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Giraffe Wallpaper

Giraffe Wallpaper

Cute Giraffe Wallpapers

Known as the tallest animal living on land, giraffes are elegant with their long legs, endless necks and big eyelashes making them truly beautiful. Capture this stunning animal in your room with a made-to-measure giraffe mural.

Our giraffe wallpaper and giraffe wallpaper murals are perfect for both adults and children alike, as we have options for all ages. For a nursery or playroom, we have giraffe wallpaper for nursery walls such as cartoon renditions of the animal and patterned illustrations.

From playful illustrations created for children's bedrooms to breathtaking photography, perfect for any space, we've a vast range of giraffe wall murals available in premium or classic paste the wall or textured peel and stick wallpaper.

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26 Giraffe Wallpaper Designs

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Giraffe Wallpaper

Giraffes are one of the most iconic and recognisable animals that reside within the harsh but beautiful African landscape. It’s no wonder then that so many people want these gentle but still deadly animals as a feature on their walls.

For adults, we have sunset silhouette scenes that show just how long giraffe necks are to other animals, and how beautiful and majestic these creatures are. These giraffe backgrounds work particularly well in bedrooms as they can be relaxing and calm.

If you choose one of our giraffe wallpapers that are more colourful, you can use them in your living room, along with African art and accessories. Enhance your theme by including giraffe shaped items and patterned products in with your room decor.

The beauty of these creatures is enhanced by close-ups and photographic backgrounds. These quirky wallpapers would be both humorous and would add personality when used in alcoves or indents in your walls.

To order a giraffe wallpaper or wall mural with ourselves, just fill in the handy online form with the measurements of your chosen wall or walls, and we’ll make it to measure for perfect application. 

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