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black bricks in trendy leather-seated restaurant

23/01/2020   POSTED BY

4 Restaurant Interior Design Trends

The casual dining market is growing. Independent bars, restaurants and coffee shops are the ones whetting people’s appetites. But we’re not talking about your gran’s favourite greasy spoon or the takeaway around the corner. We’re talking about thoughtfully-designed, chic and stylish restaurant spaces. Ones made to create a unique experience for their diners.

From the food presentation and service to lighting and décor, it’s all about making people feel great when they enter your establishment. This is the perfect opportunity for indies and underdogs to shine. It all begins with your design concept...

Here are 4 restaurant interior design trends that will make your space cosy, cool and memorable.

1. Restaurant interior design trends that go thick on the foliage

illustrated pink and green parrot in jungle wallpaper in industrial restaurant

(Above: Andrea Haase ‘Parrot King’ wallpaper)

Greenery is big everywhere you go these days. From cool millennial homes and the hippest offices to shops and restaurants that are made for social media, foliage is loved by all. Jungle themed walls seem to be one of the key trends, with designer murals and an abundance of plants being the centre of attention.

Urban jungles are in and restaurant brands like The Ivy always go big on their live plants. The bigger, the leafier, and the more exotic, the better. This is one of the restaurant interior design trends that will really wow your customers and have them coming back.

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A post shared by The Ivy in the Lanes, Brighton (@theivybrighton) on

Design tips:

  • Mix and match your jungle prints

There are no rules about coordination in 2020. In the home, clashing jungle prints may be headache-inducing. But for restaurants and cafes that want to ooze playful luxury and modernity, letting loose in the exotic jungle wallpaper department isn’t a bad thing. Feel free to let your inner silliness take the lead. It’s time to get creative…

  • Choose indoor plants that feel ‘outdoors’

Big palms and cute cacti are great from adding a sense of the exotic and bringing the outdoors in. Don’t just stick with your common indoor ficus (although we don’t discriminate) – go for something different and unique. Real indoor plants are the best as they add to the authenticity of the customer experience. But if it’s not practical, or if you want some high hanging succulents that are hard to reach, there are some amazing faux plants that will do the trick.

2. The more the merrier with prints

blue and white turkish geometric tiles in stylish basement restaurant

(Above: ‘Turkish Geometric Tiles’ wallpaper)

Print-clashing is so big at the moment, so don’t be shy with your façade style wallpapers, mind-bending 3D prints or colourful geometric murals. We particularly love tile print or the use of marble for a modern touch. With a fantastic range of easy paste-the-wall wallpapers that can create the right effects, this look doesn’t have to eat into your design budget.

For inspiration on bold restaurant interior design trends, you don’t have to look far. London’s famous Sketch restaurant is known for being a little gaudy, a little kitsch and a little retro. No print or pattern is out of bounds and things don’t necessarily have to match to look great and sophisticated together.

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A post shared by sketch (@sketchlondon) on

Design tips:

  • Opt for stylish wallpaper instead of paint

Not only are stunning wallpaper patterns so much more interesting, but they take less time and labour too. Wallpaper can add texture and a sense of luxury and our anti-microbial wallpapers are perfect for high-footfall areas.

  • Stick with a colour scheme

If the thought of mismatching things on purpose sends your nerves into overdrive, create a sense of order by deciding on a colour scheme.

3. Instagrammable feature walls

pink and purple dark flower wallpaper in restaurant with dusty pink comfy chairs

(Above: ‘Dark Vintage Floral’ wallpaper)

The independent restaurants that usually make an impact on their market often have a great social media strategy. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have anyone who’s a whizz with social platforms either. Because with the right instagrammable décor, the social side can almost take care of itself. The most shared images of restaurants and coffee shops all have one thing in common: they look good.

Flower walls and bold wallpaper designs are a great idea because they make fantastic backdrops for photography. If you have trestle table seating (also very in right now) the right background can really make a difference.

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A post shared by EL&N LONDON (@elan_cafe) on

Design tips:

  • Opt for bold patterns

Remember that today’s social media user is partial to a filter or two, so choose a bold pattern (like luscious big florals) that has great colour contrast for photos.

4. Restaurant interior design trends where black is the new black

painted black bricks wallpaper in restaurant with leather studded chairs and wooden tables

(Above: ‘Black Painted Brick’ wallpaper)

While the industry unleashes its love of patterns, there’s also room for some minimalism in 2020. But instead of the all-white, squeaky clean interiors that have dominated establishments for so long, restaurants are discovering their darker side.

Black and dark colours can make small spaces feel cramped, but if you have enough natural light flooding in and you install the right lighting solutions, you can get this look right without losing that feeling of spaciousness.

For small, independent dining establishments and hip coffee spots, black walls mixed with natural materials, such as wood, have a nice Scandinavian feel. Or, for a modern touch, copper finishes can be an excellent design choice with regards to restaurant interior design trends.

Design tips:

  • Add a bit of texture

If you don’t have exposed brick in your restaurant or coffee shop, don’t worry. There are some fantastic brick design wallpapers that create the same effect for less. Other beautiful wallpaper styles that can add texture are things like marble wallpapers or monochrome graffiti wallpapers.

  • Choose a feature wall

Keep your restaurant looking light and airy by selecting just one area or one wall to make dark. Treat it as a backdrop for the restaurant and opt for contrasting finishes so your tables, chairs and countertops don’t get lost in the darkness.

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A post shared by Ben Connolly (@benconnolly) on

  • Make sure black walls are facing the light

Black walls directly opposite big windows and glass shop facades work best because they benefit from the natural light. If you want edgy restaurant interior design, but you’re worried about making it look dark and dingy, get your lighting right first.

Are you considering adding gorgeous wallpaper to your restaurant? Take a look at our blog post to find out how to clean your wallpaper effectively. If you love our restaurant interior design trends, comment below with your favourite or tell us about the best restaurant design trends you’ve seen lately.

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rachel frampton


Well, if I had a restaurant, I would make sure to have a strip light installed in it since this will provide a lavish ambiance. You're also right that it would be an advantage to opt for a bold interior design. Thank you for sharing here the importance of making the space look instagrammable. 

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Rachel. Thank you for your comment. Yes, going for bold decor will really make your restaurant stand out amongst the rest.

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