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timeless botanical wallpaper wall mural

07/05/2024   POSTED BY

7 Ways to Create a Timeless Botanical Bedroom

Our long-standing relationship with biophilic design is set to deepen in 2024, with the botanical bedroom trend moving centre stage as the seasons unfold. From tropical to jungle, vibrant to muted, or minimalism to maximalism, the botanical anthology is never finished, with new chapters being added year after year.

Botanical design is, without a doubt, one of interior’s most enduring stories, and the choice of prints, fabrics and wall murals is extensive. And for bedrooms, plant-inspired décor can instantly transform mood and ambience, creating the perfect place to relax.

But what are some easy ways to create a botanical bedroom with timeless appeal? Here are 7 ways to make your bedroom feel like a sanctuary without going out of style…

1. Be inspired by the jungle

jungle wallpaper wall mural in boho bedroom

Mural in image: Clusterful Tropical Leaves

Sure, we’ve seen plenty of jungle-themed wallpapers in recent years. But this is a tried and tested, failsafe trend. One that instantly transforms a dull room into an organic haven for nature lovers. It seems that the urban jungle is here to stay and we’re loving all of the leafy murals.

There’s no better way to inject lush greenery into your décor than with a mural, like this ‘Tropical Jungle’ wallpaper by artist, Marina Stupakova. The design is both modern and timeless, giving you the best of both worlds when it comes to classic trends.

Jungle murals are also incredibly versatile, with the ability to complement a range of interior styles. Whether your bedroom is minimalist, chic, traditional or country, greenery never fails to strike a harmonious balance.

2. Create a vintage botanical bedroom

green and cream william morris bedroom wallpaper

Mural in image: Flower Garden

If you want a truly timeless botanical bedroom, opt for vintage designs such as William Morris. He was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts during the Victorian period, and many of his designs live on – and thrive in popularity today.

This William Morris wallpaper features a time-honoured design that would look the part in any home that embraces all things transitional. The marriage of old and new is one that works beautifully, bringing in those classic concepts in interior design but with a contemporary touch.

T+ransitional wallpapers like William Morris’ Flower Garden simply don’t have an expiry date, remaining relevant long into the future (ideal for those who don’t want to redecorate frequently).

3. Switch to low saturation mode

off white floral wallpaper in master bedroom design

Mural in image: Big Peonies II

Another way to create a timeless bedroom with botanicals is to opt for black and white design over colour. Turning down the saturation level is a bit like turning down the noise. A black and white mural like this one acts as a blank canvas, adapting to a variety of interior styles.

We love the ‘Big Peonies II’ because it creates a striking view, while still acting as a muted backdrop. This allows other interior features to stand out, which can often get lost when wall murals are highly elaborate or brightly coloured.

With a monochromatic wallpaper, you have complete freedom to choose any colour scheme, any era of design and any interior concept. Rich woods and organic-looking design elements work particularly well with murals like this, as they add warmth to a cool-toned backdrop, helping to balance out light temperature for north-facing bedrooms.

4. Get seriously, seriously maximalist

maximalist floral bedroom wallpaper

Mural in image: Timeless Gardens

Elevating your botanical bedroom design is easy if you understand the language of maximalism. For a lot of people, the thought of maximalist décor can feel like a scary move, especially for those who have been revelling in the minimalist lifestyle.

Right now, there’s a major maximalist resurgence – think bright colours, bold patterns, mismatched upholstery, and all things that clash. It’s A-OK to mix up different eras too. Think mid-century modern furniture combined with Victorian features like wall panelling, or traditional styles and lots of texture juxtaposed with clean and contemporary lines.

Proportions and scale are up for experimentation too. As seen in this ‘Timeless Gardens’ wallpaper, oversized features can completely alter the look and feel of your space, giving you interesting focal points to play around with.

5. Zoom in with macro mode

neutral botanical wall mural in bedroom

Mural in image: Off White Autumn Flowers

Close-up florals are also a great way to experiment with proportions in a room. In the same way that they elevate a maximalist concept, they also work well with minimalist design. This ‘Off White Autumn Flowers’ wallpaper by Sir Edward transforms blank walls into mesmerising frescos.

If you have an all-white bedroom, a mural like this could bring your space up to date, giving a nod to the botanical narrative that has taken over the interiors world in recent years. Just remember that proportions can make a room appear larger or smaller, so when using oversized elements, strike a balance in the room to make sure scale is matched or balanced in the right areas.

For instance, if everything in your room appears smaller against a macro flower mural, throw in a supersized lamp or light fitting to tie everything together nicely.

6. Ditch the tonal colour scheme

colourful botanical wall mural in bedroom

Mural in image: Macro Garden

As creative folk, it makes us very happy when colour is celebrated. Especially when it is embraced without fear. Forget what’s on trend and put colour palettes to the back of your mind for a moment – then let the colours run wild.

Nature has zero inhibitions when it comes to colour, and certainly doesn’t adhere to any particular scheme. It features a rainbow of hues from every part of the colour wheel, and the outcome is an explosion of pinks, purples, yellows, blues, reds, creams, greens, and more.

We love this wallpaper by Carol Robinson because it dodges trends, delving more deeply into true botanical art, representing the realistic beauty of what’s seen in wild meadows and city flowerbeds. And this is what makes it a timeless mural, one that doesn’t lose its appeal as the seasons shift.

7. Discover nature’s dark side

dark floral wallpaper in romantic bedroom design

Mural in image: Romantic Peonies

Botanical design doesn’t have to be soft, gentle or ethereal. Nature has a dark side and if you’re into the dark interiors trend, you’ll love this ‘Dark Fuchsia Florals’ mural by Uta Naumann. And dark colours don’t have to be tricky to apply either…

A common misconception of dark wall design is that it can make a room feel smaller or create a dingy aesthetic. But as long as you know how to contrast dark and light, you can make even the moodiest hues work for you.

If you opt for a dark botanical wallpaper, just be sure to invest in excellent lighting. Use mirrors to bounce natural light around the room during the day, and choose a well-lit area of the room to install your mural.

Do you love the botanical trend for bedrooms? Let us know which style of biophilic design is your favourite in the comments below…

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