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funky orange wallpaper

15/06/2023   POSTED BY

Funky House Decor for Your Home

Have you got the funk?

Maybe not, but your home can- with these funky house décor ideas!

Funky is defined as something ‘stylish in an unconventional way’. It’s all about style, and in this case, how stylish your home is about to be with these tips and tricks. Transform your space into a funky, fresh environment!

Tropical Maximalism

tropical mural for funky house decor

Mural In Photo: Tropical Landscape II

Tropical prints are a big trend for 2023; whether it’s wallpaper, furniture or accessories, you’re going to want to add tropics to your home décor this year.

Check out this stunning mural installed by @eclectichunkydoryhome on Instagram, featuring our Tropical Landscape wallpaper. They’ve paired their funky new mural with on-trend wooden furniture and clashing colour bedding for a maximalist feel, whilst also embracing the trend emerging for funky home decor.

Funky Interiors encapsulate maximalism, which has been a trend on the rise over the last few years, and tropical prints are just the perfect way to get involved with this trend. We have lots of jungle and tropical print murals ready to adorn your walls! As well as bold patterns, bright colours, and the ability to upload your own image, meaning the possibilities are endless!

Pop Art

funky pop art mural

Mural in Photo: Pop Art

A classic way to get your home feeling funky is through some pop art wallpaper or prints!

Think Warhol-style artwork paired with bold colours and colour block elements within your décor.

These murals are also perfect for art lovers in the family.

Erik Dixon has styled his pop art mural alongside a vibrant yellow wall and black, stylish fixtures. The prints and posters you choose don’t have to be Warhol. Instead, they can be bright and funky prints based on travel, florals or patterns!

Having Funky House décor doesn’t have to encapsulate your whole home; it can simply include a few accessories that elevate the existing pieces within your space, such as prints, sofa cushions or ornaments of unusual shapes. It’s not always about going all out; embracing trends can simply be starting small.

70’s and 80’s Décor

funky marble wall mural

Mural In Photo: Ombre Strata

We can’t talk about funk without mentioning where it originated! The ’70s and 80’s oozed all things funk from music, fashion and, of course, wallpaper!

Wacky colours and patterns were on trend in the 70s and are emerging again in the present day, with florals and bold patterns making a comeback.

Check out this marble effect wallpaper that merges curved lines and bright colours reminiscent of the 70s! Fitted by one of our customers Carleen Dickinson. Pair it with bold pink or blue furniture and lots of accessories such as vases, pictures and ornaments to incorporate maximalism with some trendy décor.

Alternatively, you could go try out a traditional 70’s feel with this orange patterned wallpaper, featuring eclectic patterns and bold colours- this wall mural is perfect for creating a funky home environment in a simple way!

orange funky home decor

Mural In Photo: Orange Boho

Accessorise Your Home

Funky house décor is all about maximising your home!

A simple way to add style to your home is through funky artwork and accessories.

Think of bright colours and unusual shapes. Accessories allow your personality to shine through and are also a renter-friendly solution to injecting your own personal interior style into a home that you can’t always paint, wallpaper or change too much.

As well as this, blank walls are the antithesis of funk! To have a funky home, you’ve got to fill the wall with some eclectic art prints or paintings. Lucky for you, at Wallsauce, we have a great range of murals spanning from floral, abstract, pattern, fine arts and many more! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect mural for your funky home decor.

Funky Kids Room Décor

Funky décor is encapsulated perfectly within kids’ décor.

Bright colours and patterns are great for learning and enriching young minds. So why not start the funky décor young?

Kinderoo Interiors have fully embraced this trend with our 'Toy Brick Fun', mural. This toy brick pattern is a great example of a mural that is creative, fun and perfect for embracing the funky décor trend, and just shows you can include funky home décor in all areas of your home!

A mural this colourful is also really versatile, as it matches lots of different colours and décor styles that include red, blue and yellow!

funky house decor for kids room

Mural In Photo: Toy Brick Fun

Feeling funky yet? How will you be funk-ifying your home? Whatever you do, we’re sure it will look fabulous!

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