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Girls Wallpaper Wallpaper Murals

Girls Wallpaper

Wall Mural Wallpaper

Create a palace fit for a princess with a wall mural for girls. In this full collection, there are many illustrated murals. From magical pink fairylands and mystical wonderlands to funky animals and unicorns, there's something for every little girl's dream bedroom. 

For the unicorn lovers, we have many different unicorn wallpapers for your girl’s bedroom and if they love all different species of animals, then we have a wallpaper for them! 

Sprinkle a little magic with a made-to-measure mural that's as simple as wallpaper to install. 

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101 Girls Wallpaper

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Hidden Treasure Wallpaper Wall Murals

Hidden Treasure

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Animals In the Jungle Wallpaper Wall Murals

Animals In the Jungle

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Winter Dawn Wallpaper Wall Murals

Winter Dawn

Price from: 395 kr/m2
A Winter Wonderland Wallpaper Wall Murals

A Winter Wonderland

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Enchanted Forest Wallpaper Wall Murals

Enchanted Forest

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Blossom against a Blue Sky Wallpaper Wall Murals

Blossom against a Blue Sky

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Meet the Imaginaries Wallpaper Wall Murals

Meet the Imaginaries

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Horses Black & White Wallpaper Wall Murals

Horses Black & White

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Unicorn Mare and Foal Wallpaper Wall Murals

Unicorn Mare and Foal

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Pink Blossom Wallpaper Wall Murals

Pink Blossom

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Unicorn Path Wallpaper Wall Murals

Unicorn Path

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Rock Pool Beach Wallpaper Wall Murals

Rock Pool Beach

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Japanese Cherry Tree in Blossom Wallpaper Wall Murals

Japanese Cherry Tree in Blossom

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Cat Selfie Wallpaper Wall Murals

Cat Selfie

Price from: 395 kr/m2
The Night Watch Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Night Watch

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Winter Light Wallpaper Wall Murals

Winter Light

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Unicorns at Play Wallpaper Wall Murals

Unicorns at Play

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Gold Dust Grey Marble Wallpaper Wall Murals

Gold Dust Grey Marble

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Birds and Forest Wallpaper Wall Murals

Birds and Forest

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Golden Peaks Wallpaper Wall Murals

Golden Peaks

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Flying Butterflies Wallpaper Wall Murals

Flying Butterflies

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Reaching Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: 395 kr/m2
Princess in Enchanted Woodland Wallpaper Wall Murals

Princess in Enchanted Woodland

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Birdsong - White Wallpaper Wall Murals

Birdsong - White

Price from: 395 kr/m2
The Cutest Kitten Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Cutest Kitten

Price from: 342 kr/m2
The Story Teller Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Story Teller

Price from: 395 kr/m2
A Secret Place Wallpaper Wall Murals

A Secret Place

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Flamingo Puzzle Wallpaper Wall Murals

Flamingo Puzzle

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Cute Love Doodles Wallpaper Wall Murals

Cute Love Doodles

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Blue Marble Wallpaper Wall Murals

Blue Marble

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Fairytale Unicorn Wallpaper Wall Murals

Fairytale Unicorn

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Mermaid Friends Wallpaper Wall Murals

Mermaid Friends

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Flamingo Mint Wallpaper Wall Murals

Flamingo Mint

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Lilac Golden Ombre Seascape Wallpaper Wall Murals

Lilac Golden Ombre Seascape

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Colorful Watercolor Butterflies Wallpaper Wall Murals

Colorful Watercolor Butterflies

Price from: 342 kr/m2
White as Snow Wallpaper Wall Murals

White as Snow

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Garden Princess Wallpaper Wall Murals

Garden Princess

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Stargazer Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: 395 kr/m2
Magic Garden Wallpaper Wall Murals

Magic Garden

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Original Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: 395 kr/m2
Medieval Castle Wallpaper Wall Murals

Medieval Castle

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Children Three that Nestle Near Wallpaper Wall Murals

Children Three that Nestle Near

Price from: 395 kr/m2
The Fairy Tales Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Fairy Tales

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Elephant Puzzle Wallpaper Wall Murals

Elephant Puzzle

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Tiger Swing Girl Wallpaper Wall Murals

Tiger Swing Girl

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Beautiful Princess Wallpaper Wall Murals

Beautiful Princess

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Unicorn in the Moonlight Wallpaper Wall Murals

Unicorn in the Moonlight

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Whale Wallpaper Wall Murals


Price from: 395 kr/m2
Always Smile Quote Wallpaper Wall Murals

Always Smile Quote

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Fairy Castle Wallpaper Wall Murals

Fairy Castle

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Boy With Knight And Princess Toys Wallpaper Wall Murals

Boy With Knight And Princess Toys

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Succulent Garden Wallpaper Wall Murals

Succulent Garden

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Everyday is a Chance Wallpaper Wall Murals

Everyday is a Chance

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Deer in Forest Wallpaper Wall Murals

Deer in Forest

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Flamingo Pink Wallpaper Wall Murals

Flamingo Pink

Price from: 395 kr/m2
The Gift Wallpaper Wall Murals

The Gift

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Floral Frenzy Wallpaper Wall Murals

Floral Frenzy

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Limegreen Happiness Is a Journey Wallpaper Wall Murals

Limegreen Happiness Is a Journey

Price from: 395 kr/m2
Good Things Take Time Wallpaper Wall Murals

Good Things Take Time

Price from: 342 kr/m2
Day Dreaming Wallpaper Wall Murals

Day Dreaming

Price from: 395 kr/m2

101 Girls Wallpaper Murals

Page: 1 of 2

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Further Girls Wallpaper Information

Create her fantasy bedroom with our range of girls bedroom wallpaper options. With options including mermaids, unicorns, fairies, and options for older girls and teenagers, there really is an option for every girl on our site. Unicorns At Play is a great option for a feature wall and shows two unicorns frolicking and running across a stormy beach. Our popular Winter Dawn wall mural is another great option and is much more vibrant with tones of pink, purple and blue.

For a nursery or infant’s bedroom, our Animals In The Jungle wallpaper is a bold cartoon style wallpaper that will help to grow their imagination. Or, for an older girl, our The Cutest Kitten wall mural is a photographic wallpaper that will have them squealing with delight.

We also have many different styles of wallpaper that will suit teenagers and older girls. Mandala lovers will appreciate our Elephant Puzzle wallpaper, with its immense detailing and bold background colours. If they would prefer a patterned wallpaper then the Flamingo Pink wallpaper will fit that bill exactly.

You can compliment all of our wallpapers with other girly accessories and decor, depending on the age of the girl whose bedroom it is. As with all of our wallpaper options, they will be delivered to you in easy to apply panels that will simplify the wallpaper application for yourself, giving a clean and professional finish.

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