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Solar System Wallpaper

Solar System Wallpaper

Planet Wallpaper

Bring the solar system closer to home with a wall mural.

If you love all things about space, planets and the universe, a solar system wallpaper mural is perfect for you. Great for kids bedrooms, playrooms, school classrooms and many more spaces, these murals bring the wonders of the galaxy that bit nearer.

We have options including detailed renditions of our solar system in orbit, retro textbook style illustrations, and many different angles and views of our gorgeous planet Earth.

All of our space murals are made-to-measure and available for print onto a choice of wallpapers so that installation is simple in any room.

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25 Solar System Wallpaper Designs

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Solar System Wallpaper

Our solar system, the Milky Way, is absolutely amazing. At the centre is our blazing sun, and orbiting the sun are many varied and interesting planets with their own unique atmospheres. From the harsh heat of Venus, to the frozen wastelands of Neptune and Uranus, the planets in our solar system are simply fascinating. So, to celebrate this, we have many different solar system wallpapers and wall murals available on our site.

Space art is perfect for if you want to update your decor in a fun and interesting way. A solar system wall mural is fantastic to use as a focal point for your living room, bedroom, child’s playroom, or bedroom. It’s also brilliant to use as an educational feature wall in a science classroom or kindergarten playroom. You can add to the theme by using glow in the dark ceiling stars for your child’s bedroom, or adding in accessories such as star patterned curtains, blankets in galaxy designs, and much more.

Update your decor to a design that’s out of this world by entering in your wall details and measurements into our handy online form. We’ll then take these measurements and create a wallpaper that is made to fit your exact wall dimensions. You can choose to have it printed on our range of quality wallpaper materials, as well as delivered to you in easy to use wallpaper panels.

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