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Vinyard inspired home gym ideas

16/09/2022   POSTED BY

8 Home Gym Ideas to Help You Work Out

With work commitments, family and social lives being dominant in many of our lives, fitting in exercise could be the last thing we want to think about. It’s a massive balancing act and let’s face it, who has the time (or the money) to be traipsing to the gym every day? Although it can be a struggle to get motivated, it is known that regular exercise reduces stress, improves your mental health and even helps promote restful sleep. So, why not bring the gym into your own home?

Take a look at these home gym ideas to help you create your own exercise space at home! We have even included some key home gym must-haves to get you started!

Motivational home gym ideas

Motivational home gym ideas

Mural in photo: Quote wallpaper from our extended range

Staying motivated is something many of us struggle with, so creating a motivational home gym is a great way to keep your spirits up when exercising. A great way to do this is with motivational quotes on your walls. This ‘Go Big or Go Home’ wallpaper mural is a great motivational décor choice for in front of your workout equipment. Imagine cycling or running with this quote in front of you, you won’t ever want to give up!

Tropical beach inspired motivational home gym ideas

Mural in photo: Beach wallpaper from our extended range

Next, what better way to motivate you than with a beautiful beach scene? If your goal is to get your perfect beach bod, then gazing onto the white beaches and turquoise waters of this tropical beach wallpaper will no doubt give you the push you might need!

Home gym ideas dedicated to your favourite sport

Football pitch inspired home gym ideas

Mural in photo: Football Stadium

Do you have a favourite sport you’re a massive fan of? If so, then why not dedicate your home gym to that sport? This will not only help you create a home gym that you love but also one that’s a little bit different to the norm.

Take inspiration from Allie’s football-themed gym in her home. Not only has she used a football mural, but she has also used Astroturf to create a home gym that looks just like an indoor football pitch! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this out of the ordinary home gym takes the focus away from weight training and places emphasis on the sport itself. This is great if you’re not into gym-style training sessions!

Funky décor home gym idea

Funky and colourful graffiti style home gym ideas

Mural in photo: Graffiti Art Urban Green

One of the reasons why you would choose to have a home gym is so that you can decorate it however you want! So, who’s to say you can’t have all the colour and funky design you want in your exercise space? Inject some creative design into your home gym with a statement like this graffiti mural. Opting for a quirky, playful and colourful design in your home gym will help keep your energy up throughout your workouts as well as your mood.

Multifunctional home gym ideas

Multi functional home gym idea in bedroom

If you’re stretched for space, create a multifunctional gym space in your home. Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t need to have a dedicated room for your gym at home. You can turn any room into a gym, be that your spare bedroom, office, living room or even your kitchen and you don’t need to change much to do so!

The only limitation is how much gym equipment you can have. If you think cleverly about layout this shouldn’t be a drawback in terms of how good your workout can be! Maybe the space at the bottom of your bed could fit a set of weights? Or maybe you have room on your landing for an exercise bike? Even your garage can be turned into a gym when your car isn’t parked there! Look at your home and think about what works best for you.

Home gym ideas that bring the outdoors in

Ski inspired home gym ideas with snowy wallpaper

Mural in photo: Mountain wallpaper from our extended range

It has been proven that there are many benefits to exercising outdoors. From boosting your mental health to relieving stress, it's a great way to work out, but what if that isn’t possible? Bringing the outdoors in has been a popular interior trend over the past year and this means in gyms as well! From snowy mountains to woodland scenes, installing an outdoor themed wallpaper in your home gym is a great way to get the benefits of exercising outdoors when you may not be able to.

Home gym must-haves

Now let’s talk about home gym must-haves. These 3 simple things will get you started with creating a home gym easily!


Bright Mirrored Home Gym ideas

Mirrored walls are a great way to make a small space look a lot larger. Not only that, but they will really brighten up the space, reflecting light off every surface. Having a bright home gym is a must-have if you want to stay motivated and keep your energy levels high.

Clever storage

If like many you’re stuck for space, then you need to think carefully about how you’re going to store your equipment. Having smart storage is crucial for creating a successful workout space. Ideal for home gyms with limited space, choosing raised wall shelves is going to be a great option. These are useful for storing your weights, yoga mats and towels. This will ensure you are completely utilizing every area of the room, without taking away any floor space.


Wine and cheese decorated home gym ideas

Murals in photo: Cheese and Wine & Panorama Collinare con Vigneti

Make your home gym fun! No one wants a dull, boring interior, so have fun with your décor choices. Opt for a bright wallpaper mural to add a strong statement to your gym, or pick out some colourful paint. Even colourful gym equipment will ensure your space is inviting and most importantly motivational. If your mood is good, your workout will be even better!

Are you ready to get exercising in your own home gym? Which one inspires you’re the most?

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Afton Jackson


Dedicating a home gym to the theme of my favorite sport definitely sounds like a great source of motivation. I've always loved basketball, so getting in shape to enjoy the sport I love the most would be a great source of inspiration for me to constantly give it my all. Once I have a room decorated like that, I'll pick up some essentials from a gym equipment and goods store for sure.

Sophie Hansen


The website you have on home gym ideas is quite interesting and useful! The insights and creative recommendations make it simple to conceive and design the ideal training room at home. Thank you for providing such useful insights!

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