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close feather print wallpaper in tones of pink and grey

09/01/2020   POSTED BY

6 Pink and Grey Wallpapers You Need to See

When it comes down to mastering a home with the perfect balance of femininity and masculinity, pink and grey interiors is the answer. Gentle pinks combined with soothing shades of grey are sure to please us all. Together, these tones are calming and add a tasteful, classic ambience to your home.

As popular as navy and gold wallpaper interiors, the pink and gold look can be achieved in a number of ways. Read on to see our top pink and grey wallpapers that are trending right now. Not forgetting an array of pink and grey décor and accessories that will transform any plain room into an on-trend oasis.

1. Dark floral pink and grey wallpapers to add depth to any room

Dark floral wallpaper and décor are taking the interior design world by storm. Although floral designs date back to ancient Egypt, they remerged last year and are confidently striding into 2020. Bold and passionate, this striking Light and Shadow wallpaper will make a fantastic pink and grey feature wall in your home.

dark floral dusty pink and black wallpaper in grey bedroom

Unlike our lighter shaded pink and grey wallpapers, this sultry and evocative flower mural is moody and alluring. It’s definitely a statement that requires a minimalistic choice of décor to complement it.

2. Calming pink and grey wallpapers that will leave you humming happily

If you lead a hectic life, your choice of home décor is extremely important. You want to feel relaxed as soon as you walk through the door. This is one essential reason why you should choose pink and grey wallpapers. Subtle shades of grey and dusty pink are utterly calming and peaceful.

light pink and grey flower, butterfly and hummingbird wallpaper in calming lounge

This beautiful Wisteria Lane wall mural offers just that. It’s ideal for the workaholic to come back home to.

We have an abundant selection of gorgeous floral wallpapers. However, this soothing designer wallpaper gives the perfect balance of pattern and doesn’t overwhelm the room.

Choose grey cushions and a throw to stress the shades of grey in the swaying leaves. Would you like a splash more colour? Choose a dusty pink sofa or rug to stress the tones from the butterflies and hummingbirds in this serene flower wallpaper.

light pink modern sofa

Image source: Housecosy

We can’t get enough of this beautiful nude blush Archer sofa from Housecosy. Don’t you think it would look amazing in this nature-inspired lounge?

3. Industrial concrete feature walls that add warmth and texture

raw pink and white concrete wallpaper in Scandi bedroom

Are florals not your thing but you still want to achieve that minimalistic, calming ambience? Take a look at this on-trend Pale Pink Concrete wallpaper. It offers that gorgeous industrial/raw vibe whilst also reminding us of grey-tinted skies adorned with blushing pink clouds…bliss!


We think touches of pink and grey décor would certainly bring out the subtle tones in this gorgeously zen wallpaper. When out shopping, either online or on your local high street, keep your eye open for pink and grey gems.

soft pastel pink bed in on-trend bedroom

Image source: My Furniture

This stunning pink Tretton Duluxe bed from My Furniture is perfect. Its soft pastel pink covering will bring out the warm, gentle hues of the pink in the gorgeous, concrete mural.

4. Designer floral wallpaper as pretty as a blushing bouquet

pink and grey paint effect wall mural in cosy living room

For something light and cheerful, as well as full of pattern and texture-effect, Carol Robinson’s elegant Blushing Bouquet wallpaper ticks all the boxes.

We love the light blush sofa and natural wood elements from the chair legs, coffee table and picture frame. They really complement the natural feel of the room. Why not add a selection of tropical green plants and succulents to bring more of the outdoors in?

on trend grey pouffe with gold base

Image source: Sue Ryder

Don’t forget those grey elements. The majority of this painted floral wallpaper is pink and white. To bring out the shades of grey, add a grey footstool, some cushions or a rug. Take this classic Sue Ryder Pouffe with Storage in grey. It’s perfect for bringing out those charcoal strokes of watercolour in this beautiful flower mural.

5. Pink and grey wallpapers with a dash of gold dust

pink and black watercolour wallpaper with gold dust in modern bedroom

If you desire darker pink and grey wallpapers, this stylish Pink Sky wall mural is a solid contender. The sprinkling of gold leaf effect adds to the illusion of texture. This dreamy watercolour wall mural is perfect for the bedroom and will help you nod off at night.

velvet scalloped pink tub chair with small table next to it

Image source: Sue Ryder

A master bedroom isn’t complete without a bedroom chair (just try to avoid making it a clothes' dumping ground). To enhance the beautiful shades of pink, buy this art deco Sue Ryder Scalloped Velvet Tub Chair in rose pink.

6. Shake your tail feathers for feathery pink and grey wallpapers

Although not actually made from real feathers (what a pain that would be to clean) this serene Ash Pink Feather wallpaper would look absolutely stunning in any room. The high definition of the feather lines is mesmerising. At the same time, the purposely out of focus feathers give it a calm, faraway feel. The perfect setting for sitting back and relaxing after a hard day at work.

dusty pink and grey feather wallpaper in grey, on-trend lounge

Choose grey furniture to achieve the ideal pink and grey interior but avoid too much pattern. This will take the focus away from the gorgeous feather wallpaper which deserves its position at centre stage!

Not only amazing for the home, but it’s also easy to imagine this relaxing animal print wallpaper in a yoga studio. It completely oozes tranquillity. Just imagine rolling out your yoga mat, closing your eyes and meditating – perfect!

Achieve pink and grey bliss with complementing décor


We absolutely love this pink and grey lounge! The owner has carefully chosen grey shades for their stable pieces of furniture such as the sofa, rug and lampshade. This is a great choice for those who enjoy changing up their home décor regularly. What a difference the dusty pink cushions and pouffe have made to the feel of this home. One tip: accent pillows always go a long way.


Similarly, the owner of this adorable bedroom (and dog) has mastered the pink and grey look. The painted white walls, bed head and bedside table provide a fantastic blank canvas for the room. By adding touches of pink and grey through the duvet covers and cushions, they have injected colour and personality into the room. Don’t you just love this dog’s steps up to the bed? Adorable!

Do you feel ready to take the plunge and enjoy one of our stunning pink and grey wallpapers? Or do you have some handy tips on how you achieved the pink and grey look in your home? Leave us a message below to share your experiences. We’d love to hear from you!

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