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Rock Roll Wallpaper

Rock Roll Wallpaper

Rock Music Wallpapers

We are definitely the champions when it comes to our rock music wallpaper by Rock Roll. Come on tour with us, get close to the amps and jump into the pit as you dive into our wide choice of murals. 

Our line up is like nothing you have seen before. Get up close and personal with world-renown bands such as The Who, Queen and My Chemical Romance.

Although perfect for you or your teenager’s bedroom, our music wallpaper would suit any room in your home. Not only perfect for personal use, these punk and rock band murals would look amazing in a music shop, bar or a vintage-rock fashion store.

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17 Rock Roll Wallpaper Designs

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Forget framing your classic vinyls or posters, dedicate an entire wall to your favourite band and let everyone know who rocks your world. With poster and album covers that have stood the test of time, you can let people know who your music idols are as soon as they step through the door.

You won’t be let down with the bands we have on offer. Starring The Who, The Rolling Stones, Sex Pistols, Queen, My Chemical Romance, Guns and Roses and last but not least, Black Sabbath. Take a trip down nostalgia lane and be inspired to buy tickets to your next concert.

Perfect for your punk-rock teen's bedroom, your bedroom, living room or if you’re lucky, your own jamming room, our rock and roll wallpaper murals will fit right in. Not only good for the home, our music wallpapers will bring your workspace to life whether you own a bar, barbershop, music shop or rock-vintage fashion store.

With bold contrasts of dark and bright colours, these rock roll murals will look incredible matched with leather, studded décor. Alternatively, find simple pieces that will make the mural stand out and be the star of the show.

So why wait? Skip the warm-up and go straight to the main act by ordering your favourite band’s rock and roll wallpaper mural now.

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