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17/07/2017   POSTED BY

Creating A Gender Neutral Kid’s Room [Expert Advice]

Said to have developed from Sweden, the gender neutral trend is swaying the fashion and parenting industries to different directions.

Believe it or not, blue for boys and pink for girls can now be deemed old fashioned. Toys, clothing and décor are being questioned as to how gender-biased they are, as the focus shifts to bringing children up, encouraging them to establish themselves.

One way of hopping onto this bandwagon is to create a gender neutral bedroom for your little one. However, the word ‘neutral’ doesn’t appeal to us at Wallsauce! We don’t want you to think that your unisex bedroom has to be played safe with browns and creams. We want to educate you on alternative kid’s bedroom designs that will pull off this worldwide movement.

Gender neutral is a new trend and is sometimes being seen in controversial light. So, we’ve asked a few contacts at various other interior related businesses what their learnings are about the trend. 

Mural: 'Camping' by Twisted Pixels Illustrations at Wallsauce.com

What The Experts Say About Gender Neutral Kids’ Rooms

Reagan from Federal Brace says, “I have seen quite a few homeowners struggle under the pressure of creating a neutral space. Whether it's due to not wanting to find out the sex of their future child or simply wanting a room that can be used for multiple children throughout the years, neutral isn't a bad way to go!

The recent trend towards all things Scandinavian definitely works in your favour here. Crib mobiles and light fixtures can be more abstract or geometric, inspiring curiosity and maybe a bit of artistry in your little one. Large wall murals and decor could be inspired by nature, cultivating interest in the world and natural sciences.” 


Mural: 'Goldilocks' by Mark Bird at Wallsauce.com

“Maps, books, animal or machine models, and much more are all gender neutral and can double as decor and educational materials. Who said bedrooms are just for sleeping?” Commented Reagan.

Medina King-Sam, interior designer and founder of MK Kids Interiors agrees with Reagan and commented: “Gender Neutral rooms are great for children sharing a room. The best gender-neutral color schemes are monochrome, duck egg, mustard, grey and white.

It’s important to choose furniture pieces with bold geometric shapes so avoid curvy decorative furniture. Garlands are excellent accessories for both girls and boys. They can be made in many colors and are neither feminine or masculine.”


Pompom Garland: MK Kids Interiors

“I have always loved gender neutral kid’s rooms. I think I just like the idea of not being bombarded with lots of pink or blue. That being said, there are so many ways you can decorate a gender neutral room and make your kid’s room super cute and fun.” Says Bonny, the editor of the FurnishMyWay blog.

Bonny continued, “Orange and grey are both very gender neutral colors. Pops of bright colors look great too! Deep blues, mixed with greens and oranges, make for a happy space that can be great for any child.


Mural: 'Hidden Treasure' by Philip Straub at Wallsauce.com

My mom always said navy was a neutral color, and I totally agree with her. Using accent colors in shades of yellow and green really keep bright and funky spaces gender neutral.” Head to Bonny’s post on fab nursery ideas for more of her fabulous tips.


Mural: 'Boab Trees'

The team at Paintzen have noticed a more neutral approach when it’s come to their clients. 
“The Paintzen team very often gets requests for painting nurseries, and lately, we’ve noticed the trend of embracing neutral shades. 
Starting with a foundation more versatile enables one to use accents in other ways within the nursery - like colorful mobiles, bedding, rugs, artwork or furniture. So while some might insist on pinks for their newborn daughters and blues for their little boys, choosing neutral paints doesn’t mean you need to abandon that. Pairing light greys and whites with accents of pink or beige and browns with hints of blue are unique ways to keep a room more gender neutral without overwhelming the space. 
This choice to keep it simpler provides the opportunity for parents to maintain the same color scheme as their child grows, simply swapping out the decor. It’s impossible to know now what your child’s favourite color will be as he or she comes into their own. Choosing a neutral paint color means that your initial design could easily last your little one well into toddler-years without going out of style.  Oh… and what happens if a baby brother or baby sister is not of the same gender, you’ve got it covered.
And while easily adaptable hues provide a lot of optionalities, going creative and bold never gets old. There are the murals and patterns, perfect for both him and her … like nautical color stripes and funky chevrons, sky or forest scenes and we've even created a big-top circus themed ceiling!”

Image from Paintzen

In Summary

A huge thank you to all of our partners who have fed back their findings. Here’s what you can take from their advice on creating the best gender neutral kid’s room.

- Research the Scandinavian home trend for further ideas

- Take a look at our cute animal wallpapers to encourage interest of the world and natural sciences

- Considering browns and neutral tones? Liven up the space with colored decorations like mobiles and light fittings

- Alternative color schemes that aren’t brash include monochrome, duck egg and mustard tones

- Striking orange and greys with deep blues are great for creating a happy bedroom

For more ideas on creating wonderful themes for your gender neutral kid’s bedroom, head to our vast range of childrens wallpapers. Comments are always welcome in the box below!

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Creating a gender-neutral kid's room is such a refreshing and empowering trend! It's great to see how different industries are coming together to promote creativity and individuality in children. And with custom-sized high-quality murals directed to our door, creating a unique and inspiring space for our little ones has never been easier!

Amy @ Wallsauce


The trend of gender-neutral bedrooms for children is one we love! We believe in creating inspiring, inclusive spaces for everyone :)

filipino virtual assistant


Absolutely loving this fresh take on gender-neutral kid's rooms! I've recently designed a room for my niece and nephew, incorporating forest greens and cozy earth tones for a nature-inspired look. The excitement in their eyes was priceless!

Amy @ Wallsauce


Hello! Forest wallpapers are great for children, they make for really inspiring spaces!

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What a refreshing perspective on creating gender-neutral kids' rooms! It's delightful to see the fashion and parenting industries embracing the idea of breaking away from traditional stereotypes. I especially love the suggestion of incorporating nature-inspired wall murals and using bold geometric shapes in furniture. The tips on choosing versatile colors like monochrome, duck egg, mustard, and pops of bright hues are truly inspiring!

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As someone who believes in nurturing curiosity and creativity in children, I love the idea of incorporating abstract or geometric elements in the room, inspired by Scandinavian design. The experts' advice on using educational materials like maps, books, and animal models as gender-neutral decor is brilliant. And let's not forget the power of colors! Combining deep blues with pops of greens and oranges creates a joyful and vibrant space that any child would adore.

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