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Marble Wallpaper

Marble Wallpaper

Marble Effect Wallpapers

Create a feeling of grandeur in your home with a luxurious marble wallpapers from our extensive marble collection. Rich and opulent, beautiful marble murals make you imagine historical and powerful buildings, with their marble columns, ceilings and floors...So it isn’t surprising that you will find like an emperor in your own home with a marble mural!

These exquisite marble wallpaper murals will create that luxurious feel in any room - bathroom, kitchen, lounge or more! Decide from a range of marble effect wallpapers including black and white marble patterns and tone your marble wall mural into the design of your room.

Available for print on a variety of high-quality wallpapers, our stunning range of marble murals will help you achieve the on-trend marble decor style at a fraction of the cost of the real thing!

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98 Marble Wallpaper Designs

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Marble Print Wallpaper

Our beautiful selection of marble wallpapers come in a wide range of colors, tones and patterns, in order to suit every taste and need. We have classic black and white marble, as well as blue, purple, and even ones with gilded gold colors. For those who love classic décor, our marble wallpaper is perfect and simply gorgeous. Or, if you prefer to be more unique, our Black and Gold Smooth marble wallpaper will add a ton of interest to your room, which is heightened even more when accentuated with gold room accessories.

Or are you more into geodes or other types of rocks, such as granite or limestone? If so, the Rock Pool Beach wall mural will quench that crystal thirst. It contains lush tones of green, blue, purple and pink, which come together to make the most exquisite agate themed wallpaper you have ever seen.

Keep it simple with neutral or white accessories to really make this marble wallpaper pop! Or, what if a more non-traditional type of marble is more suited to your tastes and interests? Then our Black Silk Marble will be the best option for using in your living room or bedroom. As with all our other wallpaper, our stunning marble wallpapers are all made to measure and will arrive at your door in easy to apply wallpaper panels.

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