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Fill your home with memories of your favourite worldwide destinations, or enjoy views of a place that you have always dreamed of visiting. From murals of the USA and Canada to New Zealand, Australia and Japan, UK, Italy, Spain and more, This stunning collection of wall murals will take you anywhere in the world. The only question is, where will your wallpaper take you?


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146 Countries / Travel Murals

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Royal Exchange London wallpaper mural
Royal Exchange LondonPrice from: £26/m2
Manhattan Skyline mural wallpaper
Manhattan SkylinePrice from: £26/m2
Lake Grasmere wallpaper mural
Lake GrasmerePrice from: £26/m2
Trevi Fountain wallpaper mural
Trevi Fountain Price from: £26/m2
London Westminster wall mural
London WestminsterPrice from: £26/m2
Mediterranean Old Town Street wall mural
Golden Gate Bridge mural wallpaper
Golden Gate BridgePrice from: £26/m2
Yosemite wall mural
YosemitePrice from: £26/m2
Venice Grand Canal wall mural
Venice Grand CanalPrice from: £26/m2
Sydney Harbour Bridge wall mural
Sydney Harbour BridgePrice from: £26/m2
Peaceful Maldives Sunset wallpaper mural
Peaceful Maldives SunsetPrice from: £30/m2
Monuments of the World wallpaper mural
Monuments of the WorldPrice from: £26/m2
Stockholm Waterfront wallpaper mural
Stockholm WaterfrontPrice from: £26/m2
The Sea of Mist wallpaper mural
The Sea of MistPrice from: £26/m2
Iguassu wall mural
IguassuPrice from: £26/m2
Old Man of Storr, Scotland wall mural
Old Man of Storr, ScotlandPrice from: £26/m2
Garibaldi Lake, BC wallpaper mural
Garibaldi Lake, BCPrice from: £26/m2
Miami Beach mural wallpaper
Miami BeachPrice from: £26/m2
Beautiful Lake wall mural
Beautiful LakePrice from: £26/m2
Longtail Boats, Thailand wall mural
Longtail Boats, ThailandPrice from: £26/m2
Bay of Wellington wallpaper mural
Bay of WellingtonPrice from: £26/m2
Cuba Flag mural wallpaper
Cuba FlagPrice from: £26/m2
Great Ocean Road Australia wallpaper mural
Great Ocean Road AustraliaPrice from: £26/m2
Rio De Janeiro Sunset wall mural
Rio De Janeiro SunsetPrice from: £26/m2
Berlin Evening Skyline mural wallpaper
Berlin Evening Skyline Price from: £26/m2
World Map in Reds & Yellows wall mural
World Map in Reds & YellowsPrice from: £26/m2
Sydney Harbour Bridge at Night wallpaper mural
Vintage Route 66 Motel wallpaper mural
Vintage Route 66 MotelPrice from: £26/m2
Vintage American Flag mural wallpaper
Vintage American FlagPrice from: £26/m2
Oberhofen, Switzerland wall mural
Oberhofen, SwitzerlandPrice from: £26/m2
Bright Forest wall mural
Bright ForestPrice from: £26/m2
Happy New Year - Dubai wall mural
Happy New Year - DubaiPrice from: £30/m2
Acropolis mural wallpaper
AcropolisPrice from: £26/m2
Independence Day mural wallpaper
Independence Day Price from: £26/m2
Route 66 Cafe wallpaper mural
Route 66 CafePrice from: £26/m2
Italian Countryside wallpaper mural
Italian CountrysidePrice from: £26/m2
Olive Trees wallpaper mural
Olive TreesPrice from: £26/m2
Word Cloud World Map mural wallpaper
Word Cloud World Map Price from: £26/m2
Amalfi Coast wallpaper mural
Amalfi CoastPrice from: £26/m2
A Place on the Water, BC wall mural
A Place on the Water, BCPrice from: £26/m2
Alhambra, Granada wall mural
Alhambra, GranadaPrice from: £26/m2
American Country wall mural
American CountryPrice from: £26/m2
Atmospheric Tuscany mural wallpaper
Atmospheric Tuscany Price from: £26/m2
Auckland Cityscape wall mural
Auckland CityscapePrice from: £26/m2


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146 Countries / Travel Murals

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