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indian elephant in tropical jungle chinoiserie wallpaper

18/09/2020   POSTED BY

Chinoiserie Wallpaper and Why You Need it

Chinoiserie wallpaper is a trend that has come back with a vengeance. Tropical, romantic and natural, this vintage style wallpaper has everything you need to transform your home’s interior design. Perfect for an exotic bedroom, antique lounge or maximalist bathroom: chintz wall murals are the answer for classic and stylish homes.

In this blog, we will explore 7 reasons why you need chinoiserie wallpaper in your life. So pack your bags and book your tickets because we are about to begin an adventure to distant, eastern lands…

Tashi Tsering creating chinoiserie art

Tashi Tsering creating Chinoiserie art

What is chinoiserie wallpaper?

First of all, let’s get a grip on what chinoiserie wallpaper actually is. If you already know, skip this part. If you don’t, let us enlighten you…

Chinoiserie has a rich and old history. It emerged in European art and decoration in the mid 17th century, declined around the 1760s but later came back in the 1920s and has returned once again in today's modern and chic homes. Never repeating the same pattern, chinoiserie murals depict nature, often celebrating beautiful florals and exquisite birdlife.

Are you also thinking, well, what does chinoiserie mean? The actual name 'chinoiserie' comes from the French language. Chinois means Chinese, again showing us how it is Europe's adaptation of Chinese and oriental design.

Now let’s move on to why this artistic and stylish wallpaper is the answer to your home’s interior design…

1. Chinoiserie wallpaper is simply gorgeous

pale blue, floral and heron bird wallpaper in subtle white lounge are

Mural in photo: Luxe Kimono Blue

Whether you love loud patterns and colours or simple designs with dreamy pastel tones, oriental wallpaper is simply gorgeous. And because it comes in a variety of styles, it is a sure winner if you want to bring your home to life.

We adore this blue chinoiserie wallpaper designed by the amazing Tashi Tsering. Named, ‘Luxe Kimono Blue’, this stunning oriental wallpaper is a sure winner if you want a pretty and feminine feature wall. Choose white décor or find items that relish in these pastel tones to complement this on-trend chintz wallpaper.

2. It is a delightful mix of old and new

pale pink floral wallpaper with touches of blue and orange in trendy living room

Mural in photo: Chintz Pink

Although vintage in style, chinoiserie wallpaper murals look fabulous in modern homes. Mixed with cool, on-trend furniture that revels in similar shades, you really can transform any room so that it is totally Pinterest-worthy!

This floral Chintz Pink wallpaper looks fabulous in this quirky modern lounge. The teal-blue of the sofa and pastel pinks of the phone and cushion work wonderfully with this pink chintz wallpaper.

3. It makes a striking statement in any home

white background and large pink floral pattern in lounge with bright pink sofa and black and white tiled floor

Mural in photo: Chinoiserie wallpaper

To make a really dramatic statement, choose a large patterned floral wall mural like this stunning Chinoiserie wallpaper designed by the talented Carol Robinson. Instead of creating just a wallpaper feature wall, this oriental design is a fantastic example of chintz wall art at its best.

If you love chinois art and want to make a large and bold patterned feature wall like this, simply crop closer to any of our chinoiserie or oriental wallpapers to really make a bold wall statement.

Did you know that our murals are really easy to install? These chinoiserie wallpaper panels have been applied a panel at a time and come in paste the wall or peel and stick wallpaper. It’s really simple and definitely worthy of the name ‘DIY’!

4. It celebrates the beauty of nature

vintage chinese garden painting wallpaper in white and pink themed lounge

Mural in photo: Chinese Chinoiserie Pattern

Chinois art and design certainly embrace nature. And this Chinese Chinoiserie Pattern wallpaper designed by Andrea Haase perfectly epitomises this. From the gorgeous oriental birds, butterflies and deep pinks of the flowers in this Chinese garden, this stunning chintz wall mural makes a fabulous feature wall in this modern lounge.

We love the mirroring of colours with the floral wallpaper, from the white sideboard and the cockatoo to the ruby-red circular cushion and the cherry blossoms. As shown in this gorgeous room, don’t be scared to add more natural elements such as indoor plants and flowers.

5. It’s minimalist

white background pale lilac and green foliage and hummingbirds illustrated wallpaper in white bedroom

Mural in photo: Hummingbirds Hedge 2

Zoomed in, bold patterns are great for some, but there are many of us who enjoy the more subtle things in life. And that’s where chinois wallpaper wins again. Not only can it be bold but it can be beautifully simple. This sleek Hummingbirds Hedge 2 wall mural is a great example of understated chintz wallpaper.

The white background of this Sir Edward design, contrasted against the pastel lilacs and sage greens, is utterly relaxing, making this oriental wallpaper ideal for a calming master bedroom. Bring out those greens with natural indoor plants and choose white furniture so that your chinoiserie panels wallpaper is always the star of the show.

6. It’s maximalist

black elephant with red hat in tropical jungle with birds and monkey wallpaper with navy blue sofa

Mural in photo: Eastern Chinoiserie

Moving away from minimalism, let’s celebrate the latest and hottest trend: maximalist interior design. Loud and proud, often in floral and animal prints, maximalist wallpaper is hot, hot, hot! And once again, oriental and Japanese designs are winning. Although they can be simple and subtle, they can also max-out any space!

We cannot get enough of this fabulous Eastern Chinoiserie wallpaper: it’s certainly one of our best chinoiserie wallpapers. This tropical setting really boasts an array of colours. We can enjoy ripe, yellow lemons, pretty pink flowers and ruby-red pomegranates: there are just so many shades to play with! We adore how the navy-blue sofa looks in this room. It perfectly mirrors the sapphire-blue of the peacock and the exotic bird’s feathers – stunning.

7. Chinoiserie wallpaper is vintage romance…

pink chinoiserie jungle wallpaper in pink master bedroom

Mural in photo: Pink Paradise

Yes - it is gorgeously flamboyant, but this beautiful Pink Paradise wallpaper oozes romance which is why it works so magically in the bedroom!

Candy-floss pink against tropical foliage has become huge in the world of wallpaper! And it’s really no wonder. These colours work great together and they really show off this chinoiserie style.

Always reflect the colours of the design in the rest of the room. Don't the pastel-pinks bed covers look great with the budding, pink flowers in the wallpaper?

Or, if this room is far too minimal for you, add more colour, pattern or even chinoiserie fabrics in your choice of chinoiserie décor. Make the most of those emerald green leaf patterns and opt for an Art Deco bedroom armchair and a marble-patterned rug. Why not?

We hope that you have found some inspiration from this snippet of our range of chinoiserie wallpaper! And the beauty of these vintage feature walls is that they will stand the test of time: after all, they’ve been going since the mid-17th century!

As always, we’d love to hear back from you. Leave a message below to ask any questions or let us know how you have embraced this unique style in your own home. If you want more, have a search for ‘chinoiserie’ in our extended range for more of our beautiful designs!

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