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grey and orange rust wall mural in grey lounge

10/06/2021   POSTED BY

Industrial Wallpaper: Raw, Stylish and Classic

Industrial wallpaper is the item to own if you want to achieve the industrial look with ease. Over recent years, industrial interior design has boomed, adorning not only homes but cafes, bars, office spaces and more... It is a style that exudes rawness - “grungy” but with an artistic flair. And lucky for us, this undeniably cool and on-trend look doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon!

So, if you are looking for inspiration on industrial style wallpaper, you have come to the right place! Read on to discover a wide range of industrial texture effect wallpapers… Ignite colour into your space with a stunning rusty copper wallpaper. Enjoy timeless décor with brick wallpaper. Or why not bathe in calming minimalism with a plaster effect wallpaper?

Brick wallpaper (put down the sledgehammer)!

light grey brick industrial wallpaper with wooden storage and black teapot

Mural in photo: Pastel Tones Brick

You don’t need to get the sledgehammer out to enjoy open brick walls! The easiest, tidiest and possibly the cheapest way to do this is by installing a custom-made brick wallpaper! Easy to install and looks just as fabulous as a real brick wall, all you have to do is choose your favourite brick design and we will make sure that they are life-sized to your wall’s dimensions! Of course, you can’t feel the texture of the brick, but the recent mad craze for texture in interior design isn’t just about how it feels. Texture can also be achieved visually, giving your eyes a texture sensation.

The ash grey tones in this grey brick wallpaper make it versatile for a wide range of rooms. Grey goes with almost any colour and brick never clashes with pattern. So all you need to do is install it in a room of your choice and reap the benefits straight away! If you’d like to buy new industrial décor for your brick wallpaper, choose furniture with metallic touches: black metal-legged storage, hanging naked light bulbs, wire mesh shelving, etc. For colours to complement this grey brick effect wallpaper, choose mustard-yellow, pastel-pink or navy-blue tones.

Copper wallpaper (the rustier the better)!

orange rust wallpaper in modern sitting area

Mural in photo: Core of Corrosion

If you love the industrial look but still want to embrace colour rather than cool greys, choose a stylish bronze or copper wallpaper. Whether a vintage flaking design, a brushed bronze, or a mottled copper, there is a wide range of burnt-orange texture effect wallpapers to choose from.

We adore the turquoise tones in this realistic rust wallpaper. These inky blue shades allow more room for colour coordinating the rest of the space. See how the blue tones in the striped rug and boho scatter cushions really set off the ocean-blue shades in this stylish bronze wallpaper.

If you are seeking more décor inspiration for this orange and blue rust wallpaper, we recommend sticking to a white and orange colour scheme. If installed in a living room, paint the remaining walls white and choose a copper coloured couch. Choose white and blue scatter cushions, a white wooden TV stand, white wooden flooring and an orange and blue patterned rug.

Plaster effect wallpaper (simple yet classic)

plaster industrial wallpaper in white and wooden kitchen

Mural in photo: Texture of Plaster

The beauty of a plaster effect wallpaper is that it is a pure classic. This gorgeous Texture of Plaster wallpaper mural would look at home in the Romanesque period or on your favourite interiors influencer’s feed on Instagram! There is a timeless quality to this plaster effect wallpaper that would suit any home, any space, or even any era! And this stylish plaster wallpaper is the perfect answer to industrial interior design colour palettes: modest, subtle and cool.

But be wary. Opting for a grey plaster effect wallpaper can sometimes make interiors cold and unwelcoming. That’s why it works so well in this kitchen. The white of the kitchen cabinets brings light whereas the golden faucet, handles and natural wooden tops bring warmth into the room. All three balance out perfectly creating a cosy and classic cooking area. Just remember to avoid overdoing grey décor when installing a grey plaster wallpaper - remember to balance out those tones…

Metallic wallpaper (the perfect industrial wallpaper)

metal door wallpaper in living room with leather couch

Mural in photo: Metal Texture

If you want to go really big on industrial wallpaper, why not choose something like this 3D effect wall mural? Named Metal Texture, this epic metallic wallpaper makes you feel like you are about to jump out of a plane or inside a top-secret underground bunker! Great for a gaming fan or someone who loves anything war-related, this cool metal wallpaper would look amazing in a gaming room, hobby space as well as a unique lounge!

Because of the silver metal tones in this metal effect wallpaper, we recommend sticking to a grey, white and black colour scheme. Bring in some warm tones with brown leather seating or natural wooden flooring. Where will you enjoy this sci-fi-inspired metallic wallpaper?

Concrete wallpaper (the ultimate industrial look)

rusty grey concrete wallpaper in grey lounge

Mural in photo: Aged Concrete

We can’t get enough of this fabulous Aged Concrete wall mural. Rich in cool grey tones, we love the contrast of burnt orange rust draping down from the ceiling. This on-trend copper and grey wallpaper looks fabulous in this industrial living room. The naked bulb hanging from the ceiling, the grey couch and the white metallic table effortlessly mirror the rawness of industrial interior design.

To bring out even more of the orange tones in this artistic concrete wallpaper, choose brassy gold décor throughout: brass door and drawer handles, light fixtures, candle holders and more…

Have you enjoyed our range of industrial wallpaper? If so, let us know which is your favourite! We always love to hear your opinions. 😊

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