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cloudy blue sky and golden yellow wheat field wallpaper in mustard lounge

11/01/2022   POSTED BY

Scenery Wallpaper to Inspire You in 2022

A deserted beach, a forbidden forest, or a spring meadow blooming with colour. Wherever you want to escape to, we can show you a wallpaper design that sets the scene in your home. Scenery wallpaper is a major trend in 2022 and there’s a big focus on bringing the outdoors in.

Using scenic wallpaper murals is an easy way of creating instantaneous escapism and doesn’t cost your imagination too much in return. It provides the setting, creates the mood and leaves the rest to you. Whether you want calming and relaxing, exciting and inspiring, or an explosion of colour, a scenic mural can be the perfect makeover trick for any outdated space.

Here are some of our favourite scenic wallpaper styles to inspire your next project!

Wallpapers with beautiful forest views

lakeside in the evening wallpaper in simple bedroom with light blue bedding

Mural in photo: A New Day in the Forest

There’s nothing like a forest view to remind us of the world’s beauty. In a time of recovery, after a couple of challenging years, our souls need to be soothed. This mural, titled A New Day in the Forest is a great way to get the year off to a fine start. If your goal is to have a more positive mind set and focus on wellbeing in 2022, scenic murals like this can be just the ticket.

Scenic murals that depict the morning sun do wonders for energy too, helping you start each day with a renewed heart and fresh approach. Making it ideal for bedrooms or even shared spaces in the home, such as the living room.

Murals that capture the calm of daybreak

purple tinted misty lake and mountains wallpaper in sleek office meeting room

Mural in photo: Sunrise at the Lake

Are you an early bird or night owl? If you’re the former, you’ll know that the best thing about waking up before anything else is the calm and quiet of the morning. The crack of dawn is an untarnished hour. The world is all yours and it hasn’t been touched by anyone else. This Sunrise at the Lake photo mural captures this wonderful morning feeling, giving you the gift of time at any point in the day.

If you’re looking for emotive scenery wallpaper, sunrise or sunset photo wallpapers are a fantastic option. The warming colours are also extremely comforting, instantly turning a cold room into a cosy nest.

Beach scenery wallpaper for sun lovers

scenery wallpaper with beach and sunny sky wallpaper in stylish bathroom

Mural in photo: Sea and Tranquillity

Sun worshippers will find solace in this beautiful mural titled Sea and Sand Tranquillity. Very aptly named, this wallpaper is all about creating a calming atmosphere in the home. That’s why it’s ideal for master bedrooms or guest bedrooms, places where people like to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

There’s evidence to suggest that the sea is actually good for our health too. According to research, ocean waves release negative ions which are absorbed by our bodies, encouraging oxygen absorption and regulating serotonin. So if you’ve ever wondered why you’re less anxious when you’re at the beach, there’s your answer.

Colourful flower field wall murals

red poppy field wallpaper in living room with grey chair and sheep skin cushion

Mural in photo: Red Poppy Sunrise

While blue is the colour of calm and stress relief, brighter and warmer colours do wonders for your mood. Yellow, orange, pink or red are colours that can seriously elevate happiness. According to lots of interior design colour psychology experts, the brighter the colour, the more content and optimistic we are.

This glorious Red Poppy Sunrise scenery wallpaper is bright, warm and all-enveloping. A bit like a comforting hug at the end of the tough day, or a hot cup of tea with a friend. Poppies symbolise a lot of different things, including peace, restful sleep, dreams, imagination, luxury – and of course, the wonder of spring and summer.

Japanese garden scenery for total zen

japanese pond scenery wallpaper in seating area with lots of green plants

Mural in photo: Beautiful Japanese Garden

There have been numerous studies on gardening and the benefits to mental and physical health. For those who hate to get their hands dirty, just having a garden to look at can make you feel amazing. The sight of nature helps your brain destress, refocus and restore itself to a natural, healthy state.

If you don’t have a garden (or you suck at upkeep), this Beautiful Japanese Garden mural could do the trick. Zen gardens were first designed to help Buddhist monks meditate and relax, so there is no better landscape for tranquillity than a Japanese garden.

Trendy desert cactus scenery wallpaper

orange bedding in wooden decor room with dessert scenery wallpaper

Mural in photo: Cowboy Landscape

Have you seen the cactus wallpaper trend consuming the interior world right now? Succulents and cacti seem to have taken over the internet by storm in recent years and they’ve injected a lot of fun into home design schemes.

This prickly plant is one of the most charming plants to own. In Native American cultures, it is often believed that the gift of a cactus symbolises warmth, protection and motherly love. This is because the tough cactus plant is able to survive the harshest conditions – and is therefore as enduring as maternal love. Do you want to be part of the cactus trend?

Scenic wallpaper with gushing waterfalls

red leafed trees and calming waterfall wallpaper in minimalist dining room

Mural in photo: Heo Suwat Waterfall

This mural features Heo Suwat Waterfall in Thailand’s Nakhon Ratchasima Province, and it’s the ultimate escapism for those who love to travel and explore new places. We also love waterfall wallpapers as a theme for home interiors. Water is known to soothe and calm us and furthermore, waterfalls can boost brain health.

According to Pierce Howard, author of ‘The Owner's Manual for the Brain: Everyday Applications from Mind-Brain Research’, waterfalls make people feel good due to the negative ions hitting their bloodstream. This can create biochemical reactions, combating depression and stress.

But you don’t even need to experience a waterfall in person to get the benefits. Simply looking at water can increase neurochemicals in your brain, boosting blood flow to the brain and heart and therefore inducing relaxation.

Blue sky wallpaper for powerful motivation

golden wheatfield wallpaper in lounge with mustard orange chair

Mural in photo: Wheat Field

Could a blue sky wallpaper promote blue sky thinking? Perhaps. This calming Wheat Field wallpaper certainly has a spirited vibe and almost acts as a blank canvas for imagination and reflection. We love this mural because it gives the suggestion that anything is possible. The wheat field is your oyster… now that’s plenty of food for thought.

Plus, it’s no secret that sunny, clear skies lift our mood. Or maybe it’s all in the colour? Research conducted at the University of Sussex revealed that people who exposed themselves to the colour blue showed increased levels of self-confidence and were able to reduce stress and boost their happiness. Time to stock up on blue paint and blue wall coverings, we say!

Do you love natural scenery murals as much as we do? Let us know your favourite scenic wallpapers and whether you’d have them in your home…

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