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Scandinavian decor theme in a hallway with a wooden bench and snowy forest wallpaper

23/11/2023   POSTED BY

Christmas Decor Trends For The Holidays!

We’re getting closer to Christmas - the busiest time of the year! Sooner or later, we all plan to check the attic and bring the Christmas tree and decoration boxes down. The checklist is very similar from year to year. We think about where to put the Christmas tree, hang the Christmas wreath, and place garlands and other little treasured items around the house. And our reward? A warm and cosy home for the holiday season!

But sometimes, it’s fun to change up a few of those old traditions by enjoying new and exciting Christmas decor trends! After all, winter decor evolves, and every year there is an opportunity to add something new or give those classic items a new edge. It’s time to check out 5 of the trending ideas for Christmas this year!

1. Gold Christmas decorations: classic and beautiful

gold and black toned scale wallpaper in vintage gold christmas room

Mural in photo: Star Forest Reflection

Warm shimmers of gold are perfect for those of you who would like to create a Christmas room which oozes an air of elegance and luxury. Gold has been associated with Christmas for centuries and instantly layers your decor with a vintage but warming Christmas spirit. To make your gold accessories stand out, combine them with a neutral colour on your tree, such as white or cream, to allow them to shine majestically. Another wonderful option would be to install a removable Christmas wall mural with a hint of gold tones.

Removable wallpapers are perfect for transforming your home for holidays and can be taken down easily (and without damaging your walls) once the festivities are over. 

gold christmas decorations

Other gold ornaments to opt for are a gold tree skirt, gold Christmas lights to twirl around your bannister, gold signs, gold baubles and a golden tree topper! Not forgetting luxurious gold cutlery and plates.

2. Wooden Christmas decorations: cosy and caring to the world

Hanging wooden Christmas decorations on branches over a wooden christmas table

Image source: bouclair.com via Pinterest

Without a doubt, timber and wooden decor bring warmth and comfort to any interior – especially at this special time of year. And did you know that wood has psychological influences on us? Simply the presence of wood reduces stress and has positive effects on our emotional states - exactly how we want to feel at Christmas time.

Opting for wooden Christmas decorations means that you are also being mindful of the environment. Wooden decor, such as a wooden Christmas tree, wooden ornaments, a wooden reindeer or candlestick holders, will not only decrease your carbon footprint but you will be able to pass these items on throughout the years. Continue your organic look by adding twigs, pinecones and little branches. The small decor will become a great addition to your Christmas interior this winter season. It makes me think of soft throws, a mug of hot chocolate and a relaxing evening near the fireplace.

If you want a wooden feature wall but don’t want the mess and fuss, forget about piling the logs or ordering solid wood panels. A great alternative is a realistic wooden log wall mural. Paired with wooden furniture, comfy throws on the sofa, a burning log fire and of course, your pine-scented Christmas tree, a wood effect wallpaper will really make you feel like you’re cosying up in a log cabin for the holidays.

3. Christmas colours to follow for this year’s Christmas decor trends

holly berry red christmas decorations

There are many other colour schemes to suit everyone’s tastes when it comes to Christmas decor trends this year. From bold reds, monochromes and navy as well as pastels, these popular colour schemes ooze style.

Once you choose a colour scheme, bring the idea to the Christmas tree, and mantelshelf and finish with a well-arranged table set. For the best results, choose a neutral white and silver or gold background, such as a snowy forest wall mural, and add accent colours of your choice. Here are our favourite colours for this year:

Holly berry red

holly berry red christmas decorations in navy room

Red has always been a traditional choice at Christmas due to its connection with the magical side of the holiday, Santa's suit, Rudolph's nose, and candy canes... To transform your living room into something that mirrors a jolly grotto, try combining a scattering of red decorations throughout your room as well as on your Christmas tree. This way you can create a vintage festive room with all the warmth of a glass of mulled wine!

Sleek monochrome and navy

Blue living room with a snowy forest wall mural and a blue sofa at Christmas

Mural in photo: Snowy Birch Forest

The rise of monochrome and tranquil blues are due to be big trends in 2023, so now, more than ever, there’s every need to celebrate monochrome and navy colour schemes! These sexy and bold shades create a living space that feels like relaxing into an elegant winter wonderland.

To achieve this classic look, choose golden ornaments and dark wood furniture. Not forgetting knitted and velvet materials all revelling in inky blue shades. If blue isn’t your colour, plum purples or forest greens are an excellent option instead of navy.

On-trend pastels

pastel christmas decorations

This year a huge Christmas decoration trend was to embrace the beautiful world of pastels! Pastel pinks and blues, combined with glittering silver accessories would be the perfect choice if you feel like going off-track with your traditional Christmas decorations. The soft tones and wispy hues are perfect for creating a fairy-tale-style living room or bedroom. You could even keep your gifts in line with your magical pastel theme to really go all out!

4. Get sparkling for those who love to shimmer!

glamorous christmas living room with stary sky wallpaper

Mural in photo: Starry Splendor

Wood and nature not your thing? Are you more into the glitz and glam side of life? Then sparkle and glitter is the way! Beautiful clear or frosted finished glass accessories can create the perfect Winter Wonderland in your home.

Opt for light-reflecting ornaments resembling diamonds and pretty glittery candle holders that sparkle as the candle’s flame shines on them. A silver Christmas garland is also a must-have and silver Christmas ornaments for your Christmas tree!

silver christmas decorations

Silver Christmas decorations are also great to use as a centrepiece in the living room or on your dining table. Choose a glittery silver tablecloth and scatter faux diamonds on top. Pair it with the most beautiful cut-glass wine glasses you can find, and to really amp up your celebrations, choose white confetti-filled balloons and allow them to float above you as you dine. A great finishing touch would be to hang gem-style snowflakes over your chairs!

5. Rustic Scandinavian influence

Scandinavian themed hallway with a snowy tree wall mural and wooden bench

Mural in photo: White Woodland Days

Scandinavian or 'hygge' Christmas decor is all based around a stripped-back, natural look and feel. Scandinavian Christmas decorations are huge right now and even though they lean towards the minimalist style, they ooze warmth and charm. Bare wood, muted tones and soft accessories are all you need to create the perfect Scandinavian Christmas escape!

scandi christmas decor

Remember that decorating your home doesn’t start from a set of rules and instructions. It isn’t always about perfect style and fashionable trends. It is about you, your personal comfort and your home - where you want to come back and stay! Trends are the guidelines but make it personal for it to be even more special!

For more on Christmas decor, take a look at our beautiful selection of winter wallpaper murals. Or leave a comment below to tell us which is your favourite trend this holiday!

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Lovely Christmas trends! I like the rustic Scandinavian look and the pastels! Thanks for sharing this!Madison

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