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rusty old concrete wall mural in modern grey lounge

21/07/2020   POSTED BY

10 Grey Interior Design Ideas You Can't Miss

For the last ten years, grey interior design has bossed the world of interiors. For so long, magnolia ruled the roost. Not anymore. Grey is confidently our home’s number 1 colour choice and it’s not hard to understand why. Grey appeals to so many different tastes, trends and is loved by all generations. It offers soothing tones that blend beautifully in every room and can be easily paired with a range of colours and patterns.

We can confidently say that grey has moved away from the stereotype of dull and cold. It has been transformed into a trend that is loved by all. So, if you’re excited to update your current home with grey interior design, we have 10 juicy ideas that you can't miss!

1. Want to know what colour goes with grey? Pink!

grey illustrated vintage peacock wallpaper in grey and pink bedroom

Mural in photo: Peacocks Clan 4

Of course, pink isn’t the only option when it comes to grey interior design, but it certainly is one of our favourite choices! Not only are grey and blush pink bedrooms our idea of heaven, but a pink and grey living room also works wonders.

One of the beauties of adorning your home with a grey colour scheme is that it is so versatile, interchangeable and cheap. Once you’ve created a grey-based room, you can change the second colour whenever you want to give the room a makeover. For instance, the pink blanket and pillows in this luxurious bedroom can easily be swapped for another shade, such as blue or green. By simply changing a few items, you can completely achieve a new look without any mess or paying too much money! Alternatively, you could achieve the perfect dusty pink and charcoal colour scheme by opting for a beautiful pink and grey wallpaper!

2. Warm-up grey interior design with luxurious metallics

Silver and Black Bedroom

Image source: Blog.buyerselect.com via Pinterest

For a decadent touch, add gold and silver metallic items into your grey room. We adore the carefully chosen gold and silver items in this beautiful master bedroom. The gold pillows, bedside mirror, gold-painted wall and lamp add a rich warmth into the room. They also beautifully balance with the silver scatter cushions, renaissance style mirror and luxurious crystal chandelier.

grey, gold and white abstract wallpaper in grey lounge

Mural in photo: Horizon wallpaper

If you’re looking for a gold and grey wallpaper, you must see our Elisabeth Fredriksson collection, such as this beautiful Horizon wall mural. Although the gold does not have a metallic shine, the impact is none-the-less magnificent.

3. Meet greige – where beige meets grey!


If you’re someone who loves the idea of a grey home but wants a shade that is a touch warmer, then greige is your answer. A mix of beige and grey, greige is warm yet sleek.

An alternative take to grey interior design, a nutty shade of greige looks fabulous with grey room accessories. It also really pops when paired with white items such as the dining set and picture frames in this gorgeous, Scandi style dining room.

4. Bring grey interior design to life with white ceilings and trim


There is something undeniably traditional and classic about grey walls with crisp white ceilings and trim. Perfect for a white and grey bedroom, lounge or even hallway, grey and white rooms are utterly charming and will make any space look stylish.

If you are aiming for a bright room, we recommend choosing a light shade of grey, such as in the hallway above. This will allow the white to really brighten up the room. If you want more of a daring look, choose a dark shade of grey. This will make the white trim pop from the wall and create even more of a clean and crisp look.

5. Enjoy grey and yellow living room ideas

ochre and grey watercolour flower wallpaper in grey living room

Mural in photo: Transparent Gold

Grey and ochre living rooms have been a top favourite in recent years and they are still going strong! It's a great option if you are keen to add some colour to your grey interior design.

A grey and mustard living room is easy to achieve if you have a fabulous designer mural such as this Transparent Gold wallpaper by Carol Robinson. Once you install a piece of art like this, the rest of the room's decor will follow. Find ochre cushions and a set of curtains in the same shade as well as a sofa that mirrors the watercolour shades of smokey grey.

6. Choose grey décor: it’s not just about the walls

grey bedroom

Image source: Beauty in a White Coat via Pinterest

Painting the walls grey and installing a grey wall mural aren’t your only answers. Instead, opt for a beautiful collection of grey room accessories that will alone add grey accents throughout the room.

This means you don’t always have to get your decorating clothes on! Instead, a grey blind, headboard and scatter cushions can make all the difference in a grey themed bedroom.

7. Feel serene in a green and grey living room

misty forest wallpaper in trendy grey and green living room

Mural in photo: Misty Mountain Landscape

Yes, pink and mustard have been excellent choices when paired with grey. Yet now, green and grey interior design has also become a huge contender. People are going mad for green and grey bedrooms and lounges that relish in deep forest tones.

We adore this grey and green living room adorned with our gorgeous Misty Mountain Landscape wallpaper. The deep green-grey sofa mirrors the greens of the misty forest trees and the charcoal throw, cushions and plant pot are subtle grey additions to this sanctuary space.

8. Embrace dark grey walls for a dramatic look


Modern colour schemes tend to take on darker, more dramatic colours in the home and when it comes to grey, there is no exception. Rich charcoals and near-blacks are often chosen rather than paler tones. When combined with crisp white trim, these luxurious dark tones are ever-more beautiful.

When embracing dark grey walls, you can have fun adding sparks of bright colour in your choice of décor. Burnt orange, ochre and golds add warmth as well as light into a dark grey walled room.

Another factor to remember when it comes to dark grey walls is to make sure the room is full of natural light and scattered with warm, yellow bulb lighting. This will take away any feelings of cold and will brighten up the room.

9. Be indulgent with a luxurious grey marble wallpaper

pale grey marble in blue modern living room

Mural in photo: Light Grey Marble

Indulgent, luxurious and decadent: grey marble wallpaper is the sumptuous option for embracing grey walls in the home. These smoky-shaded marbles not only come in light tones but in a range of beautifully-coloured marble wallpapers. From near-black coal shades, blue-tinted greys and off-whites, marble wallpaper offers a versatile range to suit all spaces and tastes.

We also love the colour combination in this grey and blue living room. The different shades of navy, sky-blue and powder-blue contrast perfectly with this stunning marble feature wall.

If you really want to up your game and transform your home into utter style and class, take a look at our dazzling art deco wallpapers. This hand-selected collection of grey wall murals mixed with marbles and gold colours, ooze the splendour of the 1920s/30s – very Great Gatsby!

10. Want unique grey living room inspiration? Go industrial

old concrete with orange rust wall mural in stylish grey living room

Mural in photo: Aged Concrete

If you’re aiming for a very on-trend space, opt for the industrial look. Not only does it celebrate grey interior design, but this popular style transforms any type of room. Instead of scraping off your wallpaper and physically creating a rough concrete effect on your walls, choose the easy option: a raw concrete wallpaper.

Have we inspired you with our 10 grey interior design ideas? If you have any more tips for us, we’d LOVE to know. Just leave us a comment below! Or if you’re wanting more, why not take a look at our stylish grey wallpaper collection?

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Wow, Grey interior design its look so classy. with scatter cushion is nice. thank you for sharing this interior design ideas with us.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello H.G. Bava! Thank you for your comment! Yes, grey interior design is a classic look and cushions are a great way to introduce a new colour into a room.

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