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Terrazzo Wallpaper

Terrazzo Wallpaper

Terrazzo Wall Murals

If you want to achieve an alternative marble look, embrace your home with a beautiful terrazzo wallpaper. Like colourful gems scattered across a page, these beautiful chipped marble designs will bring a unique style to your home. Traditional terrazzo is over 500 years old and is made by mixing marble chippings and stone scraps with concrete. But no longer is it limited to stone. You can buy it printed onto everything! Bed covers, lampshades, laminated flooring but most importantly, wallpaper murals!

The beauty of terrazzo is that it comes in a range of stunning colours. You're sure to find the perfect design to match your colour scheme. So, if you want the perfect mix of luxury and modernity, choose a gorgeous terrazzo wall mural. Available to be printed on a range of quality wallpapers in the dimensions of your choice.

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30 Terrazzo Wallpaper Designs

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Terrazzo Murals

A celebration of colour and pattern, terrazzo wallpaper is ready to take the world of interior design by storm.

It’s not difficult to understand why terrazzo means terrace in Italian. This uniquely styled flooring would look at home on a sun-dappled Italian terrace, underneath a fragrant pergola of grapevines...

But recently, it has re-emerged in a sexier, more colourful and stylish way. Instead of belittling these new, fashionable terrazzo designs solely to the floor, designers are giving them the respect they deserve. Now, we are seeing bathroom fittings, duvet covers, lampshades, notepads, even pencil cases! So, if you want to really make a style statement, choose a terrazzo wall mural.

We have such an exciting range for you to feast your eyes on. See chips of pastel pinks and greys, vibrant oranges and creams, even dark sultry patterns.

But how do you find decor to suit your new terrazzo wallpaper? Well, keep furniture simple and subtle. Choose shades that are used in your pebble-dashed mural and set your décor around this selection of colours. If you have a brown, black and white terrazzo wallpaper, choose natural wood furniture, wicker baskets and lampshades. Paint the surrounding walls with white paint and add a few black metallic lamps.

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