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ink in water art kitchen wallpaper in kitchen

19/02/2018   POSTED BY

7 Funky Wallpapers for Kitchens

Homeowners are becoming braver when it comes to kitchen design. In an article by Elle Décor, the 5 kitchen trends predicted for 2018 were bold and brash, yet incredibly lust-worthy. From blue and green cabinets to high-contrast marble textures, new design trends for kitchens are said to be far from traditional.

Now, this doesn’t mean you have to go to the expense of a complete kitchen revamp. To get this latest trend update, here are six funky wallpapers for kitchens that are sure to impress...

1. Funky wallpapers by Kathy Shimmield

Kathy Shimmield is the latest, exclusive artist to join our designer wallpaper collection. Based in New England, Kathy creates digital designs that represent colourful, abstract paintings.

In a kitchen that only features a couple of colours, a funky wallpaper like this ‘Colour Fountain’ wallpaper mural can inject interest and variety. To make the wallpaper really pop out from the wall, introduce colour coordinated accessories such as red mugs and blue spatulas. 


2. Colourful abstract centrepieces

Long gone are the days when all-white everything was in vogue.  But don’t worry, an all-white kitchen is pretty much a blank canvas! An excellent, budget-friendly way of incorporating funky design into your existing kitchen would be to choose one of our colourful abstract wallpapers.

This ‘Colourful Ink in Water’ mural is one of our most-loved abstract designs. Not only is the mixture of colour interesting, there’s something soothing about the fluidity of the shapes.


3. Fine art wallpaper is back in fashion!

OK, so you’re not feeling so brave about the vivid abstract wallpapers we’ve been showing you so far? Perhaps you like the thought of the patterns though? So, bear with us when we say that you need to check out Claude Monet's wallpapers. That’s right. We’re saying that this famous French Impression artist's work is a great solution for today’s funky wallpapers for kitchens.

Take Claude Monet's, 'The Seine at Port-Villez' painting from 1894. Featuring soothing tones and blurred markings, there’s definitely an awe-inspiring feel to this piece of art.

claude monet kitchen wallpaper in dining area

4. The Wallsauce Collection

Back in July 2017, we were excited to announce our own exclusive collection of murals. Thanks to our talented studio team, we were able to launch our own mural collection. Featuring four designs in four colour variations, this unique collection can only be found on Wallsauce.com.

Due to popular demand from the world of interior design, the four designs featured a funky, retro pattern that make them versatile for any room in the home – including the kitchen/dining room.


5. Kelli Ellis chooses funky wallpapers for kitchens too!

You don’t have to take our word for funky wallpapers working in kitchens. Celebrity interior designer, Kelli Ellis recently chose Wallsauce.com to adorn the walls of this Las Vegas penthouse with our wallpaper murals.

Towards the kitchen area, Kelli chose this retro speakers wallpaper to give a rock star feel. This choice is an excellent, mellow alternative to the colourful patterns we showed you before.


6. Graffiti wallpaper isn’t just for boys’ bedrooms

We are forever grateful for our customers’ photos! From Vegas penthouses to suburban kitchens, you show us and others just how versatile our wallpaper murals are. Take this graffiti wall mural. Not only do we love how this customer has chosen to use it as a centrepiece in their kitchen, it’s cleverly disguising the doors.

graffiti wallpaper in kitchen

*Please note that if you’d like to achieve this look, we can’t guarantee our wallpaper murals if the instructions for wall preparation and installation haven’t been followed.

7. The ultimate funky wallpaper for kitchens

From colourful abstract art that will inject colour into your family kitchen, to retro speakers and graffiti murals for bachelor pads, we’ve talked about a vast range of funky wallpapers for kitchens

Up next, we’re going to take you to another dimension – the third dimension. 3d wallpaper is a popular demand from our customers. They’re attention-grabbing and perfect for creating a ‘WOW’ feature wall.

In our range of abstract wallpaper, you’ll find a choice of wallpapers that draw the eye in, including this ‘Crazy Eye’ wallpaper mural by 1x Photography. It’s the perfect funky wallpaper for the kitchen that hosts a lot of dinner parties!

abstract stairs art in kitchen

Whatever your preferred style of ‘funky’, update your kitchen with the latest trend and make a statement with these wallpapers. For more funky wallpapers for kitchens, head to our category featuring an array of suggested wallpapers for kitchens.

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