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ornate blue and white tile wallpaper in trendy lounge

27/03/2020   POSTED BY

Navy Wallpaper is the Biggest Colour Trend in Interior Design

A colour that has confidently held its position throughout the years in all aspects of design, navy is utterly timeless and classic. So it’s no surprise to discover that navy blue is currently one of the hottest colours in interior design right now.

We are seeing the re-emergence of contrasting whites and deep blues that ooze the style and sophistication of stately homes. Not forgetting dark, moody navy walls that have emerged from our new-found-love for dark, dramatic feature walls.

Up there with floral wall murals, navy wallpaper is totally current but has the added bonus of longevity. Read on to discover our favourite navy wallpaper designs to add class and style to your home.

White and navy wallpaper for light and airy spaces

printed blue and white vintage wallpaper in grey lounge

To me, navy and white is the perfect colour combination for interiors. Not only does the contrast of the dark blue and bright white look sharp and elegant, but this tasteful blend is appealing to the whole family. It is neither too masculine nor too feminine and can be easily paired with your current décor. That is why it's a great idea to have a navy living room. That way the most communal area in your home is liked by everyone! 

Interior Design Expert and Architect, Colin Haentjens, recommends a white and navy wallpaper if you have a large wall area.

For large expanses of wall in a living room, only use navy-blue in a mural or pattern wallpaper that has lighter colors mixed in; otherwise the navy-blue will feel oppressive due to its heavy "weight".

Take this beautiful Blue Vintage wallpaper. It definitely isn’t overbearing. In fact, this stunning living room looks light and airy. We absolutely love how old meets new in the choice of furniture chosen to go with this antique style wall mural. The pastel grey Scandi sofa and armchair work excellently with the navy wallpaper. The touches of white through the lamp, coffee table and ornaments are a gentle nod to the white tones used in the design. Beautiful!

Dark marble feature walls for a modern twist

inky blue marble mural in large modern living room

To be totally on-trend , choose a marble wallpaper. It is often difficult to find a marble in such a stunning shade of navy. That’s why this gorgeous Dark Blue Marble wallpaper is perfect!

Often, dark walls can be overbearing but the pale blue lines channelling through this decadent marble break up the darker tones.

We also love the versatility of this marble wallpaper. It can be installed in any room, paired with any type of décor and it would still be the main focal point of the room.

Personally, when I think of marble, I imagine ancient Greek temples scattered with huge marble pillars. Or, I picture rustic French chapels with walls completely adorned in rich and luxurious swirls of marble. But this beautiful living room has taken a twist on traditional views of marble. It is utterly modern, showing how much marble has endured the test of time! So you needn't worry about this navy wallpaper quickly becoming out of date!

Did you know that darker shades of blue symbolise wisdom and truth? So if you’re thinking of updating your home office, a navy wall mural is your answer to productivity and success!

Designer mountain landscapes to transport you to dreamland

mixed marble and blue abstract mountain wall mural in child's bedroom

If you’re looking for fabulous blue wallpaper, but can’t decide which shade to embrace, then this Star Lake wall mural is for you!

This mountain wallpaper is an absolute celebration of pattern and colour. This year is all about breaking the rules and mixing patterns and our designers, SpaceFrog, are doing exactly that! From rich, dark shades to teals, turquoises and bluey-greys. Not forgetting the cocktail of marbles blended with shards of gold and the froth of white clouds!

Another navy wallpaper, perfect for all members of the family, is this on-trend mountain wallpaper. Whether you install it in your baby’s nursery or even your master bedroom, it will fit the bill!

If installed in a bedroom, embrace white duvet covers to mirror the moon and clouds. Have touches of navy dotted around the room by adding décor such as navy curtains or scatter cushions. Don’t forget to celebrate those gold-effect trees with golden lamps or candle holders!

You’ll be over the moon with this navy wallpaper!

navy blue night sky with moon wallpaper in teenager's bedroom

As the Pantone Colour of the Year, navy blue is emerging in every room of the home – even in your teenager’s den. How good does this versatile Star Studded Moon Galaxy wallpaper look in this adolescent's bedroom?

If your child is absolutely obsessed with Sci-Fi film or gaming, then this relaxing moon wallpaper is a definite nod to their passion. At the same time, it won't give you a headache every time you come in to get their dirty laundry!

Although this dreamy space wallpaper looks amazing in this teenager's bedroom, it would also make an excellent feature wall for a master bedroom. Just imagine a white headboard placed against the mural and white bedside tables placed on either side. Place navy scatter cushions above the pillows and paint the surrounding walls in white. Picture how serene and tranquil you will feel with this moon wall mural glowing above your head as you drift off to sleep...

Gold and navy wallpaper for decadence

illustrated peacocks wearing crowns wall mural in boho style bedroom

As well as looking stunning paired with white, navy is really brought to life when mixed with gold. One of our most popular navy and gold wallpapers is our stylish Fantastic Peacock Kings mural designed by Andrea Haase.

There are many benefits to navy and gold wallpaper. Not only will it add instant decadence and class to your home but it is great fun to decorate with! We recommend luxurious deep-blue velvet fabrics combined with gold lighting and furnishings to make the gold-effect in the mural pop! Colin Haentjens also thinks that light, bright tones suit navy.

Because of navy-blue's heavy saturation and dark shade, it is a dominant color. Rather than fight this, it's better to embrace it and use less saturated, lighter colors around it. Whites are a common pairing, but don't be afraid to use colors like pastels, especially yellows and reds.

As well as opting for a few gold ornaments, this homeowner has chosen mustard yellow to bring her navy lounge to life!


Botanical navy wallpaper to create a serene master bedroom

blue floral watercolour wallpaper in sophisticated master bedroom

Do you love the idea of a navy feature wall but are scared of dramatic, dark tones? Then this beyond pretty Indigo Garden 2 wallpaper will add a light and free ambience to your master bedroom. The gorgeous watercolour effect and pastel tones are soothing to the eye. Not only this, but the style creates an artistic feature wall without taking over the entire room.

Designed by one of our most popular designers, Carol Robinson, this floral wallpaper will assuredly transform any room. To mirror the natural feel of this botanical wallpaper, opt for natural wooden furniture such as this bedhead and bookcase. Don’t forget a small collection of leafy green plants to keep the room feeling fresh.

Turkish tiles to bring that vacation feel into the home

blue and white turkish tile effect wallpaper in stylish lounge

In mind of this year’s obsession with mixing patterns and breaking the rules, this White and Blue Pottery tile wallpaper is ticking all those boxes!

The gorgeous combination of sky blue and navy works perfectly and the 3D tile-effect wallpaper is a great alternative to real tile.

We also love how this room is put together. The natural wood of the drawers and plant stand break up the blue and the creamy grey sofa mirrors well with the white in the design.

Have we helped you to find the perfect navy wallpaper? Please leave a comment below to tell us which is your favourite or if you have any more tips for navy interior design!

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