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beige wallpaper is the new greige in living room

21/03/2022   POSTED BY

Beige Wallpaper is the New Greige!

We don’t know if you’ve heard, but beige is making a comeback. In fact, it was announced in 2021 by global paint giant, PPG, that beige was officially returning, and colours that signified comfort and simplicity would be all the rage. With wellness and minimalism still big themes for 2022 and beyond, it’s clear that beige is here to stick around.

Greige had the spotlight for a while, but this year we’re going back to those warmer hues, those reassuring hues, and those classic colours that are super cosy and earthy. The best thing? Beige goes with any colour scheme, giving you a completely versatile colour palette to play around with.

Need some ideas for making your home beige beautiful? Here are some of our favourite beige wallpaper looks that could make any room, neutral.

Warm, beachy vibes

beige leaf print wallpaper in boho living room

This palm shadow mural adds a tropical twist to the beige wallpaper trend, bringing peachy warmth and a beach-inspired ambience to the home. With its soft pinkish-orangey undertones, it instantly brightens up a north-facing space, and it creates the illusion of sun-lit shadows with a subtle link to nature.

It’s the perfect feature wall for a minimalist room with white or cream walls, and wooden furnishings will add to the organic vibes of this wallpaper. If you want a neutral mural that doesn’t leave you cold, a peachy beige that almost mimics wet plaster is the way to go.

Classic beige wall panels

beige panel wallpaper in dining room

Wood panelling on walls was popular in the 16th and 17th centuries and was often used to restore country manor houses. Because of the noble history behind this design trend, wood panels are seen as grand or regal features in properties today. A bit of simple panelling can instantly elevate your design scheme.

But you don’t need to completely upgrade your walls to get this premium look. With wood panel effect wallpaper, you have a low-maintenance option that is affordable for multiple rooms. Opting for beige wood panels is a great way of adding warmth and elegance, giving you the gift of texture without moving away from your desire for clean minimalism. This style of wallpaper is both simple and chic – and a little bit extra.

Natural beige + nature

beige bird wallpaper

Nature + beige = seriously soothing for the soul. If you’re looking for a beige wallpaper that ticks all the boxes in the wellness arena, just add some reed grass and throw in a few Japanese cranes.

This ‘Reed Birds’ wallpaper touches on the Japanese wallpaper trend, but in an understated way. Cranes are a favourite subject often featuring in Haiku poetry, symbolising good fortune, love and longevity. Looking at images of birds is also highly meditative, inciting a sense of freedom and possibility.

Organic touches make this wallpaper the perfect backdrop for natural living spaces where materials like wicker, rattan, wood, linen, stone and driftwood create harmony and balance.

Beige with warm terracotta

beige boho wallpaper in living room

You love beige, but you hate boring. This ‘Neutral Leaves’ wall mural gives you beige with a splash of colour. By adding a warm, earthy terracotta to the mix, you can bring a plain and classic neutral to life. This wallpaper design combines beige and greige with darker greys and warm browns, creating an interesting mural that looks great in any room.

If you’re worried about beige being too ‘safe’, a mural like this gives you a little more to play with. Add interest and intrigue to an otherwise minimalist space and make this wallpaper the focal point.

Spanish stonework wallpaper

symbolic wallpaper in beige living room

The global style in interior design really made its mark in recent years as travel restrictions clamped down across the world. People were looking for escapism, and today, they still are. When your home’s design theme mimics that of your favourite far-flung destination, or when your interiors bring the colours, patterns and shapes of a different culture into your everyday space, it gives you a chance to test your imagination.

Beige wallpaper certainly doesn’t need to be plain. It can be as exciting, awe-inspiring and multi-dimensional as you want it to be. This ‘Stonework Alhambra’ wall mural combines the soothing look of natural stone with intricate Spanish carvings, giving you a classic colour but a not-so-subtle design.

The greige-meets-beige wallpaper

greige wallpaper in home office

The truth is, greige has had its time. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all gone greige-mad with our décor at some point or another. But now the warmer colours are making their way back into the interior design world, and we’re returning to more classic hues.

But if like so many of us, your home is full of grey furnishings, upholstery and accessories, this ‘Inner City’ wallpaper could be the perfect halfway design. Bringing together different shades of grey, greige and mushroom with warm beiges, oatmeal and brown, it combines everyone’s favourite neutrals in one mural.

Chic beige marble

beige marble wallpaper in living room

The beige in this ‘Natural Effect Marble’ wallpaper is as natural as the colour beige comes. The mural exposes the raw markings of metamorphic rock, adding an organic feel to your décor. Marble as a material has been hugely popular in recent years, and marble wallpapers can bring instant luxe to the home while remaining affordable.

While marble can be seen in a range of colours, nothing beats the simplicity of neutrals. If you want to embrace a classic colour like beige, but you want a contemporary twist, marble is the instagrammable wallpaper you’ve been looking for.

Traditional, homely tartan

tartan wallpaper in dining room

Tartan and checks can be something of a style statement when it comes to home interiors. Sure, over the years, we’ve related tartan furnishings with grandparents, with old country couples, with historic houses, with castles and forts, and with anything that reminds us of history.

But tartan isn’t quite what it used to be. It’s become a symbol of luxury, bringing a premium feel to modern properties. Today, tartan is a bit of an edgy move in interiors. It says, “I’m brave and bold, and I don’t care if you think this too traditional.” Juxtaposed with the right decorative pieces, tartan wall murals are ultra-modern.

In beige, you can be daring and low-key at the same time, making it easy to match your colour palette to other items in the room.

What do you think of beige coloured wallpapers? Do you agree that beige is better than greige? Tell us which is your favourite in the comments below…

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