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red curtain effect wallpaper in home theatre

21/11/2023   POSTED BY

Home Theatre Ideas That Are Just WOW

It’s the season for the home cinema. Home cocktail bars, home entertainment, homeschooling, home picnics are all part of this time of year. 

These days, getting your culture fix doesn’t have to mean leaving the house. If you have the room, creating a home movie theatre could be a great way to transform your space while potentially boosting your property value.

Here are some fantastic home theatre ideas that will amaze your whole family, wow your guests, and give your place a serious point of difference.

Go plush on the seating

purple and grey glam cinema room

Image source: Loomah.com via Pinterest

Regarding home movie theatres, there’s nothing more important than seating. Comfort is everything, so make this your priority and allocate a good portion of the budget to sofas or lazy chairs.

Cushions are your best friend, too… the more the merrier! Be sure to choose the right inner materials to suit your comfort preference, whether duck feather, down, wool, soft foam or luxury synthetic filling.

To ramp up the cosiness, go extra plush on the upholstery. Fabrics such as crushed velvet, velveteen (cotton velvet) and velour are perfect for enhancing the home theatre experience. You can complete the look with some textural effect wall coverings.

Make your home cinema super luxe

art deco styled comfy cinema room with black and white movie

Image source: Reddit.com via Pinterest

Home cinemas are a luxury; there’s no doubt about it. If you have the space (and the cash), you can give it the wow factor. Comfort is key, but lavish finishes can add to the aesthetic appeal and overall experience of watching movies at home.

We’re talking oversized sofa configurations, luxe light fittings, art deco wallpapers, gold or brass finishing touches, splashes of terrazzo or marble, a mix of high-end minimalism and bold prints (such as geos), as well as those designer elements that are worth every penny of investment!

Budget and boho home theatre idea

cosy cinema room with cushions and fairy lights

Image source: Wooden-furniture-store.co.uk via Pinterest

Beautiful doesn’t have to cost the earth. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly version of the home cinema, boho interior concepts are the way forward. This is because bohemian interior design is very much about the soft furnishings. Therefore, it’s entirely possible on a shoestring!

Not only will you find so much variety of boho décor, but a boho cinema is guaranteed to be Instagram gold. If you follow interior influencers and enthusiasts, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on your feed. And what we love is that this is a trend with serious longevity.

Boho interiors are here to stay, and there are so many different versions of boho to explore. From oriental and Japandi boho to Scandinavian, there’s a style to suit everyone.

Take your home theatre alfresco

outdoor movie screen on decking

Image source: Lustliving.co.uk via Pinterest

Another area that’s garnered a lot of attention since the pandemic is the garden. We’ve had to make the most of our outdoor space, which means multi-purpose functionality and taking extra care and attention to horticulture.

It’s a fact that plants make us happy, so it makes sense to spend more time caring for our flowerbeds. But you can also turn unused areas into a cosy garden movie theatre. There’s something very romantic about an outdoor cinema, and all you need is the following:

  • A projector and a screen
  • Garden furniture
  • Lots and lots of fairy lights
  • Some outdoor candles
  • Cushions and blankets to keep warm

Get galactic for movie time

dark star ceiling home theatre with comfy seating

Image source: Iqfurniture.co.uk via Pinterest

Star effect ceiling lights are magical in the bedroom (especially children’s bedrooms) but also work well in a purpose-designed home theatre room.

If you love the galactic look, space and galaxy wallpapers are the perfect finishing touch. Lights turned up or down, your theatre is going to look out of this world! The colours used in galaxy wallpapers bring enough darkness for a cosy cinematic feel too.

Make it hybrid

sports room with movie screen and bar

Image source: Designingidea.com via Pinterest

Is it a bar? Is it a games room? Is it a man cave? This hybrid cinema/sports/entertainment zone is the coveted home theatre on steroids. It’s multi-purpose and it’s all about escapism, making it the perfect love child of nights in.

If you need a comfortable little den to escape from the everyday stresses of life, a home movie or sports viewing room is a great addition to your house, and can even boost your property value for when you’re ready to sell.

Keep the bar stocked, invest in quality armchairs, have some sports/movie memorabilia (such as our metal prints) on the wall – and you’ll have an entertainment hub that everyone will love spending time in.

Turn up the retro!

retro cinema seating in boho style home

If you’re a movie buff, there’s nothing more comforting than the cosiness and quintessential design of a classic cinema building.

The art deco movie theatre is a great base for inspiration. Bold red walls, big black and white features, leather seats, Great Gatsby fonts, dim lighting and framed movie posters (of your favourite films of course).

home theatre living room with red curtain wallpaper

Mural in photo: Red Curtain

The key to getting this style right is to be as thematic as possible. A red curtain mural can help you build that theatre feel – and dark wall paint is a good contrast. Don’t worry if there’s not a lot of light coming in. Lamps and wall sconces are excellent for creating an atmosphere and will be there to set the mood. Cinema rooms are supposed to be slightly shadowy, so opt for warm white or soft white when shopping for bulbs.

What do you think of our home movie theatre ideas? If you’ve got a home cinema, let us know how you did it in the comments below!

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Afton Jackson


Going for a retro look when designing a home theater could really appeal to some of the old folk in my family. They used to be avid movie-goers in the day, and using this idea could really help bring back those memories. I'll focus on this design when I work with a home theater equipment expert for sure.

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello Afton! Thank you for your comment. Yes, a home theatre sounds perfect for your parents. Please let us know how it goes :)

Gemma Maria Tosolini


I wish to know the name of the productor and where to find these solutions in ItalyOr a contact by trying theese

Rachael @ Wallsauce


Hello Gemma, if you are referring to our wall murals, we do ship to Italy. If you need any more information, please contact our studio team at info@wallsauce.com and they will be happy to assist you :)

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