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pink marble effect wallpaper in bedroom

11/02/2022   POSTED BY

How to Make Your Bedroom Look More Expensive

Looking to make your bedroom look more expensive? Then you’ve landed in the perfect place. There are many tricks to glam up a bedroom. And it doesn’t always have to cost a fortune. Tactful touches here and there and knowing what looks luxurious are key to creating the perfect, high-end bedroom.

Read on to discover 10 ways to create a modern luxury bedroom. For instance, did you know that a rug plays a big part in adding depth and style to a designer room? Or that statement lighting is crucial if you want your bedroom to go from good to grand? Let's see what you'll do first to create your plush bedroom...

Dress your bed like a pro with luxury bed linen

tropical jungle wallpaper to make your bedroom look more expensive

Mural in photo: Paradise Island Cranes

It’s true. One of the most effective ways to make your bedroom expensive is focusing on luxury bedding and styling. As this is the focal point of the room, it’s important to get it right. When dressing a bed, it’s all about adding layers and accessories so that they look aesthetically pleasing. Choose a velvet, rich cotton or faux fur blanket for the bottom of the bed. You can either fold it neatly or arrange it artistically, like in the room above, to create a look of effortless style. When it comes to cushions, make sure they are plumped up to the max and fully filled so that they stand up alone much better. Choose three to four cushions and arrange them above your four pillows. Stand the pillows and cushions up against the headboard – not flat. It needs to look like the cushions are looking at you when you walk into the room.

Choosing luxury bed linen is key. Not only easier on the eye, it will bring added comfort into your luxurious bedroom. It will make you feel like you’re staying in a luxurious hotel rather than your home as well. Select linen with the highest thread count you can afford. The higher the thread count, the softer the bedding will be. And if you have extra cash at hand and have a big enough room, opt for a luxury king-size bed as well!

Add texture and warmth with a rug

stripy, luxury rug in bedroom

Any luxurious bedroom has a rug to add texture and warmth into the room. Stick to a simple rug designed in neutral colours and with tasteful patterns to not over-face your luxurious room. The grey and off-white tones on this striped rug in the room above are ideal. It adds a touch of pattern but completely complements the minimalist room accessories.

When thinking about rug size, always go bigger. Of course, you don’t want the room to be so big that you may as well have installed a new carpet. But choose a size that is wider than your bed. Place it after your headboard so that it juts out at the bottom of the bed. Or choose one that acts as an island for your bed so that the entire bed is stood on it. Avoid small rugs placed on either side or at the bottom of the bed. They will not only be underwhelming but make your floor space appear a lot smaller than it actually is. A big no-no in the world of interior design.

Always keep flowers and plants in your luxury bedroom

pink roses on bedstand

Image source: Thepinkdream.com via Pinterest

We don’t know why, but keeping flowers and plants ticks so many boxes when you want to make your bedroom look more expensive. Fragrant,air-purifying and visually pleasing, plant life also adds a lot to a room as well. If you want to encourage positive energy with plants, there are many to choose from. Lavender will make you relaxed, the Peace Lily improves air quality and helps asthma and headaches whereas Jasmine helps to nourish relationships.

For a classic look, why not opt for a vase of romantic, fragrant roses? Or if you are always up-to-date with the latest trends, keep things low maintenance with dried plants such as pampass grass. Or if you adore the tropical look, monsteras, spider plants, strings of pearls and more will bring an exotic touch to your luxury bedroom. And if all else fails (and you can’t even keep a dried plant looking good) go for realistic, silk petal flowers instead.

Add statement wall art to make your bedroom look more expensive

If you want to make your bedroom look more expensive, statement wall art is a must. You can’t go to a luxury hotel room without seeing beautiful and tasteful artwork on the walls. So why don’t you as well?

Why not arrange a gallery wall artistically above the headboard of the bed? Fun to create, a gallery wall can be anything you want it to be. Whether you want two simple metal prints arranged side to side such in the room above, or a more complex array of frames in different sizes. Choose artwork with tones that slip perfectly into the rest of your room’s colour scheme. Pastel shades are best to create a calm ambiance in your expensive bedroom.

If you want to make a huge statement, choose a custom-made wallpaper mural instead. Placing a mural behind the bed always looks beautiful when you walk into the room. It’s like a little welcome every time you walk in! Alternatively, place the wallpaper mural on a wall you can see when you’re sat up in bed. This way, you can be greeted with luxurious art every morning.

Think carefully about your nightstands

grey nightstand to make your bedroom look more expensive

Image source: Savvyapron.com via Pinterest

I don’t know about you, but having the perfect nightstand can ultimately change your bedroom experience. Ones that are cluttered and have hardly any space on top do not scream luxury: instead, it screams mess and stress. As well as this, having hardly any drawers or none at all even, isn’t only impractical but means there will be more clutter on display which hardly creates an expensive look.

So, when choosing bedside tables, make sure they are big enough so that they provide an adequate surface area on top. That way you can have a lamp, book and mug of tea without having a breakdown! And always opt for nightstands that have wide and deep drawers. To notch up the expensive levels even further, get organised with elegant trays. Perfect for storing hand creams, hair bobbles and all those trinkets in one space. There are many beautiful acrylic trays available. Or if you want to get your DIY skills going, choose an affordable wooden one and upcycle it with gold or silver spray paint.

Style your vanity with care

white and pink vanity table

Image source: Thefancythings.com via Pinterest

First of all, having room for a plush vanity oozes an expensive bedroom. Secondly, the way in which you style it can really up the luxury levels. Always have a large mirror reflecting the way you have fashioned the room. A vintage gold framed one for an antique chic boudoir, a minimalist, wooden circular one for a Scandi bedroom. And don’t forget a small, freestanding magnified mirror for getting up close and personal with the tweezer.

Next, beauty organisers. These are perfect for categorizing your luxurious perfumes and makeup as well as makeup brushes, nail polish etc. Inexpensive acrylic ones look sleek and high-end. Otherwise, if you have pretty pots at hand, these are great for placing items on top of your dressing table as well.

Choose wall paneling for a luxury bedroom

blue and off-white marble effect wallpaper in pink and white bedroom

Mural in photo: White Marble

Paneling is key if you want to add a touch of decadence to any room in the home. So why leave the bedroom out? Whether you want to go for entire walls covered in paneling or panels that only come halfway up the wall, any will work in your expensive-looking bedroom. Pair halfway-up-the-wall paneling with a wallpaper mural to add interesting layers or go all out there completely with a faux panel wallpaper instead.

Hang a statement pendant lamp above the bed

crystal lamp over bed

Lighting always plays a crucial role in creating a certain ambiance. But statement pendant lamps above a bed really make your bedroom look expensive. And ones that hang a little bit lower than an average ceiling lamp are even better.

Choose a statement bedroom light to mirror your theme. We feel art deco vibes in this stunning bedroom and the gold and crystal chandelier only accentuates this. If you wanted to go for an oriental boudoir theme, why not choose a high-end Chinese paper lantern? Or if you want to have a Moroccan theme, choose a hole studded brass lamp instead.

Make a small bedroom look bigger with tactful curtains

white waterfall style curtains

Image source: Mydomaine.com via Pinterest

Curtains aren’t just practical. They are a feature and size enhancer in a small luxury bedroom. If you really want to make your bedroom look more expensive, make the curtains a feature.

To do this, we recommend placing the curtain pole a lot higher than your window frame. This tall curtain display will trick the eye into thinking your ceilings are a lot higher than they actually are. Opt for long curtains that will crumble onto the floor like a waterfall. And layer underneath with black-out blinds in a complimentary colour. For added decadence, choose tasseled curtain ties or gold-coloured metal curtain holdbacks.

Include little finishes that make all the difference

pink marble wallpaper in bedroom with white paneling

Mural in photo: Lilac Dusk

Sometimes, it’s the little finishes that make all the difference in a decadent bedroom. Touches of metallic finishes, especially in yellow gold, can really alter the look of a room. Door and drawer handles are perfect spots to make the most of metallic gold accents. Or if you’re more of a diamonds person, choose faux diamond ones instead.

A really easy way to make your bedroom look more expensive is getting out the paintbrush. Painting your skirting boards and plaster covings with a lick of fresh white paint will give your room a breath of fresh air!

A really inexpensive way to create a sense of high-end lifestyle in your bedroom is always making sure it smells nice. Burn high-quality essential oils and candles so that the air is always beautifully scented. Have you also considered lining your drawers with scented lining paper? These don’t have to be the retro rose-scented lining papers at your nana’s. Instead, choose decadent perfumed ones so that your smalls always smell beautiful.

It's time to make your tired-looking bedroom ooze luxury. What’s going to be your first step?

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These are some great ideas! I would recommend wall panelling as I believe it can modernise any room. Hollie.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Hollie! Thank you for your comment. Yes, we agree - panel effect wallpaper does wonders to any room it is installed in.

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