything was labelled 🦩🦩🦩🎈🎈🎈packaging was brilliant and delivery was very good🍉🍉🦉🦉🧸🧸 all the best

from UK
5 stars5/5
The picture of Venice was as we hoped,good quality print,easy to hang


Good delivery,very well package and easy to hang

Images shared

Customer Image
from UK
5 stars5/5
Don't hesitate to use these murals

The order came almost before I had placed it. Beautifully packed. Exact measurements. I think its my 3rd mural and all so successful.

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