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wolf peeping over fallen tree in forest wallpaper in trendy bedroom

23/04/2020   POSTED BY

Wildlife Wallpaper to Shake off That Cabin Fever

More than ever we are finding ourselves indoors. The closest we get to wildlife is either the pet dog, Mr Bubbles the hamster or your sugar-filled, raging toddler… But if you’re someone who loves animals and the great outdoors, it’s so important to have a sense of nature in your home to alleviate stress and wind down after a difficult day.

And what a roarsome selection we have! Wolves and elephants and horses – oh my! From sunset safari scenes adorned with near-extinct creatures, secret woodlands where wolves roam or even expansive oceans showcasing some of the world’s largest beings. Our wild animal wallpapers will really make you walk on the wild side of life!

If you want to break down those four walls and release yourself into the wild, scroll down to pounce on the purrrr-fect wildlife wallpaper to shake off that cabin fever!

Survive the rugged plains of Africa with a safari wallpaper!

two elephants walking in dry landscape under sunset sky wall mural in stylish master bedroom

If you are anything like me, I have ALWAYS wanted to go on a safari - to sit in a buggy wearing khakis and sporting a pair of binoculars, waiting with bated breath to spot a crash of rhinos, a bloat of hippos or a herd of buffalo. We have murals adorned with majestic elephants trudging along sunset landscapes. Gape at elegant giraffes reaching to rip leaves from the top branches. Or yawn with relaxing lions as they rest amongst the dry grasses of the Savannah! We certainly have a wide range of African wildlife wallpaper to make you feel like you’re bringing the outdoors in.

We adore this beautiful Elephants at Dusk wall mural and the natural choice of wooden furniture and green plants in this master bedroom. They really reflect the wildlife feel of the elephant wallpaper and add to the nature-infused, calming ambience of the room - perfect for a restful night’s sleep. In the morning, all you’d need to do is put The Circle of Life on full volume and get ready for a brand-new day! To bring more of a wild safari feel into the home, why not add some safari themed décor?

Dive under the sea with an ocean wildlife wallpaper

underneath whales swimming sealife wallpaper in large and trendy bedroom

Get your goggles and snorkel ready! It’s time to dip, dive and tread that water with a stunning sea life wallpaper! You will love what we have in store for you. We aren’t squidding around!

There really isn’t anything as calming and serene as witnessing ocean wildlife. As well as exotic aquarium murals, we have a wide range of sea creature wallpapers that are ready to swim across your walls!

This calming Humpback Whales and Diver wallpaper is one of our most serene sea life wallpapers. The light filtering through the graceful silhouettes of the whales is utterly mesmerising. You can already feel the stress escaping your body…

tropical fish wall mural in white decor nursery wallpaper

Like most wildlife wallpaper, ocean life wall murals are perfect for all living spaces - great for a master bedroom or even your baby’s nursery!

How fabulous does this calming Photo of a Coral Colony wallpaper look in our customer’s home? By choosing white furniture and walls, they have really made their aquarium signature wall stand out in their baby’s bedroom.

Animal wallpaper for a vet-in-training!

colourful and detailed illustration of safari wildlife wallpaper in stylish nursery

We love our children, but sometimes they just giraffe you crazy! To keep them busy and encourage their love for all things animal-related, you need to get your claws into a children's animal wallpaper!

You can definitely imagine getting plenty of use out of this Waterhole wallpaper. Be prepared for endless games of ‘I Spy’!

friendly african animals taking a selfie wallpaper in colourful child's bedroom

This quirky and adorable Africa Selfie wallpaper looks amazing in customer Tina’s home. Designed by Howard Robinson, not only does he make selfies of safari animals, but of all sorts of adorable creatures! From pets with cheesy grins and even farm animals who have come out to say hello!

Perfect for any animal lover, our cute animal wallpaper will undoubtedly have them playing vets with their teddy bears in no time!

Henri Rousseau tropical jungle with monkey painting wallpaper in cool child's bedroom

Maybe our cartoon style animal wall murals aren't for you? Well, we absolutely love how another one of our customers chose this  Exotic Landscape, 1910 wallpaper for their child’s bedroom. We think their artificial animal head wall mounts are great wildlife room accessories. They work wonderfully with this Henri Rousseau work of art.

You will absolutely gal-lap up these wild horse wall murals!

herd of brown wild horses leaping in air in tan and cream lounge

Beautiful horse wallpaper is mag-neigh-ficent and often wins the race when it comes to our customers’ homes. Not only great for equine lovers, but horse visuals are appreciated by many - there is something especially freeing about seeing wild horses fly across remote terrains.

The powerful beasts leaping into the air in our Jumping Bay Horses wall mural are striking. Perfectly placed above this brown tan leather sofa, there is certainly a wild west ranch feel to this room.

black and white image of horses running on a beach wallpaper in stylish lounge

For a completely different horse wallpaper, choose this dreamy Horses Black & White wall mural. The décor in this room completely complements this white horse mural. The white and grey accessories mirror the tones in the design whilst the touches of green from the plants, armchair and cushion add an earthy splash of colour into the room.

Wolf wildlife wallpaper that is far from big and bad

white wolf peering through fallen tree branches in woodland wallpaper in stylish bedroom

Not only do wolf wallpapers make beautiful wildlife feature walls, but the symbol of a wolf is very positive. They represent loyalty, guardianship and spirit. Because they can quickly make emotional attachments, they trust their own instincts, helping us to do the same.

We think that this Say Cheese Mr Wolf wall mural looks fantastic in this trendy bedroom. Not only stunning, but this beautiful wolf wallpaper brings a sense of natural grounding to the earth.

wolf stood in snow wall mural in black and white lounge with dogs led on black leather sofa

Our wolf designs are certainly some of our customers’ favourite animal wallpapers. We absolutely love this snowy Timber Wolf wall mural in our customer’s living room. Or should we say their dogs' living room? This wildlife wallpaper is an ideal fit with the off-white painted walls, grey rug and black leather sofa.

If you have some tips on how to get closer to your wild side in your interior design, then please leave a comment below!

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