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tropical sunset mural

01/06/2023   POSTED BY

Tropical Murals Are the New Classy Décor Item

Right now, we’re in the midst of a transition. Tropical prints have morphed, taking a step up in the interior design world and entering into a whole new class of their own. That’s right, tropical murals for the home have gone from cheesy to classy – and we can’t get enough of the different wallpaper designs out there.

Previously a common theme of tacky holiday shirts and cheap beach towels, this bright and playful print is now a staple in luxury properties and high-end homes. By taking on more psychedelic, moody or abstract forms, tropicals have successfully shed their gaudy reputation and are now popping up everywhere.

From bold jungle walls and leafy botanicals to fruity designs that explode with colour, there are many styles of tropical wall coverings to explore. Here are some genius ideas for transforming a tired or dull space with the tropical trend…

Go Bold with Millennial Pink

pink tropical mural

Mural in Photo: Pink Jungle Passion

Jungle + pink = the perfect millennial combination, making this Pink Jungle Passion wallpaper an easy pick when it comes to colour palettes. This look is right on trend with today’s interior design styles and you’ll see feature walls like this all over the ‘gram.

What we love most about this tropical wall design is its versatility. It looks great in every room of the house and matches well with most modern furnishings. It forms the ideal backdrop for a minimalist or maximalist room. It brightens up any neutral base, including grey, beige, cream or white. And it’s pretty ageless when it comes to decorating a room for yourself, your teenager or child, or even the spare room for your overnight guests. Plus, it also makes a stand-out wallpaper for kitchens or bathrooms where boring simply isn’t an option.

Get Leafy with Tropical Murals

tropical wall mural

Mural in Photo: Tropical Landscape 2

One of the best ways to explore the tropical wallpaper trend in the home is to opt for leafy green designs. The type that make you feel like you’re completely lost in the heart of the jungle. A verdant mural like this one is a favourite for many classy hotels, bars and restaurants – and it can add the same level of opulence in your property too.

To get the look just right, it’s important to pick a lane and stay firmly within it. What we mean by this is decide very early on what your concept is. Is it Scandi minimalism with a flourish of nature? Or ‘more is more’ with clashing colours and a touch of art deco? Whether you opt for a clean and simple space, or you want a plentiful paradise filled with rich colours and complex textures, the jungle narrative can be a great way to ground your interiors, reconnecting your castle with the outdoors.

Choose Vibrant Tropical Flowers

tropical floral mural

Mural in Photo: Tropical Garland

Florals add colour to your home and they are also excellent mood-lifters. If you think about the shape of flowers – from the soft and gentle curves of the petals to the pleasing silhouettes of their leaves – it’s easy to see how they are so loved across all areas of design, and particularly interiors.

A tropical floral mural like this one verges almost on the psychedelic side, with bright hues that add a new lease of life to an otherwise tired room. If your living room or dining room is seriously outdated, a splash of colour can often do the trick. And with tropical vibes being such a luxurious trend, you won’t have to worry about your home looking tasteless.

Wallpaper with tropical palms bring the added dimension of texture too, so your feature wall definitely won’t look boring, flat or one-dimensional.

Embrace Nature with a Landscape 

tropical temple wallpaper

Mural in Photo: Tropical Temple

This elegantly designed wallpaper by the botanical brand Sir Edward is a fine example of how tropical prints have graduated from their elementary days and metamorphosised into something truly fit for affluence.

The Amsterdam-based interior design studio develops a range of panoramic murals, and we know that landscape wall coverings and visual stories are a major trend to watch in 2023. Everything in our Sir Edward collection tells a story of nature – particularly untouched nature where jungles or coral reefs are largely left so they can thrive.

For anyone who shies away from loud colours and patterns, you’ll be pleased to know that all of the murals in this range are stylishly muted. This is as far away from cheesy or gaudy as you can get!

Set The Mood with a Sunset

Mural in Photo: Plantatoid

Another unique and interesting way to embrace tropical murals at home is to transport yourself to a different destination. Everyone needs a little bit of escapism every now and then, and what better way to escape than watching a sunset on a tropical island somewhere far away? Note: mojitos not included.

Sunset hues not only add instant warmth to your room, but they can be totally atmospheric, creating a welcoming space for you to wind down at the end of the day, or somewhere cosy to entertain guests. Add this ‘Plantatoid’ mural to an open-plan kitchen if you love to host dinner parties and you want your décor to be relaxing.

For more soul-soothing landscapes like this one, be sure to check out our full range of sunset murals.

Add Tropical Blues to your Bedroom

tropical vector style

Mural in Photo: Tropical Vector Style

Blue hues are extremely calming and can be a good option if you want a sleep-inducing space to wind down at night. According to colour experts, blue is the colour of the mind – it impacts us mentally, rather than physically (like the colour red). Additionally, blue is the colour of the sea and sky, creating a feeling of comfort and familiarity. Having a colour palette that is inspired by nature can be soothing for the soul and it’s the colours we see outside that really influence us when it comes to looking after our wellbeing.

This ‘Tropical Vector Style’ mural is one of many in the Andrea Haase wallpaper range, a collection dedicated to tropical vibes inspired by her travels and the world around her. Birds make a regular appearance on Andrea’s designs, signifying freedom and the natural ability to escape and explore.

Do you think tropical murals are fashionable or flashy? Let us know what you think of tropical wallpaper in the comments below…

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