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Searching for the perfect wall mural to complete a room or set off a colour scheme? Browse your way to colour happiness with this colour coded selection of wall murals. From a wide range of greens and blues to vibrant reds, yellows and black & white wallpapers. Just tick the box of the colour or colours you would like to see and find the style that suits your space the best.


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36 Colour Murals

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Red Carpet Forest wallpaper mural
Red Carpet ForestPrice from: £30/m2
Muted Cubes wallpaper mural
Muted CubesPrice from: £30/m2
Graffiti mural wallpaper
GraffitiPrice from: £26/m2
Out of Love mural wallpaper
Out of LovePrice from: £30/m2
3D blocks wallpaper mural
3D blocksPrice from: £26/m2
New York Black & White mural wallpaper
New York Black & WhitePrice from: £26/m2
Bamboo wall mural
BambooPrice from: £26/m2
Floral Pattern - Grey mural wallpaper
Floral Pattern - GreyPrice from: £26/m2
Painting of a Colourful Sunset wall mural
The Tulip Staircase, Greenwich wallpaper mural
Twirl wall mural
TwirlPrice from: £26/m2
Picasso - Red Cubism wall mural
Picasso - Red CubismPrice from: £26/m2
Pink Magnolias wallpaper mural
Pink MagnoliasPrice from: £26/m2
Abstract Green wallpaper mural
Abstract GreenPrice from: £26/m2
Circle Abstract Pattern wall mural
Circle Abstract PatternPrice from: £26/m2
Magnolias on Blue mural wallpaper
Magnolias on BluePrice from: £26/m2
Arabesque seamless pattern mural wallpaper
Arabesque seamless patternPrice from: £26/m2
Picasso - Cubism Abstract mural wallpaper
Picasso - Cubism AbstractPrice from: £26/m2
Abstract Blue Green wallpaper mural
Abstract Blue GreenPrice from: £26/m2
Abstract Floral - Lime mural wallpaper
Abstract Floral - LimePrice from: £26/m2
Abstract Purple wallpaper mural
Abstract PurplePrice from: £26/m2
Center Of Mobius Mauve wallpaper mural
Center Of Mobius MauvePrice from: £30/m2
Circles - Blue and Orange wallpaper mural
Circles - Blue and OrangePrice from: £26/m2
Citrus Pattern wall mural
Citrus PatternPrice from: £26/m2
Colour Web wallpaper mural
Colour WebPrice from: £30/m2
Pastel Flowers Nursery mural wallpaper
Pastel Flowers Nursery Price from: £26/m2
Penguins Pattern mural wallpaper
Penguins PatternPrice from: £26/m2
Picasso - Green Red Cubism wall mural
Picasso - Green Red Cubism Price from: £26/m2
Picasso - Purple Cubism wallpaper mural
Picasso - Purple Cubism Price from: £26/m2
Red & White Flowers wall mural
Red & White FlowersPrice from: £26/m2
Red Flowers Oil Painting mural wallpaper
Red Flowers Oil PaintingPrice from: £26/m2
Retro Colourful Lines wallpaper mural
Retro Colourful LinesPrice from: £26/m2
Sunset wall mural
SunsetPrice from: £30/m2
Waves mural wallpaper
WavesPrice from: £26/m2


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36 Colour Murals

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