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lake window view in trendy office

04/06/2020   POSTED BY

6 Window Murals That Will Create a Room with a View

Do you have a room without a window? Or a space that feels so claustrophobic that you feel like you’re in a prison cell? The answer = window murals. Not only do window wallpapers make excellent feature walls, but they come in a wide choice of views. From early morning shots of dew-covered meadows, calm lake waters and even well-known cities such as ancient Venice.

In this blog post, we’ve opted to show you how a variety of window murals will not only help you create a room with a view but make your home appear much more spacious.

1. Waterfall window wallpaper to wash away your cares

white window panes with a tropical waterfall view wallpaper in stylish and classic lounge

Mural in photo: Hogarth Falls Window

We love how impactful this soothing waterfall window wallpaper is in this room. It has automatically opened up the space and created a powerful feature wall that immediately draws the eye as soon as you walk in. Also, they have really opened up the size of the room by opting for space-enhancing white painted walls.

Wall mural windows are great for rooms where the closest you get to a view is a brick wall! Window wallpapers are also great for rooms without a window. And there’s really a lot of creative fun to be had when you can decide on your own window view! You can figuratively transport your home anywhere you like! Live beside a gushing waterfall, a snowy mountainscape or a tropical beach! The choices are endless...

Tip: When measuring your wall’s dimensions for your window wallpaper, be aware that we can’t print it if it is under 1 square metre.

2. Enjoy “La Vita Bella” with Venetian window murals

rustic window pane with venice view wallpaper in cool minimalist living room

Mural in photo: Venice Window

City wallpapers have always been a firm favourite of the Wallsauce.com customer. But when it comes to a window city view wallpaper, the ambience created is completely changed – you’re really convinced that you are actually there!

Tip: You don’t need a “window” wallpaper to make it feel like you’ve created a room with a view. Another alternative is to choose a dramatic landscape wallpaper, or city skyline wall mural. They will still convince your eyes that you have a stunning view!

3. Open your shutters and hear the waves (kind of)!

calming beach window view wallpaper in beach themed bathroom

Of course, you won’t be able to hear these waves but your eyes will definitely feel like they are seeing them!

We just adore how our customer, Catherine, made this beach window mural work perfectly in her gorgeous bathroom! The tiled shelf looks as though it is the window ledge of the window. The way the beach window is set back from the shelf really makes the window look more 3D than ever. Window wallpapers are great 3D effect wallpapers!

Tip: If you have one of our gorgeous beach window murals installed in your home, put some calming waves background music on to really set the mood!

4. Dewy morning meadow window view wallpaper

sunrise meadow view window in beige coloured dining room

Mural in photo: Sunrise Window View

We adore this relaxing Sunrise Window View wallpaper. There’s something incredibly refreshing about this photo and it’s sure to brighten up any space! The way the photograph is angled and how it invites the eye in really makes the room look bigger.

Can you just imagine having guests over to enjoy a delicious meal and showing them your stunning new window view? See how many people have to take a second look to check that it’s not actually a real window! That's one of the beauties of mind-tricking 3D wallpaper!

Tip: When installing a window wallpaper, you don’t need to worry if your décor matches it perfectly. Remember – it is a “window” and you wouldn’t pair your décor with your view outside!

5. City window wallpapers to transform any room


Mural in photo: Big Sunlit Hall

We adore the subtle yet dramatic effect that this cool Big Sunlit Hall wallpaper has had in customer, Heidi’s home. Heidi found this mural through our vast extended range: it’s full of hundreds of amazing window murals!

Tip: Black and white window wallpaper will help you save some pennies. Just see how perfectly it goes with the furniture Heidi already has in her home! There’s no need to fork out loads of money with new décor when it comes to window murals.

6. Calming lake view window murals

lake and mountain window view in cool, white home office

Mural in photo: Lake and Mountain View Window

If you want a window mural that calms the senses, then a lake or mountain window wallpaper is perfect for a home office. Don’t you just feel like this room is on the edge of a crystal-clear lake?

By cleverly installing the mural as the same height as the desk, the desk looks like a window ledge! Just imagine studying or working in this cool home office. When you’re feeling uninspired, simply look out of the window at the still waters and dramatic mountains.

Tip: When choosing your wall mural window, consider if there will be any furniture obstructing the full mural. You wouldn’t want a crucial part of the image getting covered up! This being said, furnishing and accessorising around the window mural can really bring a room together.

Have you viewed our full range of window wallpaper? They certainly make you see things from a different perspective! Leave a comment below to let us know what you think.

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