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Neutral coastal grandaughter inspired bedroom with white bed sheets and a beach wall mural

26/10/2022   POSTED BY

The Coastal Granddaughter Trend is Beach Beautiful

If you’re intrigued about the Coastal Granddaughter trend, you’ve come to the right place. We know that one of the simplest ways to update your home is to use the latest trends to guide you when it comes to switching out colours and textures that make up your home’s aesthetic. So, let us deconstruct this latest home décor trend that is making a splash on TikTok and show you how you can embrace it. Read on to discover why the Coastal Granddaughter trend is making such an impact on the home décor scene and how to incorporate this trend into your home.

What Exactly is the Coastal Granddaughter Aesthetic?

Front of a coastal granddaughter inspired house which has a white balcony and blue hydrangeas

Image Source: quintessenceblog.com via Pinterest

The most important concept when it comes to the Coastal Granddaughter trend is that it isn’t a particular genre of décor, nor does it involve a certain style of lamp or coaster. The trend reflects a lifestyle that includes everything from what a Coastal Granddaughter might wear, to where she might live and what she might spend their evenings doing. A Coastal Granddaughter is feminine and chic, yet low-key and stylish. So how does this translate to home décor? Quite simply, it means chic and classy vibes with trendy beachy accents and a hint of nautical themes.

How Does this Trend Differ from Coastal Grandmother?

If you haven’t heard of the Coastal Granddaughter trend, you may have heard of its ancestor, the Coastal Grandmother trend. Inspired by Nancy Meyers movies and coined by influencer Lex Nicoleta, this trend embodies the lifestyle portrayed by characters in the movies she has directed. The trend reflects everything from what the characters wear, the houses they live in and of course the signature character traits they all have. The Coastal Grandmother aesthetic is wholesome, chic yet laid back, timeless yet preppy and always effortlessly well put together.

The Coastal Granddaughter aesthetic is a younger, cuter and slightly less polished vibe but no less wholesome. If the Coastal Grandmother is wearing a cashmere sweater to protect her from the chill of the sea air as she enjoys a cold glass of Chardonnay on her cosy porch, the Coastal Granddaughter is throwing on her oversized blue and white striped linen shirt enjoying her morning coffee in a cosy reading nook with a Taylor Swift soundtrack playing on repeat. Now it's time to learn how to tap into the Coastal Granddaughter trend...

Evoke a Clean and Classic Aesthetic

White coastal inspired bedroom with white bed sheets and a white wood panel wallpaper

Mural in the picture: White Wood Wall

A Coastal Granddaughter-inspired home is bright and airy. Think white walls and bleached wood floors complimented by neutral soft furnishings accessorised with linen fabrics and knitted textures. The trend is all about minimal décor that’s luxurious yet comfortable at the same time. Our white wood wall mural is the perfect backdrop for a Coastal Granddaughter's bedroom or guest room. Don’t forget to add floaty linen drapes and a jute rug.

Collate Coastal Blues

Image Source: citrineliving.com via Pinterest

The Coastal Granddaughter aesthetic is brimming with beach house vibes and the great news is you don’t have to live by the sea to re-recreate it. You can get the look in your own home by experimenting with the signature coastal colour palette which is muted blues, off-whites, stone, seafoam green and beige. The colour palette in most beach houses reflects the environment so shades that conjures up images of the sea and sand are key here.

Ooze East Coast Chic

Low bed with grey and white bedsheets in front of a beach themed wallpaper

Mural in the picture: Windswept Beach Boardwalk

One of the main influences when it comes to this décor trend is the East Coast of America. States such as Nantucket, Rhode Island, Cape Cod and The Hamptons all reflect the laid-back but well-polished vibe that is central to this trend. If you don’t want to spend a fortune recreating this trend in your own home, making the most of your wall space with our Windswept wall mural is an easy way to tap into the trend.

Navigate Nautical References

Living room with a light grey couch with a light blue chevron wallpaper

Mural in Picture: Seamless Pastel Blue Chevron

Sticking with the subtle yet classic coastal references, we couldn’t mention the Coastal Granddaughter style without focusing on stripes. Cushions, throws and scatter pillows are an easy way to experiment with stripes in a subtle fashion. Alternatively, utilize your wall space with our pastel blue chevron stripe wall mural.

Punctuate your Space with Pastels

Bedroom with white bedsheets and a wicker rug with a pink floral wallpaper

Mural in the picture: Tapestry Rose Floral

While the Coastal Granddaughter trend boasts a signature neutral and elegantly plain aesthetic, pretty pastel shades and funky florals creep in here and there. Romantic rose designs, retro gingham patterns and nautical stripes can add an authentic feel. When designing your Coastal Granddaughter-themed room, combine neutral fabrics in the form of jute rugs and wicker baskets with pastel pink linen throws and blue and white floral bedding and blankets.

Roll with Rustic Accessories

White and light blue bedroom with white bed sheets and light blue walls

Image Source: serenaandlily.com via Pinterest

In order to incorporate this trend into your home, it’s wise to avoid loud and brash-coloured accessories and instead stick to muted hues to create the low-key, laid-back vibe you want to create. Rope accents, sea glass and drift help to create the coastal beachy aesthetic. A jute headboard can really help to tie in the theme. Fresh flowers in stone vases and vessels add the perfect finishing touch. Wicker or bamboo storage adds an equally on-trend vibe.

Let us talk you through the key takeaways of this new interior trend:

Keep it Cute and Curated
This trend is all about a clean and minimalistic aesthetic but it’s also trendy and modern. The overall aesthetic is relaxed yet put together which you can create using soft furnishings and accessories like pastel-coloured linen bedding or curtains that have that elegant yet relaxed and lived-in texture.

Luxurious Yet Low Key
There is nothing glamourous about this trend, it’s cosy, comfortable and paired back. The Coastal Granddaughter has a killer skincare routine with minimal makeup so it makes sense that her living environment would be equally as fresh, youthful and feminine.

Vintage Florals Throughout
You can inject instant Coastal Granddaughter vibes into your interiors by dotting vintage floral prints throughout your space. Think blue and white Chinoiserie ceramics and vases of blue and white hydrangeas placed thoughtfully in key rooms.

Are you considering enhancing your home with the Coastal Granddaughter trend into your interiors? Let us know in the comments below!

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Samantha Watson


Really would like a catalogue of the beach murel s ..hope to us one for my bedroom this year.

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Samantha, to see our range of beautiful beach murals you can follow this link to our Beach Mural page; https://www.wallsauce.com/wall-murals-wallpaper/beach-wallpaper  - we don't have a catalogue, but all our designs are available to view on our website!

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