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mermaid scales in purple, pink and blue pastel shades wallpaper in green and pink child's bedroom

06/11/2020   POSTED BY

Mermaid Bedroom Ideas for All Ages (Adults Inc)!

Regardless if you’re 5 or 35 years old, a mermaid fan is always a mermaid fan! And one unique way to show your dedication is to have the perfect mermaid bedroom that you have always dreamed of! Whether your sea-maiden dreams began when you first watched The Little Mermaid or Splash, once you’ve caught the mermaid bug, it’s hard to let it go!

In this beautiful blog, we have fished out our most fin-tastic ideas on how to create the perfect mermaid bedroom! Trust us, these ideas mermaid for your home… Enjoy under-the-sea murals, shell décor, scalloped furniture and much, much more...

How do you make a mermaid room?

blue and white mermaid and dolphin wallpaper in cosy childs bedroom

Mural in photo: Blue Mermaids

Do you keep asking yourself, how can I decorate my room like a mermaid? Well you’ve come to the right place! Whether you’re working on a tight budget, you’re handy with a glue gun or you’re looking to buy the most gorgeous décor, we’re shore going to tell you exactly how to make the perfect mermaid bedroom…

Mermaid bedroom makeover on a budget

So, you’re on a budget and can’t afford to splash the cash. No problem. You can still create the ideal Little Mermaid bedroom without breaking the bank. Here are our top DIY ideas that you need to get your fins on:

Upcycle furniture with scale stencils

shiny blue dresser with mermaid scales

Are you a keen up-cycler or new to the do-it-yourself game? Life is the bubbles once you know how to create your own one-off wonders. Simply buy or make your own scale stencil using cardboard. Choose a shimmery spray paint, such as the deep metallic shade on these drawers, and spray, spray, spray!

If stencilling is too risky for you, why not hand paint your drawers or dressing table? Jen Stark, founder of DIY Happy Home, encourages us to decorate mermaid furniture with ‘…a soft pastel color and get starfish-shaped handles.” – A mermazing idea!

Decorate with shells

makeup vanity with shell mirrors and shell chair

There’s nothing better than shell-abrating an ocean room makeover by using shells in your décor. Cheap and effective (as well as a great excuse to get crafty) shells can be used anywhere. And you can easily buy bags of them online for really cheap (a seal of approval from me)!

Buy second hand or cheap mirrors and picture frames. Get your hot glue gun out and simply glue the shells onto the frames. For shelled photo frames, print off sea-themed art and quotes to display inside. Adding shells to a mirror not only looks ex-shell-ent, but you can tell your child that it is a genuine enchanted mermaid mirror!

‘Put up a shelf or two and line it with shells, or you could even stick the shells straight to your wall for texture.’ – Jen Stark

Create DIY jellyfish lanterns

purple, pink and green jelly fish lanterns

Adding décor to the ceiling always adds a mystical and whimsical feel to any child’s bedroom! And to create the perfect ‘Under the Sea’ vibes, why not have a go at making your own jellyfish lanterns?

All you need are some Japanese style lanterns in purple, blue and pink shades and an assortment of fabric and ribbon to act as the jellyfishes’ tentacles! We recommend choosing a variety of fabrics to hang down to add more texture and to find the most glittery ones possible!

Little girl mermaid room ideas

mermaid cartoons girls and dolphin wallpaper in toddlers bedroom

Mural in photo: Mermaid Girls

If your little girl or boy feels like a mermaid trapped in a human’s body, then an under-the-sea bedroom is very much needed. He or shell love it! But what if you’re not handy at the crafty stuff? Here are our best shop-bought mermaid bedroom ideas that will make your child’s magical dreams come true…

Choose pastel paints that Aerial would approve of

When choosing a wall paint for their bedroom, stick to pastel tones. Founder of Sawinery, Robert Johnson, knows a thing or two about mermaid colours…

‘Pastel color schemes of blue, purple and pink are the best and easiest way to turn your room into an ocean paradise. This will be your guide in painting the walls and choosing the right décor pieces.’

Scale up the interior points with a mermaid wallpaper!

pink, blue, purple mermaid scales in pink girls bedroom

Mural in photo: Pastel Mermaid Scales

The easiest and most transformative way to change your child’s room with mermaid bedroom décor is by installing a custom-made children’s wallpaper! And won’t your child just LOVE this mesmerising Pastel Mermaid Scales wallpaper! Having a scale mural like this will really set your child’s imagination on fire… (“What’s a fire? And why does it…burnnn?”)

‘Creating a wall that looks like mermaid scales is one way to give their bedroom a whimsical look and feel. Go for fun colors like a light pink or purple that slowly fades to a blue-green.’ – Jen Stark

painting of mermaid with whale friend wallpaper in baby's nursery

Mural in photo: Mermaid Friends

As well as a beautiful sea maiden wallpaper for a baby’s nursery, this gorgeous Mermaid Friends wall mural makes a fabulous feature wall in an older child’s room as well. Just look at our customer Alison's children's faces when she surprises them with this adorable mermaid wallpaper.

Robert Johnson recommends using mermaid and ocean wallpaper to another level - literally…

‘I personally suggest buying and choosing ceiling wallpapers in ocean waves design.’

By installing a ceiling wallpaper with an ocean design, your child is going to feel like they’re a real mermaid swimming under the sea with Flounder at their side!

Cuddle up with sea life plush toys and shell cushions

Buy plush ocean animal toys to throw on the bed: dolphins, fish, seals, whales and more. Choosing scatter cushions with ocean-pun quotes printed onto them or shell cushions will really add to the sea-maiden theme.

Hang mermaid princess canopies over their bed

pastel pink and purple child's mermaid bedroom with sparkly tinsel curtain above bed

Another great idea is to install a princess canopy or a shimmery tinsel curtain above your child’s bed. To go with the rest of the room, stick to pastel shades and the more sparkly the material or tinsel – the better! OoOo shiny...

Mermaid bedroom ideas for big kids

Yes! It’s not just about children when it comes to mermaid bedroom décor! And it doesn’t need to be all pastels and glitter every time… There are a great many ways you can transform your bedroom into a sea haven by opting for these fabulous ideas…

Scalloped furniture for a mix of mermaid/Art Deco style…

pink pastel scalloped headboard bed in on-trend master bedroom

Image source: Sweetpea & Willow

Glamorous scalloped shaped furniture is all the rage! So creating an adult mermaid bedroom is really not as difficult as it once may have been. Opt for a chic bed with a scalloped headboard, such as this Aerial Upholstered Bed as well as a scalloped chair. But remember: do try and stick to those all-important pastel shades! Not only are they gorgeous, but they will create a calm atmosphere - ideal for a perfect night’s sleep.

pastel pink and golden shell rug

Image source: Covet House

Another way to incorporate scalloped edge décor into your bedroom is by opting for a shell-shaped rug. We adore the pastel shades combined with gold in this Mermaid rug. It’s ultra-glam, sophisticated but still has those mermaid vibes that we love so much!

Luxurious mermaid wallpaper for the grown-up mermaid

pale peach-pink mermaid pattern wallpaper in white and pink bedroom

Mural in photo: Mermaid by Rebecca Johnstone

This beyond-pretty Mermaid wallpaper, designed by Rebecca Johnstone, is totally different to our children’s murals. It oozes class and sophistication whilst still having that girly wallpaper factor.

Rebecca Johnstone has a beautiful selection of artistic mermaid designs that are both great for young and old alike. Pair with pastel notes of pink, greige, and off-white for a very grown-up mermaid bedroom.

Botticelli painting of venus wallpaper in green and orange bedroom

Mural in photo: The Birth of Venus, c.1485

One of our customers, Jen Pudney from New Zealand, created a gorgeous ocean bedroom. Our stunning The Birth of Venus, c.1485 mural, painted by the renowned Sandro Botticelli, looks perfect behind her headboard.

We adore how well she has paired this fabulous work of art with the rest of her room’s décor. The ocean-green bed cover and terracotta scatter cushions really bring out the colours in this work of art. Her use of a shell-shaped headboard really transforms her bedroom into a whimsical, under-the-water world.

Have you found some ideas that mermaid to go in your mermaid bedroom? If you have some even better ideas, leave us a comment below to let us know! Or if you’re itching for more, why not take a look at our mermaid wallpaper collection?

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