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galaxy effect wallpaper in garage office

12/02/2024   POSTED BY

7 Garage Conversion Ideas to Transform Your Home

If you’re eager to increase your home’s square footage, a garage conversion can be a worthwhile investment. For growing families that are running out of space but aren’t quite ready to move up the ladder, repurposing an unused garage is a cost-effective solution that will also boost your home value.

In fact, a stylish and functional conversion could add up to 20% to the value of your property, while also giving you an extra living area to enjoy for many years to come. Compared to an extension, it’s much more affordable, and you won’t have to sacrifice part of your garden or outdoor space.

Does your garage need a new lease of life? Here are 7 of the best garage conversion ideas to help you make the most of your space!

1. Turn it into a home gym

garage conversion ideas with gym in garage

Home gyms have been on the rise since 2020, and despite more and more people returning to public gyms, the home workout revolution is here to stay indefinitely. Even for devoted gym members, having a home workout area is beneficial because it provides another level of convenience and also helps to mix things up in terms of exercise routines, giving you multiple options for managing your personal fitness.

According to research, home gyms can add as much as 44% value to a property – as long as it’s done right. To make sure your home gym looks and feels the part, make the space as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

To elevate the decor, consider wood panel walls or exposed brick. This can instantly add warmth to your room and modernise outdated interiors.

off white wood panel wallpaper in garage gym

Image source: White Wood Wall

For a low-cost way to decorate, turn to wood effect wallpapers. These can look extremely realistic while keeping you within budget. Opt for our self-adhesive option and you can enjoy a multifunctional space that can be repurposed further down the line.

2. Convert it into an office

minimalist office in a garage conversion

Another amazing idea we love for garage conversions is the home office. With the rise of the digital workforce, people are in search of ways to optimise their space.

This is one of the best small garage conversion ideas, because it’s compact but highly functional. If you don’t have enough room inside the main house, a garage office is the perfect solution. Not only is this away from your main living area, but a garage conversion frees up other rooms, meaning you can add a guest bedroom or even a nursery if you have a growing family.

galaxy wallpaper in garage office conversion

Mural in photo: The Carina Nebula Star Birth

To really personalise your garage office, consider adding an eye-catching mural. From map murals that inspire and nature murals that soothe the soul to galaxy murals that enable escapism, there are so many ways you transform this space. Look how amazing our The Carina Nebula Star Birth mural looks in customer @ourkristinahouse's home.

3. Make it a games room

garage conversion ideas for a games room

Image source: Green Retreats via Pinterest

One of the benefits of having a games room is to keep your main living area clean and tidy. With a dedicated games room for play and entertainment, you don’t have to sacrifice those grown-up aesthetics.

If you’ve always wanted a pool table, a home bar, a sports-viewing corner, or a gaming zone with multiple screens and consoles, a garage conversion gives you the perfect area to enjoy these little luxuries. Plus, this space can double up as a second reception area, or a place to entertain your guests.

dark navy panel effect wallpaper with brown leather sofa

Mural in photo: Dark Wooden Panels

One of the colour trends that works well in a games room is dark navy. This ‘Dark Wooden Panel’ wallpaper adds a sophisticated edge to the room, while also making it feel cosy and inviting.

4. Build a home cinema

movie room garage conversion ideas

Image source: Black Splash via Pinterest

A home cinema is another way to add value to your home, making it one of the best garage conversion ideas for those looking to sell up in a few years’ time. A garage conversion is also perfect for this purpose because you don’t need a lot of natural light.

Cinema rooms are supposed to be dark, so you won’t have to worry about extra window installation. With the right screen size, seating arrangement and atmospheric lighting, you can create a space that’s loved by the whole family, as well as your guests. Use colour to set the mood – dark hues such as grey, navy and black work well. Or if you prefer to keep things light and neutral, opt for creams and soft beiges.

5. Transform it into a guest room

simple bedroom in garage

One of the most functional ways to transform your garage is to turn it into a guestroom. This is a great solution if space is tight in the home. Not only are you adding an extra bedroom to your property, but you’re providing your guests with a little bit more privacy when they come to stay.

When not in use, the guest bedroom can double up as an office or a just a quiet area to read and relax. This is a fantastic investment because it’s truly multifunctional, adding value to your home and making it a desirable feature for any potential buyers.

6. Create a children’s play area

garage conversion ideas for kids bedroom

Mural in photo: Jungle Jive in White

If you’re looking for small garage conversion ideas that don’t cost the earth, how about a children’s playroom? The main advantage here is being able to keep your grown-up areas as strictly grown-up zones. Having a dedicated space for your little ones to play, learn and imagine means your main reception room stays tidy and free from toys.

Colour, shapes and patterns are key to designing the perfect kids’ play area. To really fuel their imagination, add a mural with beautiful illustrations. If you still want your place to have a sense of order, run with a Scandinavian art theme.

cute woodland animal wallpaper in kids bedroom

Mural in photo: Deer Forest Summer

Alternatively, create an exciting colour palette but in a muted format. For instance, this Deer Forest Summer mural by Kiki Belle is a feast for the imagination, while also abiding by a strict colour scheme that looks elegant in any setting.

7. Use it as a second sitting room

stylish living room in garage

Image source: Designing Idea via Pinterest

Do you need a second area for relaxing? Or perhaps you want an additional reception area when you have guests? A garage that backs out onto your private outdoor space is ideal for those indoor/outdoor celebrations (especially when warm weather isn’t guaranteed).

You can create a seamless transition between your indoor seating area and your garden by adding lots of greenery, and also using organic décor throughout.

We have a huge range of designer botanical wallpapers that can transform your walls, bringing the outdoors in while also adding soothing greens to your colour scheme.

What do you think to these garage conversion ideas? Would you invest in a garage conversion project? And what would you use the space for? Tell us in the comments below…

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