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Dark green jungle wallpaper

28/03/2024   POSTED BY

Bespoke Wallpaper [Room by Room]

The word ‘bespoke wallpaper’ conjures up images of craftmanship, high-quality products and unique designs, and that is precisely what we offer at Wallsauce.com. With over a million mural images available, the process is simple. Just tell us your wall’s dimensions as well as your choice of wallpaper material, and we will create a custom-made mural to fit your wall perfectly.

In this blog, we will showcase some of our most popular wall designs in every room in the home. Find out how fabulous a custom-made wall mural can look in your entryway. See how calming it can be in a bedroom and how it can work as a feature in your living room! We’ve even included some customer photos to help you envision how a bespoke wall mural works in a real home! After all, who doesn’t love stylish, tailor-made products to suit their home?

Made to measure wall murals for the living room

Pink panel wallpaper in living room

Mural in photo: Pink Panels

Whatever size room, we will create the perfect bespoke wallpaper to fit your wall no matter the size! Customer Heather was struggling to find a landscape wallpaper for her small lounge in her Victorian Terrace house. Watch the YouTube video below to hear how she wanted a wallpaper that reminded her of her travels in Canada. She explains how she uploaded her own image (a photo by her photographer friend) to create a beautiful bespoke feature wall!

By choosing a gorgeous mountain mural, Heather opened up her small lounge massively! She has styled it with a blue couch to mirror the blue tones in the design and added framed wall art with a Canadian theme. It feels like you’re stepping into this beautiful country as soon as you enter the room!

Kitchen bespoke wallcoverings

dark background with green large leaf wallpaper in kitchen opening shelving

Mural in photo: Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree

Often kitchens are small spaces, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fit a bespoke wallcovering in there! To create an open shelf feature wall, choose a vibrant design such as this Tropical Banana Leaf Palm Tree mural! Paired with hanging lights and floating shelves, our customer Natalie has created the perfect cocktail making area in their kitchen! All they had to do was measure the height and width of the space, install it then apply the shelves afterwards. Easy, utterly bespoke and gorgeous!

As well as offering your specified wall measurements, we provide a range of high-quality wallpaper materials! Choose from Classic or Premium Paste the Wall or Textured Peel and Stick. Our Paste the Wall wallpaper is applied as described in the name: simply apply the paste to the wall and then the panels straight onto it. Our Peel and Stick is self-adhesive, so no paste is required. Just peel off the backing then apply the wallpaper panels onto the wall – easy!

Bedroom bespoke wall murals

Floral wallpaper in calm bedroom

Mural in photo: Botanical Sketchbook

A bedroom always looks better with bespoke wallpaper! Whether you want a design that mirrors your current colour scheme or you want a complete makeover, custom-made wallpaper is key. When it comes to bedroom feature walls, we recommend placing them behind the headboard of your bed. Usually, this is the most undisturbed wall in the bedroom, as wardrobes and mirrors can get in the way! As well as this, bedroom wallpaper will act as an extension of the headboard. Cleverly drawing the eye to the bed – the main focal point of the room!

Bespoke wallpaper designers for the staircase

Floral mural up staircase wall

Mural in photo: Big Bouquet with Poppies

One of the most bespoke ways to install a custom-wallpaper is by featuring it somewhere you wouldn’t expect! For example, choose a wall up the staircase or at the top of the stairs. There is always a wall that is often left out when it comes to your interior design! Simply measure the dimensions of the wall, and we will create a wallpaper perfect for the space! If there is a curve at one side, such as the base of this gorgeous One Love Pink Green wall mural, no problem! Just provide us with the largest height and width of the mural, and then you cut away the excess part of the mural! For more details about measuring a difficult shaped wall with doors, windows, slanted walls, and plug sockets, take a look at our how-to-install instructions.

Bespoke wallpaper murals in the hallway

green palm tree wallpaper in black and white entryway

Mural in photo: Leaves of Palm Tree

Another great spot that comes to life with bespoke wallpaper murals is your entryway or hallway! Install a striking mural along the wall in your entryway to create an amazing first impression. Our customer has styled a white hallway with a traditional black and white tiled floor. Paired with a small leafy-green wallpaper, this customer's entryway is tasteful but striking. This tropical jungle wallpaper makes this stylish hallway space appear larger as well! Something most of us all want our homes to be!

Home office made to measure wall murals

White bookcase mural in home office

Mural in photo: White Bookcase

Now that many of us are working from home, having a custom-made wallpaper in a home office is a great way to stay focused. Our customer Donna has a view to die for in her office! This bespoke wall mural is perfect for her to rest her eyes on whilst she tackles through her working day!

Adding wall art into your home office, will make it personal to you and remind you that work isn’t everything! Choose a beautiful Greek feature wall, like this Oia Santorini Greece mural. Bringing back memories of your holidays, it will motivate you to work hard so you can book another holiday as soon as possible!

Kids bedroom bespoke wall murals

colourful sealife wallpaper in pirate themed room

Mural in photo: Underwater Scene

Of course, we can’t leave the children out when it comes to bespoke wallpaper! We have a wide range of fun children’s wallpapers for them to enjoy! Because children’s tastes differ so much, having something custom-made for them is key. From unicorns, football and animals to mermaids, dinosaurs and planets, we have something for every child!

We adore this fantastic Underwater Scenery in this child’s sea life-themed bedroom. It fits perfectly into the current layout, whilst creating an atmosphere that feels like you’re actually under the sea!

Dining room bespoke wallpaper designers

darl green illustrated vintage jungle wallpaper in dining room

Mural in photo: Tropical Landscape 2

Creating a bespoke interior design in your dining room is a great place to add decor. Often, this room can be rejected compared to the bedroom or living room. But, where you eat is somewhere you spend the most time in. Whether you use your dining room as a home office, a place to eat or for entertaining guests, making it personal to you is important. If you have a small dining room, choose a made-to-measure wallpaper pattern that will open up the space.

Jungle prints, like this Tropical Landscape 2 mural, are great for adding depth and colour into the room. Or, why not choose a 3D wallpaper? A mind-tricking tunnel or twirl will extend the eye forward as well as create the illusion of more space. If your dining room is at the other end of your living room, custom-made wallpaper is a great asset. This will help section off the space as your eating area. Choose décor to go with this mural, such as this wooden and green dining set with tropical wallpaper. This will make it feel like you have a separate dining area despite it being in the same room! It will hold its own sense of style plus independence.

Bespoke wallpapers for the bathroom

blue and white marble wallpaper in boho bathroom

Mural in photo: White Marble

Last but not least, the bathroom! Often smaller in size than a majority of rooms, the bespoke wallcovering is even more important! We recommend choosing our Premium Paste the Wall wallpaper for a bathroom. This paper has anti-mould properties that are great for a damp space! Choose your wall and measure its dimensions for the perfect custom-made bathroom wallpaper!

Would you consider a bespoke wallpaper? We'd love to hear where you'd hang one in the comments below!

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