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Campervan Wallpaper

Campervan Wallpaper

VW Bus Wallpaper

Calling all VW fans! Our vast range of campervan wall murals is sure to help you create your dream feature wall in any room you like. From fun, colourful illustrations to sepia-toned photography, there are lots of styles to choose from.

Camper vans are some of the most iconic motors seen today. VW camper vans are also instantly recognisable and we have many versions available as wallpapers and wall murals. Whether you would prefer travelling to the beach, or through the countryside, a VW is perfect for updating your decor in many different rooms in your house.

After deciding on your favourite VW campervan wall mural, enter your wall dimensions, choose your paper and then simply hang you mural just like wallpaper.

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8 Campervan Wallpaper Designs

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Campervan Wallpaper

We have camper van wallpaper in sepia tones, retro effects, black and white, and other effects. We also have illustrated or computer generated versions of this much-loved vehicle that are perfect for children’s bedrooms, nurseries and playrooms. Plus, we have them in many different colours, from bright leafy greens, deep burgundies, sky blues, and many other vibrant and rich colours.

Retro decor for living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, offices and many more rooms is accentuated by choosing a VW camper van wallpaper for your wall design. Continue on with the bright colours and nomadic themes by adding in pops of colour throughout, and using accessories such as other retro ornaments, models of VW’s, and many other interesting and fascinating decor pieces.

Order online with us, and you’ll receive a made to measure camper van wallpaper mural that is made to measure to fit your exact wall dimensions. All you need to do is input your wall measurements into our handy online form, and we’ll do the rest of the work. The camper van wall mural will arrive in wallpaper panels for straightforward wallpaper application. 

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