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26/06/2017   POSTED BY

Space Wallpaper To Take Your Room To Another Galaxy

Space wallpaper isn’t just for kids, adults love it too! Often associated with children’s bedrooms, it can be childish and inappropriate for adult rooms. For the grown-ups who are intrigued by further galaxies, we’ve a vast range of space wallpapers. From swirling nebula wall murals to fascinating astronaut murals, there are plenty of exciting images to adorn your walls in our collection.

Whether you’re looking to transform your office or living room, here are five grown up looks to achieve with space wallpaper.


Space Wallpaper from NASA

Thanks to official NASA imagery, space wallpaper can’t get more real than this! This 82-piece collection features breathtaking images that will take your décor to a whole new world. From decorative nebulas to zoos of galaxies this extraordinary collection is perfect for the enthusiast.

These images are just a glimpse into our NASA space wallpaper. They add real impact to any room when installed to the full size of a wall. The NASA wallpaper collection hosts a variety of colours and themes to make sure there’s something for everyone.



Starry Nights Skies

As you may have read in our ‘Decorating Awkward Rooms’ post, ceilings don’t have to be boring! So why not install your space wallpaper onto your ceiling for a starry night sky look.


Starry wallpaper can work in any style of room. From traditional living rooms to bachelor bedrooms, wallpaper with stars will create a real focal point.

For loft bedrooms, it may be an idea to cover all angled ceiling in starry space wallpaper to create a cosy snug.




Space Wallpaper for the Wannabe Astronaut

You’re never too old to have dreams! For the wannabe astronauts, we have just the space wallpaper for you. Specially selected from a range of sources, including our NASA wallpaper collection, we have a vast range of fascinating astronaut wallpapers.


Capturing real-life astronauts in action, these incredible space wallpapers will add character and create that focal point.



Create a View from Above

Want to be a big kid and act as though your floating around your room as an astronaut? Or simply want a stunning view? Create a view from above with wallpaper capturing planets, rockets and observatories. 


Ideal for masculine rooms, this style of space wallpaper is great for adding another dimension to your room.


Want to see more? Head to our full collection of space wallpaper and choose your perfect image.


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