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japanese art of wave in lounge with blue sofa and foot stool

12/05/2020   POSTED BY

Modern Lounge Ideas That Inspire You to Stay Home

We thoroughly believe that happy home = happy life. The way we decorate our houses and make them unique and personal to us is all a part of the process. That’s why so many people consider their homes to be their greatest investment.

Our abodes, no matter how extravagant or humble, are the key to our wellbeing. In fact, research tells us that 73% of people who are content with their home are also content in life [GoodHome Report 2019]. So any time spent on giving your interiors a refresh is well worth the effort.

When it comes to areas of focus, the most important room for families is the lounge. This is a space that demands freshness and originality: we’ve got some imaginative concepts to inspire you. Not only will our modern lounge ideas make you fall in love with your surroundings, but your guests will be impressed too.

Liven up the lounge with brick, stone or tile

black and white patterned moroccan tile wallpaper in trendy boho lounge

Mural in photo: Moroccan Mosaic

Surface texture wallpapers are a brilliant tip for converting dull spaces. If you need to give your lounge a complete overhaul but don’t have the time or budget, fake it with a mural instead. It’s cost-effective, easy to install and will give your room a vibrant appearance. Designs such as stone effect murals and brick effect murals add instant modernity or rustic charm, while tile wallpapers are perfect for summer.

This Moroccan Mosaic mural is cooling in its colour scheme and can turn your living room into a light, bright and airy space for relaxation. Other fantastic tile designs include traditional terracotta style tiles, classic blue and white pottery tiles, Spanish tiles, Turkish tiles and Arabic style tiles. Each of these features their own unique colour combinations, from the vivid and eclectic to the more muted and organic. But what all of these designs have in common is their link to travel, celebrating architecture, art and design from all corners of the globe.

Finished with wooden flooring, tile wallpapers can transform your lounge into a stylishly inviting space for entertaining. Guests will love it as much as you do and the intricate patterns of the tiles will be a talking point.

Abstract scenery for interior escapism

abstract mountain view with marble textures wall mural with white and blue sofa

Mural in photo: Distant Peaks

If you’re spending a lot of time indoors, scenic wallpapers can be the ultimate form of escapism.

But escapism doesn’t have to take the form of realism and can be as abstract or nonfigurative as you like. The interior design world is going crazy for landscapes like this Distant Peaks mural by SpaceFrog Designs – and we think it’s a truly sophisticated way of celebrating nature.

While scenic photography demands attention and focus, abstract landscapes have the ability to be both striking and subtle. Wallpaper designs by SpaceFrog feature muted tones, blending in seamlessly with surroundings. With minimalist, Scandinavian appeal, it’s an easy way to give your lounge a modern facelift.

Another similar designer is Ryan Fowler, which uses interesting shapes, colours and texture to create contemporary landscape art. From mountainscapes and moonlit scenes to ocean and desert, there are so many ways you can express yourself in the world of abstract.

Clean, calm and minimalist wallpapers

oriental orange breasted sparrows on branch minimalist wallpaper in quaint white and grey living room

Mural in photo:  Two Sparrows Perched on a Branch 

The trend of minimalist wall art has been taking over our Instagram feeds for a while now. From monochromatic illustrations and simplistic line art to mesmerising brushstroke paintings, there are so many different ways of making minimalism work in your home.

For those of us who love to relax in the living room, black and white designs can create a sense of calm. By keeping the colour palette simple, you can experiment with patterns, prints, geometrics and illustrations. This gorgeous Two Sparrows Perched on a Branch mural seen above is a great example of how artwork can add subtle flair to any room. With an off-white background, it’s unfussy. Yet, the references to nature keep it conversation-worthy.

To achieve this look, stick with muted hues. Whether you choose black and white marble or soft florals, opt for a design that doesn’t crowd your space. Complete the scheme with Nordic style furniture, and add texture with layers of upholstery, throws and cushions.

This is one of the best modern lounge ideas for homeowners that like clean yet cosy living.

Modern lounge ideas with biophilic design

luscious green tropical jungle in modern lounge

Mural in photo: Green Jungle

One of the best design ideas for people who are spending a lot of time at home is biophilic design. This is the use of nature and the application of natural processes to improve spaces where we live, work and learn. In home interiors, this can translate as natural colours or natural materials. It can mean incorporating live plants into the design concept. Or it could mean enlisting botanical prints as a channel of expression.

This tropical Green Jungle mural takes things a step further and transports you into the heart of a jungle scene, bringing the outside in. For those without access to a garden, a greenery themed wallpaper can be the perfect way to escape.

Biophilic interior design also uses organic elements such as jute, rattan, wicker, cork, hemp or natural silk. Vegetable fibres are a big hit this year and untreated wood is also a great way to back up this narrative.

Beautiful oriental prints with the WOW factor

oriental wave wallpaper in trendy lounge

Mural in photo: Kanazawa Oki Nami Ura

Inject eastern charm into your living space with oriental prints and patterns. This trend can be embraced with oriental print wallpaper, ceramics or upholstery. As seen in this striking Kanazawa Oki Nami Ura wallpaper, colours such as blue and muted beige are popular with interiors. Translating as “The Great Wave”, this art replica inspired by Katsushika Hokusai is one of the hottest art trends to know right now.

Japanese wave art is not only soothing and calming, but it’s also an easy way to bring your home up to date. It seems that Chinese and Japanese inspired interiors are making a serious comeback. So where better than the lounge to embrace this look? Create a relaxing, modern space and generate intrigue when you have guests over.

What do you think of our modern lounge ideas? Do any of these inspire you to spend more time at home? Let us know in the comments below about your favourite living room interior trends and don’t forget to send us photos of your wallpaper transformations. We love seeing what our customers have been getting up to.

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Victoria Addington


I was captivated when you mentioned that murals can be a truly refined way of honoring nature.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hi Victoria. Thank you for your comment. Yes, it's true. Murals are a great way to honour nature.

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