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orange, blue, yellow and navy patterned tile wallpaper in room with wooden bench and rattan baskets

16/03/2021   POSTED BY

Mudroom Ideas Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Whether you already have a mudroom or want to create one, these mudroom ideas are everything you need. A mudroom acts as a barrier between the outside and inside. It’s the ideal place to knock off those dirty boots, or clean those paws so that you don’t trail muck into your home!

From organised mudroom storage ideas, the usefulness of a mudroom sink and dog shower as well as ideas on creating a small mudroom and how to achieve a country-chic farmhouse mudroom - our mudroom ideas are so good that you'll be going out on even more outdoor adventures so that you can make the most of it!

Mudroom Organisation Ideas

You can make a mudroom as pretty and as quaint as you like. However, if you haven’t got any mudroom organisers, it won’t look good for long! After all, this is where we fling off our muddy boots, dry our raincoats and let the dog run riot after his muddy walk! Before aesthetics, organisation is key when it comes to mudroom ideas. And the way to achieve this is good storage...

Choose a mudroom bench with storage

black and white leaf illustration wallpaper in gold, grey and black laundry mudroom

Mural in photo: Black Ink Leaves

As well as a great place to sit when you put on, or take off your shoes, a mudroom bench also acts as a nifty storage space. A box bench allows you to store away your winter coats in the summer and your sandals in the winter! We love our customer's bench paired with a gorgeous leaf wallpaper in their laundry mudroom.

For added comfort, we always recommend installing a mudroom bench with a cushion! Choose cushions that are removable and easily fit inside your washing machine. Trust us on this as it will get mucky VERY quickly – especially if you live in a busy household!

Have a mudroom locker each

mudroom ideas for white mudroom bench and storage

Image source: Jillianlare.com

If you have a big enough mudroom, we highly recommend mudroom lockers if you want to stay organised. Allocate one locker or peg per person in the household. That way they are responsible for their own stuff. It’s a great life-lesson for children, helping them to learn about organisation from an early age. Also, it avoids lots of arguments - “Who put my coat there?”, or “Who stole my hat?!” If you’re handy with a saw and hammer, why not create your own DIY mudroom locker?

Similar to a locker, choosing a mudroom closet is great for those who want small mudroom ideas. Organise big and small items into your closet, such as coats, gloves, scarves and hats. This will ensure you have enough floor space for the family to come in and out without tripping over each other.

Store shoes in a mudroom shoe rack

white and wood shoe sliding storage

Image source: Tenacityinteriors.co.uk

One item that we highly recommend is a mudroom shoe rack! Whether your mudroom is big, small, modern or farmhouse style, we all know the pain of shoes lying all over the floor. By installing a handy shoe organiser, you can also avoid any unwanted muck on the floor in the first place. Now you'll be able to say goodbye to tripping over piles of shoes and quickly find that pair of boots without panicking!

There’s a wide variety of mudroom shoe racks that will fit a multitude of spaces. Racks fitted into shoe organiser closets, self-standing racks or door hanging racks are some great options!

Keep germs out (one of the most important mudroom ideas)

When you read mudroom, it’s easy to see what you will envision – mud! So, keeping yourself clean, whilst also keeping your mudroom clean is an important factor to consider! And a sink or dog shower are key…

Wash those dirty items in a mudroom sink

black and white room with old fashioned tin sink

Image source: Beneathmyheart.net

Whether you live in a muddy, dusty or snowy area of the world, we always recommend installing a mudroom sink. An ideal choice for a mudroom laundry room, a sink will allow you to hand-wash dirty shoes as well as mucky hands! It’s a great spot to throw in dirty items too so you can deal with them later when you have the time. That way, hardly any dirt touches the floor and you can keep your modern mudroom as clean as possible.

Scrub your pooch with a mudroom dog shower – woofderful!

white tiled modern mudroom with dog shower

Image source: Thehouseofsilverlining.com

If you don’t have space for a sink but would appreciate somewhere to wash your dog, then install a mudroom dog shower! Not only a great place to wash your pooch, but a dog shower also serves as a good boot cleaner. And if you have small children, why not throw them in there as well (only joking)!

The best of the mudroom ideas: mudroom décor

Now that the practicalities of mudroom ideas have been said, let’s get on to making your boot room pretty! Whether you want a farmhouse mudroom, or a sleek, modern one, consider these tips…

Embrace pattern with mudroom tiles

orange, blue and mustard vintage tile wallpaper with natural wooden bench and wicker basket

Mural in photo: Terracotta and Blue Medley

There are SO many pretty mudroom tile designs that you can enjoy in your mudroom! From Turkish designed floor tiles, vintage floral wall tiles, or even honeycomb-shaped ones, there is so much choice! As well as this, beautiful mudroom floor tiles are wipeable! An oh-so-important mudroom idea!

If you want tiles in your mudroom, but are left feeling daunted by the task, then opt for a realistic tile wallpaper. There’s no grouting involved and it looks just as good!

Create a cutesy farmhouse mudroom

white, neutral farmhouse mudroom next to kitchen

Image source: Starr Homes LLC

When designing a farmhouse mudroom, choose neutral colours, natural woods and wicker accessories - all in line with the country-chic cottagecore trend. Have a vintage mudroom locker painted in grey or white and have a natural wooden bench. Choose antique black wall hooks and wicker storage baskets for dirty items ready to go in the wash! Opt for stone slab, or wooden flooring and incorporate plants into the room to bring nature indoors. Hanging dry flowers and herbs will help with the smells that you often find in a mudroom! Yes – stinky!

Show your style with a mudroom wallpaper

sunlit white birch tree woodland wallpaper with wooden bench and mustard throw

Mural in photo: Birch Forest Sunlight

Not all mudrooms need to look like they belong in an early 20th century farmhouse. Why not inject your style and personality with a custom-made wall mural? Do you love colourful abstract art, or fancy a forest feature wall? Or maybe you enjoy chic marble wall statements? There’s a huge collection of high-quality photo wallpapers for you to enjoy!

In conclusion: what are the benefits of a mudroom?

mudroom ideas for a white mudroom with black and white accessories

There are so many benefits to having a mudroom:

  • They keep dirty shoes and clothing out of the main house
  • They reduce the amount of dirt and germs coming into your home
  • They help to organise your outdoor clothing
  • They can be used as a laundry room as well as a mudroom
  • They are a good place to wash pets before allowing them into the main house

Can’t wait to improve or make your own mudroom? Please ask questions for more help in the comments box below!

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