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14/12/2021   POSTED BY

Inspiring Customer Photos from 2021 [Be Wowed!]

Reflecting on what our customers have been up to over the past 12 months is always an end-of-year treat for the Wallsauce team. Not only are we utterly wowed by your talent and creativity, but we are genuinely left inspired by what you have achieved in your own homes.

Last year, many of you really brightened up what was a difficult year with your customer photos from 2020. But this year, we have been left even more in awe of your dazzling homes! In 2021, we have seen even more framed wallpapers, mind-blowing 3D effect window wallpaper and children’s bedrooms that transport you straight to the wild! We've seen a hotel-worthy bathroom with a jellyfish feature wall, a luxurious pink and blue home office (that I really NEED in my life) as well as panel effect wallpaper in a home gym that honestly makes you question, “Is that really wallpaper?” Trust us. We have been completely struck this year by what our customers have been up to. We’re sure you will too…

Hotel-worthy home bathrooms

navy and gold toned jellyfish wallpaper with white bath

Mural in photo: Floating Jellyfish lll

The funny thing about this gorgeous bathroom is that you are so struck by the Floating Jellyfish III mural, you don’t even notice that the rest of the room isn’t complete! Liz Brock sent us this amazing photo of her bathroom under construction. Just picture how utterly fabulous this chill-out zone is going to look once finished!

Rooms that give us office-envy

vintage style map wallpaper in mid century office

Mural in photo: Antique World Map

If there was a dream office that made you feel like a boss then it would have to be this room designed by @beckandco_design. Paired with a Turkish inspired rug, a stylish mid-century desk, a blown glass chandelier and of course, our Antique World Map wallpaper, this home office really couldn’t be more sleek. Anyone else have office envy?

Gender neutral nurseries that look good on the ‘gram

blue and white marble wallpaper in white nursery

Mural in photo: White Marble

If you are looking for nursery room inspiration, look no further. This stunning gender neutral nursery created by @barrattmaidstone6 is surely every mother’s dream baby room? Although she was having a girl, she wanted to create a blue-toned room instead. Who said girls' rooms always have to be pink anyway? And what an amazing result! The beauty of this minimalist White Marble wallpaper is that it will age incredibly well, complementing your child’s age as they grow up.

Relaxing bedrooms that transport you to the forest

misty forest wall mural in green and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Misty Mountain Landscape

If I could conjure up the dream relaxation room, it would be this. It’s simple, reflects nature and the Misty Mountain Landscape wallpaper calms the mind immediately. This decluttered space embracing crisp whites and dark forest-greens works so wonderfully with the wooden accents. When you see this misty forest wallpaper, it isn’t surprising to know lots of our customers have opted for murals like this in 2021. Thank you Sacha Jones for sending us this beautiful photo.

Pantry rooms that are a cook’s dream

neutral toned floral wallpaper in dark grey and brass pantry

Mural in photo: Linen Wildflower

Angie Pinsonneault had never installed wallpaper before she put up our Linen Wildflower wallpaper. And you really wouldn’t know, would you? This floral wallpaper designed by Carol Robinson looks absolutely perfect in her home pantry. Again, I would love this room in my home! It’s the perfect space for anyone who loves to cook.

A room a Duke would even approve of

chinoiserie style bird wallpaper in pea green vintage room

Mural in photo: Bird Paradise

After many people became besotted with period dramas this year, we saw a huge growth in popularity for vintage-inspired wallpapers. Oriental chinoiserie wallpapers, such as this Bird Paradise wallpaper, were being installed everywhere! But we have to say that Alex and Matt’s installation in their Georgian Townhouse (@georgiantownhouse) was one of our favourites. Doesn’t it look right-at-home in this antique room?

Mind-blowing 3D effect wallpapers

black and white arched window wallpaper in stylish lounge

Mural in photo: from Extended Range

We really love this photograph sent in by customer Kayleigh Stephenson. She has previously bought from us before and we were utterly amazed by her all-grey kitchen. But now we cannot get over the latest mural in her utterly sleek lounge. If you were unsure before, the arched windows aren’t real but are a mural!

Imagination-filled camping bedrooms!

abstract landscape wallpaper in kids camping bedroom

Mural in photo: Camping by Twisted Pixels

If I was a child, I think I would be completely amazed by this bedroom in “nature”. Created by @ids_interiordesignstudio, this camping-themed room is another great illusion room from the faux fire, log chair and amazing boat! Is the boat a bed? Not forgetting our Twisted Pixels’ Camping wallpaper which adds even more of a splash of colour into the space. Did anyone get marshmallows for the fire?

Beyond pretty bedrooms for the romantic soul

dark grey, pink and green chinoiserie wallpaper in dark grey, pink and white bedroom

Mural in photo: Dark Chinoiserie

Another chinoiserie inspired wallpaper, this Dark Chinoiserie mural adds a touch of vintage charm to this romantic bedroom created by My E17 Home. I am always in awe of how perfectly the bedding fits in with this dark floral wallpaper. It brightens up the space but still complements the floral mural so well.

Jungle wallpaper your pooch will even love

vintage jungle wallpaper in industrial dining room

Mural in photo: Botanical Beauty

We love this photograph of customer @pablos_pad’s dining room. Not only because his dog is absolutely adorable (a very important factor), but because our Botanical Beauty wallpaper couldn’t look more perfect in this dining room. A modern extension to his 1800s cottage in Yorkshire, England, this utterly modern eating area must provide such a refreshing contrast to the rest of the home’s period features. We love it. Thank you Pablo!

Dream office pads with perfect colour combos

navy abstract floral wallpaper in dusty pink and blue couch and desk area

Mural in photo: Midnight Splash

Now here is where I get a little bit jealous because this is the dream home office! Imagine having the space to fit in a beautiful couch next to your desk! Great for lying down on for a quick rest! And if there was an award for room colour coordination, this room would be the winner. This beautiful Midnight Splash wallpaper has been a popular choice on our website for years. But I have never noticed that there were touches of dusty pink in it before. The lampshade, cushions and throw really bring this out. Absolutely gorgeous, Grey Clover Interiors.

Panel wallpaper: the trend for 2021 and beyond

beige panel wallpaper with mirror and marble workout mat

Mural in photo: Classic Panels

It’s true. After creating our panel wallpaper collection this year, we have been surprised at how much our customers loved them. And when you see our Classic Panels wall mural in fitness influencer Ivana’s home, it’s easy to understand why! We are still left perplexed by this panel effect wallpaper and how real it looks in this room. We promise - it REALLY is wallpaper, not panelling!

Navy wallpaper that goes swimmingly in a bathroom

navy and gold toned octopus wallpaper in bathroom with large bath, toilet and sink

Mural in photo: Underwater Dream IV

Sorry for the pun, but this Underwater Dream IV wallpaper really does go swimmingly in customer Cate Taylor’s bathroom! Cate’s bathroom was lovely beforehand, but we honestly feel that this Spacefrog wallpaper brings it to a completely new level, doesn’t it? All it takes is one feature wall to give a room a fresh look.

Stately home vibes with just one vintage painting wallpaper

stately home painting wallpaper in cosy living room with dusty pink walls and green armchair

Mural in photo: an Upload Your Own

It’s clear to see that customer Joanne Marie really understands country chic when you see her beautiful living room. This gorgeous stately home wallpaper works perfectly with the dusty pink walls and dark green leather armchair. Just imagine how cosy this lounge must be when the fire is on. Absolutely perfect.

Colour-bursting inspirational workspaces

multicoloured patterned wallpaper with blue office chair and white desk

Mural in photo: Burst of Colour

We couldn’t think of a better place to enjoy a hot coffee and tackle the emails on a morning. We love how fantastic this compact desk and Burst of Colour wallpaper look together in this stylish office space. Sometimes simplicity is key in creating a luxurious-looking space. Thornton Design Canada really know what they are doing.

Framed wallpaper we can’t get enough of

circular geode wallpaper in a frame beside grey drawers

Mural in photo: Gold Dust Grey Marble

We love a framed wallpaper at Wallsauce.com and @anaceciliaartiaga did not fail to impress us when she sent us this photograph of our Gold Dust Grey Marble wallpaper. Although we don’t use gold ink and our wallpapers never have a shimmery gold effect, it doesn’t matter when you see this Lara Skinner mural. The design is still jaw-dropping and looks so fabulous in this jewellery designer’s space.

Maximalist interiors that are not for the faint-hearted

leafy green tropical plants wallpaper with purple walls and bed with orange blanket

Mural in photo: Tropical Landscape 2

Maximalist interior design has continued to be a massive trend in 2021 and looks to carry on into next year as well. Stay away if you are a minimalist and love neutral tones. But if you love bold interiors and bright tones, get ready to fall in love with @eclectichunkydoryhome’s bedroom! Our Tropical Landscape 2 wallpaper designed by Andrea Haase looks amazing with the various flashes of colour! Such a fun and eclectic space.

Wine cellar wallpapers to break up open-plan spaces

3d effect wine cellar wallpaper in open plan apartment

Mural in photo: Wine Cellar

This utterly stunning open-plan apartment is so perfect it doesn’t look real. But let us assure you, customer Ellen in California’s home is very much real! We love how our Wine Cellar wallpaper acts as a great divider between the different living spaces. It centralises the dining room away from the kitchen and lounge. Great work, Ellen.

Map wallpapers for the future backpacker!

watercolour grey world map wallpaper in kids room with white motorcar toy and dotty bed

Mural in photo: Grey Watercolour World Map

We can't get over how well this Grey Watercolour World Map wallpaper looks in this child’s bedroom. We would never have put the label ‘Child’s Wallpaper’ on it, but it really does look fantastic in this child-friendly space! Paired with a range of grey room accessories, this ultra-modern bedroom is the perfect addition to any family home. Thank you Jesse Lammers Design for sending us a photograph of your amazing creation.

Funky-licous retro wallpaper in a ‘70s style room

off white and blue doodle 70s wallpaper with white desk and sheep rug chair

Mural in photo: Flowers and Doodles Blue

We love the simplicity of this desk area and think its pairing with our Flowers and Doodles wall mural works like a match-made-in-heaven. The creamy, off whites in this blue and white wallpaper work perfectly with this retro desk and shaggy ‘70’s sheep rug chair. A great look by @rhgdesign.

Which has been your favourite 2021 customer photo? Let us know by leaving a message below! Want more? See what customers were up to in 2020.

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