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blush and green hanging flowers wallpaper in white and pink bedroom

2 FEB 2021   POSTED BY

Romantic Bedroom Ideas You Will Fall In Love With

Whether you want to spice up your love life with your partner or want to impress a certain someone, get ready to fall madly and deeply in love with these romantic bedroom ideas...

Most of us, if not all, desire a romantic love life. But this can get forgotten if you lead a busy, hectic life. So, if you want to open yourself up to a new relationship or strengthen the bond with your partner, set the mood by choosing romantic bedroom décor.

It doesn’t have to be all about rose petals and champagne, but long-term items that will last for years – just like your relationship! From good bedding, romantic lighting, color choices and much, much more, we will have you falling in love all over again with our romantic bedroom ideas.


Make sure your bedroom reflects your relationship or your individuality

off-white and blue watercolor flowers wallpaper in bedroom with grey bed

Mural in photo: Glorious Ginko

First of all, your bedroom should reflect either you and your partner’s relationship, or if you’re single, your personality.

However, if you and your loved one have children, don’t think that you should plaster the walls with photographs of them. This is a BIG no-no. Would you really want to get frisky with little Timothy staring down at you from the wall? No – probably not. Try to remember that you’re not just “Mum” or “Dad”. Instead, choose photographs of you as a couple: when you were on holiday, your wedding, etc. Reconnect with who you are as a couple and have a break from your responsibilities. This will make you feel more in-tune romantically and more open to reconnecting with each other.

For those of you who want to find love or want to enjoy the single life, it’s important that your bedroom shows who you are and that you are an open person. Again, avoid family photographs: especially of your parents or little nephew - this can be off-putting!

Instead, show your passions and how interesting you are! If you love nature, install a floral mural behind the headboard of your bed, mount framed ballet wall art to show your love for dance, or show your passion for music by displaying your guitar or saxophone! But only focus in on one or two interests at the most, or else it might become a little overwhelming!


Find luxurious, comfy bedding

pink bed with brown faux fur rug on it with map mural on wall in bedroom

Mural in photo: Executive Political World Map

Choosing good quality bedding is one of the most important factors when it comes to romantic bedroom ideas. After all, that is where you hope to be spending most of your time!

Bedding, of course, depends on taste, so our biggest tip is to choose the ones that feel the best against your skin. If your mattress is a little worse for wear, it is SO important that you splurge a bit on a new one. Nobody likes a lumpy mattress! Not only will buying a new mattress improve your love life, but it will improve the quality of your sleep.

Secondly, make sure your pillows are just firm or soft enough and that your duvet isn’t too heavy or light. When it comes to your bedsheets, choose either soft linen or cotton in a color and pattern of your taste. And don’t forget to add a throw to throw on the end of your bed just like in this photo supplied by R Graham & Family Home Improvements. We think that the faux fur blanket is very romantic and the way that it is haphazardly thrown onto the bed makes you want to dive under the covers!


Lighting matters - REALLY matters

dim lanterns around bed

When you get in bed at night and the only lighting you have is the highest wattage bulb available and your eyelids feel like they’ve been peeled backwards, then you really won’t be in the mood to be romantic! More importantly, many of us want to have lighting that is flattering, so bright bulbs really must be avoided.

Instead, opt for warm, dim lighting to create a cozy, romantic boudoir. Try to have matching bedside table lamps or mounted lamps on either side of the bed to act as book ends. That way your bed becomes a room within your bedroom, making you feel more closed-off, cozy and safe.

Or, why not choose fairy lights? These can be twirled around your headboard, or simply scattered across a dressing table – both ways will create a romantic atmosphere when all the other lights are out.


Keep your bedroom clutter-free

waterlillies painting by Monet in bedroom with white and green bedding

Mural in photo: Waterlilies: Green Reflections by Monet

You thoroughly planned a romantic meal with wine and candles – the whole shebang - and it went really well. You’ve turned on some romantic music and all is going well. You both make your way into the bedroom and you hear a scream! Your heart's-desire has just stepped onto a plug! Ouch… That is why making sure your bedroom is clutter-free is SO important!

To start de-cluttering your bedroom, make sure everything in there has a purpose or is often used. If they aren't, then store them away tidily or simply donate them to your local charity shop. After all the efforts of making your bedroom romantic, you really don’t need useless junk to get in your way.


Hang thick curtains and just forget the world…

white curtains and grey blind in modern bedroom

A curtain, when put in the perfect position with the right shape and color, can really enhance the mood of your bedroom. But more importantly, choosing good-quality, thick curtains will not only last for years, but they will block out any unflattering light and create a sense of privacy that you really need when feeling romantic.

If you want added privacy and you want to improve the quality of your sleep by making your bedroom even darker, choose blinds as well as curtains. Wooden Venetian blinds are extremely popular and add a classic touch to any room. Whereas Roman blinds, such as in the room above, are more minimalist but still provide that traditional, stylish look that suits any type of room.


Think about fragrance (a very important romantic bedroom idea)

pink flowers in white vase on wooden surface

You may not have thought about it, but the smell of your bedroom can really alter the mood! We all know what a smelly bedroom smells like so try to avoid that, especially when love is in the air!

It’s common sense, but open up those windows and let some fresh in! If you want to go one step further, choose floral-scented reed diffusers or candles to freshen up the air. Or, why not have a vase of scented flowers, such as roses, in your bedroom? Not only will they add a subtle, sweet smell, but they ooze romance!


Make sure the bed is the focus point of the room

vintage style duck egg blue panel wallpaper in bedroom with wooden bed and white and grey bedding

Mural in photo: Duck Egg Panel

When it comes to romantic bedroom ideas, one of (if not the most) important tip is to make sure the bed is the main focus of the room. It is called a “bed” room after all! If your room layout allows you, make sure the bed is facing the door, so that when you walk into the room, you are facing your pillows.

Feng shui rules also stress the importance of making sure that you can get into the bed from either side. Beds should only be pressed up against the wall in children’s bedrooms. If you are single and seeking a relationship, this is incredibly important as it shows your openness to a new relationship.

Another way to draw the eye to the bed when you walk into the room is by installing a feature wall behind it. This bedroom wallpaper will act as an extension of your headboard and also give you the opportunity to show your sense of style.


Create a romantic setting with a wallpaper mural

venice sunset wall mural behind bed in bedroom with faux fur cushions and glass chandelier

Mural in photo: Venice wallpaper from our extended range

As mentioned previously, this gorgeous Venice wallpaper acts as a fabulous extension of the bed’s headboard and really makes the bed area the main focus of the room. Not only this, but this Italian city wallpaper sets the perfect romantic mood in, customer, Bernadette’s bedroom.

Whether you find the streets of Paris, Roman architecture or the Swiss alps romantic, we have a vast travel wallpaper collection to really set the mood. Paired with luxurious bedding, a crystal chandelier and faux fur scatter cushions, this Venetian themed bedroom really does spell out ROMANCE!


Make a decadent romantic bedroom with a free-standing tub!

pink tinged window effect wallpaper with tropical birds in bedroom with free-standing grey bath

Mural in photo: Pink Tinted Window with Tropical Birds

Why not install a free-standing bath in your romantic bedroom? If you have the spare money as well as the spare room in your bedroom, a bathtub really adds luxury and oozes romance!

What can be more romantic than sharing a bubble bath scattered with rose petals, paired with champagne and chocolates? Not only romantic, but we love how this decadent room looks just like a Bridgerton bedroom! You can really imagine Queen Charlotte soaking in the tub!


Choose soft colors for the walls

blush, off-white and green flowers handing from ceiling wallpaper in bedroom with gold, white and pink accessories

Mural in photo: Romantic Flower Chandelier

Harsh colors such as bright orange, neon yellow and lime green will certainly lower the romantic levels. You don’t want to shock the system when thinking about romantic bedroom ideas so instead, soft colors are key. Lilacs, pastel blues, creams and blush tones are the ideal choices when creating a romantic boudoir!

If you are struggling to incorporate color into your bedroom and are bored of white walls, why not install a floral wallpaper like our Romantic Flower Chandelier? The gentle blush tones and pastel greens in this flower mural are not over-facing and will certainly help to create a feeling of romance.


Love our tips on romantic bedroom ideas? Leave a comment below and tell us which one worked best for you!

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Christine Gilliver


I absolutely love the romantic flower chandelier The style would be perfect for my bedroom but it's the wrong colour ☹️ I'm looking for pinks, fuchsia and lilacs to go with a grey carpet , bed and curtains. Not found anything yet but you do have some beautiful designs .

Prof.Carolin Ni Phaghain



Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Prof. Carolin 😊We love the romantic bedroom ideas too! If you\'d like to see more bedroom murals, take a look here - For any more help in making over your bedroom, please email We hope you have a speedy recovery.

Dorothy Watsoni


I love the beautiful murals. Do you have a catalogue?

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Dorothy 😊 Thank you for your query about if we have a catalogue. All our beautiful murals can be found and purchased on this website. If you like any wallpaper designs in the article above, click the name underneath the photograph and that will take you to that particular design. From there, you can make a purchase :). Or if you want to see more designs, have a search through our 'Wallpaper Murals' section. If you require any more help, please email

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Christine 😊 We love the Romantic Flower Chandelier wallpaper too! Why not take a look at our vast floral wallpaper range to find a design to suit your bedroom? You can see the floral range here - If you can't find what you are looking for there, have a search through our extended range here - If you're still struggling, please email us at

Cathy Quick


Perfect solution to my decorating dilemma- perfect colours and design. Wanted to paint master bedroom coral and a beige colour with ivory trim and doors but worried that would be too boring and ho-hum like most traditional painted rooms. This is so refreshing and would look great with comforter set (champagne colour, no pattern) ivory sheepskin rugs and crystal ceiling light. Very interested to obtain price quote for wall 17 ft. wide. Looking forward to this answer. I would need this shipped to my home in Ontario or pick-up in Ottawa. Thank you, Cathy

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Cathy :) Thank you for your comment. We’re glad you love one of our murals and want to install it in your bedroom. To receive a quote for a mural, please email We will require the following to give you a quote: the name of the mural design, the width and height of your wall as well as your choice of wallpaper material. We offer three types of materials which you can find more information about here - We hope that this has been helpful towards you creating the perfect bedroom :).

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