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Moon Wallpaper

Moon Wallpaper

Moonlight Wallpaper

Go above and beyond with a moon wall mural! With views of the moon from the earth and views of the earth from the moon, there's sure to be a moon wallpaper to please everyone.

Choose a stunning moon wall mural for your baby’s nursery to set them up for a good night's sleep, for your sci-fi obsessed child or to achieve a serene lounge.

Both calming and beautiful, moon wall designs will take you far away from the stresses of the day.

Available with a choice of wallpaper materials, you’re going to be over the moon with your new moon wall mural.

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58 Moon Wallpaper Designs

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Moon Wallpaper

Howl at the moon and stars with our stunning range of moon wallpapers and wall murals. Discover views of our moon from Earth or of our planet from the moon’s surface. Watch astronauts bravely venturing across the moon’s landscape or even experience the moon landings. We even have views of our own solar system with the moon in tow.

From lunar eclipses to crescent moons, phases and orbits, the moon is a fascinating piece of space rock. It makes for a brilliant backdrop in many rooms in your home. Use a calming moon wallpaper design in your living room or bathroom, or use it to its full potential in your bedroom for sweet dreams and deep sleep. Add in decor items in space grey tones, as well as galaxy or space themed patterns for a room that’s out of this world.

You can even make your home feel like an astronaut training centre! Place your moon wall mural and spacecraft figurines in your child’s bedroom. If you love moon themed wallpaper, you can easily grab one yourself by ordering through our handy online wall measurements form. You’ll receive a made to measure wallpaper printed on quality material. It will be sectioned in easy to apply wallpaper panels for straightforward wallpaper application.

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