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digital illustration of dinosaurs wallpaper in child's on-trend bedroom

06/16/2017   POSTED BY

Top Tips For Choosing The Best Dinosaur Wallpaper

Dinosaur wallpaper is the absolute essential for any young explorer’s bedroom. It creates adventure, adds colour and interest as well as producing educational benefits. Dinosaur wallpaper murals tend to be more adventurous than traditional patterned wallpaper. They capture full pre-historic scenes that are captivating and impactful.

From cartoon dinosaurs for nurseries to roaring dinosaurs for teenagers, we've quite the range!

We’ll be lending you tips to help you choose the best dinosaur wallpaper for your boy’s bedroom depending on age and style of bedroom. Also, expect the announcement of our exciting range from The Natural History Museum.

Dinosaur Wallpaper For All Ages

Our first top tip is to consider your child’s age. In our collection, we have a full range to suit boys of all ages.

Starting with newborns, you’ll find many harmless cartoon illustrations featuring friendly dinosaurs. What makes this style so great for young ages, is that children will grow with this style of décor. It should last them to their first few years of school.


For older boys that can’t get enough of the pre-historic world, we have many thrilling dinosaur wallpaper murals. These capture the great beasts in action.

What’s more, there are many species of dinosaurs for him to choose from. Whether he’s fascinated with the Tyrannosaurus Rex or the aggressive Allosaurus, there’s an exciting wallpaper for every teenager!

Choosing The Wall For Your Dinosaur Wallpaper Mural

The next tip for you to consider is which wall will it hang on?

It’s best to arrange your furniture before ordering your wallpaper mural so you can envision where it will work best. Also, think about existing decoration and accessories before ordering and whether you're keeping them and if so where?

For walls that aren’t obstructed by furniture – great! You can work with pretty much any dinosaur wallpaper without missing out on a key feature.


For smaller bedrooms with lots of furniture, your choice will have to be considered. As demonstrated in the image below, ensure that you opt for a dinosaur wallpaper mural where features, such as the dinosaur, will be seen. Check out any wallpapers that have character at the top and not at the bottom and/or sides where furniture can obstruct. Lots of colour in a dinosaur wallpaper that’s in a smaller bedroom is always an added bonus too!


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