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Howard Robinson's cottage wall mural collection offers a range of beautiful, colourful and traditional English country cottages as feature wall art. Each mural offers an idyllic cottage or farmhouse setting and evokes feelings of peace, tranquility and calm through their use of beautiful colour and accompanying flora and forna. 

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Delphinium Cottage wallpaper mural
Delphinium CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Fishermans cottage wallpaper mural
Fishermans cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Foxglove cottage mural wallpaper
Foxglove cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Lakeland cottage wall mural
Lakeland cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Paris wall mural
Paris Price from: 401 kr/m2
Peony Cottage wall mural
Peony CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
River cottage mural wallpaper
River cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Rose cottage wallpaper mural
Rose cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Sedum Cottage mural wallpaper
Sedum CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Swan cottage wall mural
Swan cottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Tulip Cottage mural wallpaper
Tulip CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2
Wisteria Cottage wallpaper mural
Wisteria CottagePrice from: 401 kr/m2


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12 MuralsPage: 1 of 1
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