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gold and green coloured retro abstract pattern wallpaper in green and white bedroom

19 FEB 2021      POSTED BY

Art Deco Bedroom Ideas Vintage Fans Need to See!

Art deco interior design has been huge for a while now and an art deco bedroom has always been at the centre of it. The sweeping curves, the stepped forms and the jagged pointed edges inspired by skyscrapers are features we all love about art deco design.

In this article, we have researched what every art deco bedroom needs to feel like you’ve stepped into a beautiful blend of modern day and 1920-30’s-40's design. From scalloped beds, art deco wallpaper, vanities that could belong to Greta Garbo and even deco fireplaces, you won’t believe how easy it is to make your bedroom a romantic vintage boudoir.


Sleep in style with an art deco bed

grey, white and pastel pink scalloped bed in white bedroom

Image source: Sweetpea & Willow

The most important part of an art deco bedroom is undeniably the bed. The beauty of an art deco bed is that its design clearly makes it the focal point of the room. From velvety upholstered, scalloped headboards to rich wooden ‘sunray’ circle beds, your bedroom will certainly stand out from the rest. We absolutely adore the grey, scalloped style bed in the room above. Paired with a pouffe to match, paneled walls and a circular bedside lamp, this art deco bed would look absolutely at home in the late 1920s era.

round headed wooden bed with yellow bedding

If you prefer wooden tones and dramatic furniture, then you need to consider a ‘sunray’ bed as shown above. This oversized circular headboard screams art deco and the beautiful lined grain in the wood just shows the quality of this unique art deco bed.


Look like a movie star with an art deco vanity

dressing table with round mirror in white and gold colours

An art deco vanity is also a major part of the art deco bedroom. If you watch any film from this era, every leading lady is always lamenting for her lover as she gazes into her dressing table mirror! It’s a classic choice and so it is a big must-have if you want to create the ideal vintage room. We adore the gold and white colours in this art deco style dressing table. And again, we see the over-sized circular shape in the mirror: a very popular design shape from this era. Paired with a cylinder velvet stool and art deco wall scones, you really can’t get more deco than this.

gold and wood vanity with round mirror with velvet orange chair

Image source: Cult Furniture

If you don’t have room for a large art deco vanity and want something a little more subtle, we recommend one as shown in the image above. The blend of natural wood and brass will make this dressing table ideal for a range of different colour schemes. And don’t you just love the pop of colour from this vintage style vanity chair? Orangalicious!


Feel fancy with art deco lighting (essential in an art deco bedroom)

monochrome and glass empire state building shaped wall sconces

Image source: São Paulo Penthouse

You can’t get more 1930s American glam than glitzy art deco lighting, and these glass and metallic art deco scones sum this up perfectly. Ideal for installing on either side of your bed or above a cabinet in your bedroom, these dramatic yet beautiful art deco light fixtures will add a sense of glitz and glamour in your bedroom! They remind us of upside-down Empire State Buildings!

room with bleu sofa, rose gold wall scones and gold and black lamp with louis armstrong print

Image source: DelightFULL

We also adore these rose-gold art deco scones in the sitting corner of this art deco bedroom. They resemble the style of the ‘20s, ‘30s and '40s but the brassy tones of the metal give them a modern edge. As well as wall lights, we adore this art deco lamp with multiple heads. The matte black with the yellow gold metallic tones is the epitome of old Hollywood style.


Get glam with draped art deco curtains

black and white striped curtains in white room with lipstick red chair

One way to add great impact into an art deco bedroom is by hanging beautiful, theatrical curtains. Whether you choose art deco fabric or plain fabric for your curtains, it’s how you drape them that really counts. First of all, make sure you are going for a very tall curtain display. Hang your curtain rail high – even a foot or more above the window frame will draw the eye upwards and create the illusion that you have beautiful, high ceilings.

And make sure your curtain fabric is LONG. Art deco curtains need to crumble onto the floor like a cascading waterfall. As well as this, use rope fasteners so that you can really overaccentuate the droopy draped look. It needs to look glamorous and be similar to regency interior design.


Splash style onto your walls with an art deco wallpaper!

floral illustration with natural and blue shades in bedroom with bed in similar tones

Mural in photo: Nouveau Magic

If you want people to step into your art deco bedroom and really feel like they’ve time-travelled, then you NEED to adorn your walls in art deco wallpaper. Rich in art deco patterns, an art deco wallpaper will simply speak for itself. Often art deco wallpaper designs from this era were emerging slowly from the Art Nouveau period and still enjoyed repeat patterns of Makintosh inspired florals. We can see this influence in Nici Gabriel’s Nouveau Magic wallpaper design. Paired with mid-wall paneling and luxurious bedding, this vintage floral wallpaper just brings that extra element of vintage style into this room.

art deco abstract art in green and gold wallpaper in bedroom with grey, green and white bed

Mural in photo: Deep Teal Marble and Gold

When you look at this Deep Teal Marble and Gold wallpaper in this emerald-green bedroom, you can’t help but accept it as beautiful art deco wall art. It may not be a painting by a renown deco artist such as Erte or Tamara Lempicka, but it just oozes the glitz and glamour of this monumental period in time when interior design was drastically changing.

off-white panel wallpaper in bedroom with pink and white bed

Mural in photo: Neutral Wood Panel

Another one of our favourite art deco-inspired wallpapers is this simple yet effective panel wallpaper. Although simple, panelled walls were huge in this period, and lucky for us, panelling is also huge in the world of interior design today. Easier to install than actual wood panels, our range of 3D effect panel wallpaper comes in a range of colours and styles. They are more subtle than other art deco wallpapers, so we recommend dramatic deco furniture to make sure your art deco bedroom looks just the part!


Warm yourself by an art deco fireplace

dark wood, mustard and white vintage bedroom

It's such a treat if you have a working fireplace in a bedroom and having an art deco fireplace in your bedroom will really mirror the era. In the ‘20s and ‘30s, most people had a fireplace in their bedroom to keep them warm at night! So if you can install a vintage fireplace into your art deco bedroom, you really will add the cherry on top in the room’s interior design.

blue tile art deco hearth in bedroom

And there are lots of ways to incorporate an art deco fireplace into your home. You may be lucky enough to have inherited a ‘30s fireplace in your home once you moved in. If not, we recommend choosing a dark wooden, angular frame with stepped forms on the sides. If you’re incredibly DIY gifted and are up for a challenge, why not build your own brick and tile fireplace just like the blue one in the room above?


Accessorise with art deco ornaments

tall golden palm tree sculpture, golden sunburst mirror in pink bedroom

Image source: Audenza

If you just want a touch of art déco style in your bedroom, then a few art deco ornaments and accessories can make all the difference. Firstly, a sunburst mirror is a must. The sunburst design is a classic deco motif. As well as this, oversized standing sculptures, such as this gold palm tree, were commonly seen in a luxurious art deco home. Yes - it is a bold statement, but bold is key with art deco design.

monochrome jaguar ornament, round golden floor shelf and tropical plant in navy room

Image source: Audenza

Stuffed animal rugs were a huge thing in every wealthy art deco house. Instead, we’d recommend a faux fur rug to add a glam element such as the pink one in the room above. As well as this, metallic circular shelving will act as handy storage as well as a small sculpture in the room. For the ultimate art deco ornament, we suggest silver or gold animal sculptures, like this glamourous, metallic jaguar.


Ready to embrace the deco look in your art deco bedroom? If you want more inspiration, take a look at our range of timeless vintage wallpapers.

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Eli Richardson


It's great that you talked about how to decorate a room with art pieces. Recently, my wife and I moved into another house, and we're excited to start decoring it! We want to find some accent art pieces for our decor, so we'll be sure to check your tips. Thanks for the advice on how large sculptures add luxury touches to a space.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Eli! Thank you for your comment! So glad this article has been useful for you. We wish you all the best with your new home!



I just came across your blog article and must say that it's a good piece of information that you have shared. Great post with very helpful and needful information!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Thank you! It's nice to know that you found this blog useful. Please keep visiting our Ideas page for more ideas. :)

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